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The Pokemon series has been around forever now, with its first release back in February 1996.
The best (and worst) parts of the Pokemon series are each creature’s effort and individual values (EVs and IVs). Once you completely max out a Pokemon’s EVs via Super Training, you can then use that critter to access Secret Super Training, which has the possibility of yielding rare items for prizes.
Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook for a chance to win prizes and keep up to date with the Pokemon World. Super Training is a new feature to Pokemon X and Y which offers a combination of mini-games based around a soccer type theme.
Each individual Pokemon specie’s progress is tracked, with them receiving medals upon completion of each game. If you have a Pokemon with maximum EV training, 12 more levels can be unlocked in a Secret Super Training mode. These Super Training challenges are important in your quest to complete your National Pokedex because they reward you with evolutionary stones.

In X and Y, the obnoxious, not-detailed-at-all EVs are replaced by mini-games that are upfront with their intentions. Now, instead of worry about this underlying level of complexity, the EVs are right in your face in the Super Training.
You’ll be grinding through similar mini-games, but you can obtain some very rare items, such as evolution stones. You won’t have to choose between gaining experience, or gaining a new creature anymore.
In the Super Training game, you have a Pokemon in the arena and you need to control it, using the touchscreen and circle pad to avoid balloon bots all while shooting balls at the lit up targets on the enemy balloon. When you complete the games, you get an increase of Effort Values (EV’s) in a specified stat category. These rounds will give you not just new bags, but they will give you rare prizes including evolutionary stones. It’s a simple grind, but it gets the job done more efficiently than the old ways, and you can actually see what your training is affecting.

A small tip, but something that would otherwise go overlooked if you aren’t paying attention. Each game features different Pokemon and their related evolutionary forms and gradually get harder.
Depending on the Pokemon used on what color ball it utilized, each of which have special features including varying speeds. For example, you can receive an attack bag, which increases the attack stat, and a S,M or L bag (small, medium, large). Small bags increase your stats by +1 point, medium increases your stat by +4 points and large gives you +12. Other bags can be found as well, such as rare bags that assist in your attempts to complete rounds in the Super Training.

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