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Gabriel Byrne laughs darkly when asked if he based his latest character, deputy prime minister Tom Dawkins, on any contemporary politicians. At BBC Radio 4: Front Row, listen to award-winning political commentator Andrew Rawnsley discuss the first episode of Secret State (this link takes you to the 6-minute audio clip at the BBC Radio 4 website). The Gravesdiggers-Rupert Graves Fans-Tumblr site is a good place to visit so you can see whatever they, the lucky ones in the UK, have to say about the show! Gabriel Byrne is superb as shambling, reluctantly idealistic Deputy PM Tom Dawkins, forced to step in when his boss’s plane goes down. A free culture is not a culture without property, just as a free market is not a market in which everything is free. Gabriel Byrne tells Chris Harvey how brushes with Reagan and Thatcher helped him in his first starring role on British television, in Channel 4’s Secret State. From the apocalyptic opening scene, this political thriller – very loosely based on Chris Mullin’s novel (and then Bafta-winning drama) A Very British Coup – grabs you by the throat and doesn’t release you from its grip for a second. Gabriel Byrne plays Deputy Prime Minister Tom Dawkins, who’s been left with a right mess to clear up after an explosion in an American-owned petrochemical factory in Teesside, which has killed several people and devastated the local community. Journalist Ellis Kane (Gina McKee) smells a conspiracy, but although Dawkins is prepared to listen to her, his colleagues in the corridors of power are more interested in a looming general election.
Charles Dance as Chief Whip John Hodder (a Francis Urquhart-style puppet master) is wonderfully reptilian, while Sylvestra le Touzel has hewn her tough and ambitious Foreign Secretary character from granite. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. There’s nothing quite like a conspiracy thriller to make the hair zing on the back of your neck.
Numerous international broadcasters have acquired Secret State, the political drama that stars Gabriel Byrne and Charles Dance, TBI has learned.
The four-part miniseries is produced by Shameless producer Company Pictures, which is owned by super indie All3Media. TVNZ has taken Kiwi rights and BBC Worldwide has picked up the show for its channels in Australia. In Europe, Denmark’s DR, Norway’s TV2, Belgium’s VRT and HRT in Croatia are among the buyers of the show. Formada em Comunicacao pela ULBRA, Fernanda Furquim e jornalista e pesquisadora de series de TV.
Esta noite o Channel 4 da Inglaterra estreia a minisserie Secret State, estrelada por Gabriel Byrne.
Anunciada em janeiro, quando ainda trazia o titulo de Coup, a minisserie em quatro episodios e um drama politico adaptado por Robert Jones (No.

Visto pela ultima vez na serie "In Treatment", o ator irlandes Gabriel Byrne retorna a TV com uma nova minisserie do Channel 4, que tem quatro episodios encomendados. Diffusee initialement sur Channel 4 en 2012, Secret State raconte la quete de la verite entreprise par Tom Dawkins, un politicien nomme Premier Ministre apres la mort de son predecesseur dans un accident d’avion. Au cours de sa premiere conference de presse, Tom Dawkins doit repondre a des questions delicates sur le deces de Charles Flyte et sur le role qu'aurait pu jouer son assistant Sayed Khan dans sa disparition.
Les rouages du pouvoir sont remarquablement decrits dans cet episode intense que l'on suit avec passion.
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In Secret State, a four-part political thriller that marks his belated starring debut on British TV, he creates a solid man of integrity, not destined for the spotlight, who finds his hat unexpectedly thrown into the ring when a  national crisis strikes.
He faces a looming general election, mutinous colleagues and the fallout of an industrial explosion at an American-owned chemical factory in north-east England. The opposite of a free culture is a “permission culture”—a culture in which creators get to create only with the permission of the powerful, or of creators from the past. And Byrne plays the lead with subtle conviction, giving off a vulnerability and warmth that pulls the viewer towards his side.
Adding to his problems, MI5 spooks are listening in to and watching his every move, determined to derail any investigations. The best (State of Play, Edge of Darkness or, currently, Homeland) draw on contemporary social and political tensions to toy compellingly with our fears of shadowy government plots and malign puppet-masters pulling the strings of power behind the scenes. Still, the good far outweighed the bad, and all the complex scene-setting meant that, even by the end of an action-packed first hour, it felt like the real story was only just beginning.
The cultural broadcaster will air the show in later this year throughout France, Germany, Austria, Belgium and other French-speaking territories.
Anunciada em janeiro, quando ainda trazia o titulo de Coup, a producao e uma adaptacao de Robert Jones (No.
A la tete de la serie, Gabriel Byrne incarne un Premier Ministre parfait, sorte de lointain cousin de la Birgitte Nyborg de Borgen.
Par ailleurs, Ellis Kane, une brillante journaliste, continue de se rapprocher de Tom tout en enquetant sur l'explosion de Scarrow. Rawnsley is a big fan of the original dramatized version of A Very British Coup (1988), but he acknowledges that times have changed and the issues facing government are very different 25 years later. A top-notch TV cast (Gina McKee, Charles Dance, Stephen Dillane) work with Byrne to carve out the characters in a relentlessly plot-driven piece, chockful of exposition and sometimes too pacy for its own good. We are up to our eyebrows and earholes in the political campaign season, but the end is nigh.

The blue eyes that have made him a somewhat unlikely sex symbol flash irregularly with charm, but otherwise maintain a steady intensity. So ironic that this very negative review is freely available to everyone who might be even remotely interested in watching this new series. Seeking to do so was Secret State (Channel 4), a new four-parter in which ageing Irish heartthrob Gabriel Byrne played that rarest of TV characters: a politician who puts truth and transparency above self-interest.
TBI is published by Informa Telecoms & Media which is a trading name of Informa UK Limited. Impermeable aux pressions des uns et des autres, il affiche un caractere calme mais ferme, et ne se laisse par intimider par les compagnies petrolieres, quitte a prendre de gros risques. The Secret State ne nuira pas a cette reputation, meme si on peut lui reprocher un classicisme presque austere.
I know I’ve been tested in certain ways…’ He looks thoughtful, before shifting in his chair and shrewdly moving the conversation back to politics. Ironic that this intensely political drama will begin the day after we have decided who we want to lead us for the next four years! There is a stillness to him, a quiet, evenness of tone that, in the hush of the room, suggests a natural storyteller, a man used to being listened to. While a harsh and excoriating review might be acceptable for any artwork, it seems inappropriate to publish such a review before the artwork has even been seen by the viewing community. With the hairs already prickling on my neck, I’m definitely booking my seat for the rest of what promises to be a throughly entertaining conspiracy thriller. I voted early, of course, so I am ready, willing, and able to focus on this new show from the other side of the pond.
Ah, she has read some of the interviews that I have not–the interviews in which he discusses the focus of the drama and comments on UK politics and politicians. Dempster, will wait until I and the rest of the viewing community have had an opportunity to see this show before pontificating on its merits. I hope those who have read her review will withhold their judgment until they have enjoyed the series in its entirety.

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