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Diplome des meilleures ecoles de tourisme du Quebec, chacun de nos conseillers detient sa certification d’agent de voyage.
My first impression upon arrival at Secrets The Vine was Wow!, this place is grand, chic, modern and more or less just like a W Hotel, so needless to say, just up my alley. Throughout my stay the initial impression did not waver, as I considered it to be a challenge for such a large property to come through on so many levels of criteria that I look for, but they did and for that reason, I had a fantastic stay. All in all, when it’s time to check out of this gigantic, beautiful hotel, it will be the small details that you’ll remember the most.  The trendy house music creating a chic lounge like ambience poolside, the ever attentive staff bringing you another mojito at just the right moment, without even having to ask and the free massage lessons that crank up the sex appeal. After three years of living the good life on the road, leaving my mark on more destinations than the average gal can dream of in a lifetime, accidentally…or… not quite so…missing one too many flights and crossing paths with yet another professional athlete… The time has come to release my experiences from the confines of a select audience, and share them with the world.
Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar provided a picture perfect backdrop. Palm trees, crystal blue water, white sandy beaches and the beauty of Mexico  shined throughout the shoot.
It’s been a little over one year since the all-inclusive Sunscape Curacao, Resort, Spa and Casino celebrated its Grand Opening.
The beautiful white-sand beaches, crystal water and natural coral reef set the stage for a fantastic island destination that the entire family can enjoy.
While the parents or couples hang out at the casino or one of the resort’s six bars, children can also find their own adventure.
When it comes to food, the resort has one buffet, three a la carte restaurants, a grill and a cafe. Joyce Malkenson, our Cincinnati Regional Sales Manager, just returned with the team from Puerto Vallarta.   We were able to get her impressions of Puerto Vallarta. Having the two resorts side by side, one for adults only and one for families provides a perfect venue for any wedding, reunion or family group.  I will be recommending them to everyone I can. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, and again … Apple Vacations LOVES Travel Agents! Here’s the scoop, “Like” us on Facebook to enter Apple Vacations’ Secrets Are Meant to be Shared Sweepstakes. Vacations Include: roundtrip airfare to Cancun, luxurious accommodations at Secrets The Vine Cancun for 4 nights, tips and resort transfers. Let’s face it, if you’re questioning if you should really use those vacations days this summer ask yourself these questions…. Have you made your kids’ primary chore to wear Hawaiian outfits and keep you supplied with Margaritas?
The last few years, I, like many Apple Vacationers, have not actually been staying “in” Cancun, rather we have been flying in to Cancun and heading south to Riviera Maya to experience Puerto Morelos, Tulum and Playa del Carmen.  There are so many fabulous resorts in this region, and each is unique. But, I am very excited for my next trip, because of all the new Resorts in Cancun.  “What’s old, is new again” and more LUXURIOUS than ever!  So many new resorts have opened or are about to open in Cancun. Stay tuned to the blog, as we will be featuring reviews on all of these amazing resorts soon.
Unless you’ve been living underground for the past few years, you will have undoubtedly heard of the six second video platform that is Vine. Leaving aside Vine marketing for a moment, let’s go back to the basics of social media marketing. Your content might be here today and gone tomorrow but in that short five minutes of fame, the attention and new fans you’ve gained can be huge.
By addressing everyday problems that anyone could encounter with simple visual solutions, the company is creating a buzz around its brand on social media. One of the problems with the ubiquitous life hack Vine, is that no matter how good and useful it comes across, it often lacks a sense of style and individuality, two things that are essential in brand marketing.

You are far more likely to remember that Van Damme’s Epic Splits YouTube sensation was a Volvo campaign than you are to remember a Lowes’s lifehack, simply because the former oozed style and cool and the latter simply solved a problem. Samsung are one such company to address this problem by putting their own product centre stage in the Vine, as seen in their stylish basketball video, in which their phones and tablets are all featured as one continuous viewing window into the animated basketball player’s gravity-defying slam dunk. It may be a little obvious, but it is worth making the most of significant dates such as Christmas, national or international celebrations and events such as the World Cup or the Olympics.
Tropicana’s simple but effective Vine put out around Valentine’s Day is a perfect example of how easy it can be to do this.You’ll notice that not only is it witty and amusing, leading to people wanting to share it, but it is also very memorable in terms of the brand.
Another company harnessing the zeitgeist, this time of the Winter Olympics in Socchi, was Procter & Gamble detergent brand, Tide, who put out no fewer than ten themed brands during the games, with many of them using the good natured competitiveness of sportsmen and women to break down somewhat frostier political tensions between the Western nations and countries like Russia or China. The Dunkin Donuts Vine videos went bravely where no Vine has been before — on to actual television screens.
A totally different approachwas taken by travel accommodation company Air BnB who tore up the Vine rule book to create a four and a half minute film made from Vines that have been stitched together. Whilst Vine marketing is all about being creative, one video is rarely enough time to get all your ideas across. Oreo, winner of the 2014 Shorty Awards, have taken it upon themselves to create Vine after Vine starring their familiar Oreo cookie. By utilising some of the concepts we’ve discussed here, such as turning ‘life hacks’ into a kind of ‘food hacks’ and capitalising brilliantly on events and the holiday season (check out the Shining inspired Vine for Halloween), Oreo have earned themselves over 58k social shares (incredible for a brand on Vine) and 219 million total impressions. If you found the above post on secret Vine marketing tips helpful and feel your friends and followers will do too please share it with them by clicking on the share buttons below.
About Jon MowatJon Mowat is a former BBC Documentary Filmmaker and Co-Founder of Hurricane Media, a video marketing and production company based in England. I was always looking for a way to streamline the process, making it much more faster so i’m not spending my whole sunday (my only day off) creating, uploading, and optimizing a video. Due to the advance of technology, every business might succeed tremendously by using social media marketing. Notre mission est d’offrir toutes vos destinations voyage avec un service inegale, de nombreux avantages pour chaque passager et une garantie constante du meilleur prix. If you’re into exploration and adventure, fun-filled Sunscape Curacao offers a diver’s paradise with an on-site dive center and enough water sports to keep you moving. The new resort near Aruba and off the coast of Venezuela features the historical Blue Bay Golf Course. The resort has an awesome on-site casino, plentiful pools and beach chairs, while also surrounding you with exceptional staff and sparking rooms. There’s a great Explorer’s Club, a fully supervised program for children, to keep them happy, along with Core Zone for teens, which conducts a vast array of sports, games and other activities.
Stay tuned to this blog for a review of Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta & Now Amber Puerto Vallarta from our Philadelphia regional sales manager.
The world-famous destination is known for incredible white sandy beaches, amazing turquoise blue Caribbean Sea and exciting nightlife.
This brand new adults-only resort is situated along a powder-white beach with crystal-clear views of the Caribbean Sea.
The landscape has completely changed and it is almost like it is a completely new destination.
As a promotional tool, the app plays on the rather short attention span that seems to define us in the digital age. It doesn’t take a marketing guru to tell you that all you need to do to become popular and talked about on social media is to make viral content.

It demonstrates with effortless ease how to use an elastic band to unscrew a stripped screw. In getting people to remember your Vine’s you also have to get them to remember your brand. By connecting the screens up in this way, Samsung’s various screens become fundamental to the concept of the Vine. It’s impossible to watch this feature without being reminded of Samsung’s glittering array of smartphones and tablets, and despite its simplicity and very obvious brand focus, it was widely shared. That is because a significant number of people will be searching for it via search engines or social media. It is only a very short step from seeing an animated orange couple to thinking of Tropicana. This happened nine months after we all started using Vine, so Dunkin Donuts saw the need to do something a bit different to make their Vines stand out. When you consider that many of these Vines were made by the company’s social media followers, you start to get an idea of what a powerful and innovative cross-platform marketing campaign this was. You only have six seconds of people’s time, but if you can make them like you and your brand, they will watch your next Vine and that gives you twelve seconds (it’s not rocket science but it’s certainly not easy). Putting the famous and much-loved chocolate cookie at the heart of their Vines may have seemed like an obvious thing to do, but by keeping the central character constant, Oreo have managed to create a genuine fan base for their Vines. For other businesses, and individuals, this path of marketing has proven to be effective in increasing website sales and traffic. Tell us who you tell your secrets to and enter to Win Two Apple Vacations; one for you (and your guest) and one for the person you share your secrets with (and their guest) to the brand new Secrets The Vine Cancun! You can share more than your secrets, you can share a luxurious secret adventure provided by Apple Vacations and Secrets The Vine Cancun. Offering an adults-only Unlimited-Luxury® experience with gourmet dining options, premium brand beverages, daily activities, nightly performances, elite services and superior amenities such as including Italian porcelain floors and the finest luxury linens.
But how can marketers harness such a pithy platform when most of the time they’ve got so much they want to say.
If you haven’t seen it, you just put the elastic band over the stripped hole and it unscrews quickly and easily when you use the screwdriver over the elastic band. But if you feel guilty about the amount you consume during your trip, Sunscape Curacao also has an updated 24-hour gym. The room has amazing views from all angles, a Jacuzzi tub and a huge, fluffy bed.  This was one of the nicest rooms I have ever experienced.
Secrets The Vine features a massive Secrets Spa by Pevonia inspired by the natural cenotes of the area.
Lowe’s has produced several of these so called life-hacks and they have proved incredibly popular. By replacing football players with iced and hot coffee cups Vine tapped perfectly into the mood of the hugely popular Superbowl. Whether your an affiliate just trying to make some money online, or have your own business – video marketing is something you NEED to tap into if you want to create lots of new leads, customers, and sales. All of this and more is within reach and only 10 minutes from Cancun’s International Airport.

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