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The super secret spy lens works just like a periscope, it has a secret cut out on the side of the lens and a mirror inside. The lens fits on to your cameras SLR lens and it can br rotated 360 degrees so you can shoot from any angle. So basically you can point your camera at one subject and take a picture of another, in complete secrecy, well almost, I think someone might spot the large hole on the side of the Super Secret Spy Lens.
Ever wish you had secret powers to discover exactly when and where your colleagues, prospects and connections were being featured? Not their status updates, but any mentions in major media outlets, blogs and local publications. Get a free out-of-the-shadows-and-into-the-spotlight action item,along with simple put-it-into-practice advice, delivered straight to your inbox every week.
You'll get: insider tips on how to break out of the commodity trap, create more buzz and become known as a leader and expert in your industry.
If your child is asking for a secret agent, spy, or detective birthday party theme you will want to check out the awesome spy party games and activities below because you will get tons on how to make your childa€™s birthday party fun, memorable, and one of a kind! Every secret agent should know how to create invisible ink messages and reveal them when needed. Players will get to solve riddles, crack codes, reveal invisible ink, match fingerprints, and more on their search for the a€?treasurea€?. You will need a collection of fun and silly costume props, hats, sunglasses, mustaches, etc.
Inflate a bunch of black balloons then create a a€?fusea€? for them by tying a long piece of twine on each balloon and taping a piece of orange or red colored tissue paper (this is the lit part of the fuse) to the end of each piece of twine.
Guilty Party This spy training game is a great way to test the players body language skills.

Also come in Pink & Purple Version!Click on image for full details and download instructions. 9:29 am August 12, 2009 By Roland Hutchinson Tweet Share7 +11Shares 8Here is another fun spy gadget, the Secret Agent DVR Spy Watch, which will appeal to all the James Bond types out there. The Secret Agent DVR Spy Watch looks like a standard wristwatch, it has a leather strap and a hidden spy camera in the watch face.
The Secret Agent DVR Spy Watch can record video at a 640 x 480 resolution at 20fps, and it has a built in rechargeable Li-ion battery that can be recharged via USB. The Secret Agent DVR Spy Watch will be available shortly from Chinavasion, there is no word on pricing as yet. Newsle is an online service that tracks news about your friends and professional contacts across the web. Just create a free account and follow the prompts to pull in your Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts.
Contact those same outlets and offer your take on a topic, your speaking talents or written wisdom. Choose one or all of the examples below and set up a station where kids can learn and practice their skills.The following shows two three examples of invisible ink fun. The spy or secret agent must make their way through a maze of criss-crossed lasers that will sound the alarm and ruin the mission with the slightest touched. You can do this simply by wrapping five paper towel rolls or paint rolls with red tissue paper (construction paper works also).
To create your own version of this game you will need yarn and mini bells (often found at the dollar store). This hunt can be played as one whole group or it can be played in teams to see who can reach the treasure first.

On the start of go one player from each team must race to the suitcase, take out a top, a bottom and three other costume items (this could be a hat, sunglasses, and a fake moustache) and put them on. Tape this onto your dynamite creation as well.To play the game wind up the timer and hide the dynamite.
The first person comes back in and has three chances (this of course can be changed depending on how many players you have) to guess who has the ring.
I imagine this is what it feels like when you approach the finishing line of a marathon – minus the running!
Criss-cross the yarn so that players will need to crawl under, over, up, and down to make it through the lasers. Then they race back to their team and take off all the items and pass them to the next player. That player then puts on all of the items and races back to the suitcase and switches them all out for a new disguise combination. The baking soda and grape juice chemically react to reveal the secret message.MORE WAYS TO CREATE SECRET MESSAGES!Dona€™t forget about writing messages in code! Provide the children with Morse code sheets or cipher wheels and let them decode some pre-made messages or even practice writing messages themselves.
The object is to make it through the lasers, retrieve the object, and come back without ringing the bells.

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