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Caught red handed by Google Earth: Has satellite image captured a crime taking place in Holland?
Holland.With what looks like a trail of blood apparently leading from a waterside jetty into a park, it's easy to see why eagle eyed readers might have feared a murder had taken place. It's not the first time that unusual images have been spotted on Google Earth.Earlier this year, Fiona Powell of Bristol came across a ghostly image of a man at a house in a village bulldozed to make way for an airfield in South Gloucestershire.
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We've already covered Grand Theft Auto V's impressive attention to even the smallest details.
Old Grove Street Friends The story mission Hood Safari takes players back to Grove Street, the old stomping grounds of GTA: San Andreas protagonist CJ and the rest of the Grove Street Families.
A Random Mountain Face There is a random face textured into the sides of one of GTA 5's mountains. Manhunt Mask One of the purchasable masks on Vespucci Beach very closely resembles the infamous Manhunt mask. How do game developers get around the concept that Superman is essentially unharmable in combat unless kryptonite or magic is involved? I skipped the training when I failed to counter grapples, thinking I wouldn’t want to rely on getting in close, should this game play anything like the nightmarishly bad Mortal Kombat VS DC.
I just want to point out that even though Tim Daly is my favorite Superman voice actor, George Newbern does a fantastic job, as well.
Long after the dust from the last battle has settled, the dead have been laid to rest and the confetti from the victory parade has been swept into the gutter, the nature continues to bear the scars of human conflicts.A remarkable series of photos taken in a Russian forest have been making the rounds on social media sites, showing what happens over time to instruments of carnage discarded in the woods.
Geldof - who lives in the property in Kent, South East England, with her husband Thomas Cohen, Astala, and their other son, eight-month-old Phaedra - said: 'The house was built in the 1920s by a rich man and his pregnant wife. A fan, Amber Micki, commented saying: 'You should totally look up the history of your house and it's grounds!'Paranormal activity is clearly an interest to Geldof, who went on her own ghost hunting expedition with BBC Radio 1's Aled Jones for her short-lived TV series OMG! Ghost hunter: The socialite went on a paranormal search as part of her short-lived TV series OMG! As designers and high street alike release the final wave of their winter collections, now is the perfect time to be investing in an iconic coat to stay ahead of the game. Este archivo tiene copyright y sera utilizado de forma legitima (fair use) segun las leyes de copyright estadounidenses.
It's these little things that make the world feel alive, and compel players to explore even the most unassuming nooks and crannies Los Santos' sprawling world. A lot has changed over the years, but Rockstar couldn't pass up the opportunity to slyly reference their previous work.

Gordo Speaking of the supernatural, at around 11PM in-game time you can spot the ghost ofJolene Cranley-Evans haunting the top of Mt. At the same time, I understand there are plenty of instances where Superman’s been knocked down a few pegs by villains and members of The Justice League.
I decided to go with someone who is perhaps the worst hand to hand fighter in the game, character-wise.
My favorite has to be Aquaman’s, simply for the fact that he utilizes a great white shark to chomp down on an opponent. The Joker is scary and funny, Batman is suitably dark and calculating, Superman is both heroic and enigmatic. What started as relative domination turned into a nightmare as I played as Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman to finish the game’s narrative. The striking images depict rifles, artillery shells, grenades and sapper shovels embedded in tree trunks - essentially swallowed up by the natural surroundings in a silent act of protest against human folly.
Given that each of the hard-hats is damaged, their owners most likely had met a violent end.
Unfortunately, we are a little too big for the latter, but Peachesa€™ classic check coat gave us some serious sartorial inspiration. Checks are huge for AW13 too, with the likes of Sandro, Jil Sander and Celine all sending cosy tartans sauntering down the runways.
Peachesa€™ box version is made from a cosy combination of mohair, alpaca and wool, meaning that it will take her through the winter without the risk of catching a chill. So, if youa€™re keen to emulate her look, click on the link to the right to invest in a similar D&G coat, available at Matches.
But this incredible level of detail has another benefit - it allows the team at Rockstar North to slyly slip in easter eggs and secrets referencing dozens of real-world movies & TV shows, make subtle nods to their own previous works, and even incorporate the supernatural.
Just as you turn onto Grove Street itself you'll see characters that look almost exactly like CJ, Big Smoke and Sweet ride by on bicycles. I’ve always been curious to see how The Justice League would handle a Superman gone mad. Breaking up the combat (which isn’t as sticky as MK VS DC) are strange button mashing minigames (for lack of a better term) or QTEs that have an effect on the match.
It’s neat watching as a character spirals into the depths of the Batcave, smashing into rocks and metallic structures along the way.
Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite is experimented on and tortured, even though she’s essentially the hero of the piece.
The world of GTA 5 is so huge that despite over 10 million players putting in hundreds of millions of hours, new easter eggs are still being discovered.

If you move closer she'll disappear, revealing the name 'Jock' on the ground, seemingly a reference to her suspected killer. For instance, lobbing batarangs at an approaching Lex Luthor reduces his health for your ensuing fight. In Classic Battle mode, every character has their own ending, which is akin to the traditional MK titles we’re accustomed to.
Superman, in a rage over the death of Lois Lane and his son, roughs The Joker up, and delivers that infamous punch to his midsection (illustrated below, terribly). In the main narrative, certain characters get their moments in the sun while others play strong supporting roles, but in the end, Injustice is an absolute blast for the comic fan looking for a dark, well-written narrative starring their favorite Justice League superstars. Hit up our GTA 5 wiki for specific instructions on how to find these references for yourself.
Graffiti found all over GTA 5's world seems to be left by the killer himself, each creepy sing-songy rhyme leading to yet another clue and hinting at yet another murder.
Couple that on Michael with a bald head, a big bushy beard, and a pair of Rimmers Steel aviators. The result makes Michael look almost exactly like Max Payne from Max Payne 3 - it's way too close to be a coincidence. A newspaper clipping found near the first clue states that the serial killer died in prison. Two women in a convertible, boxed in by the police, choose to end it by driving over the edge rather than turn themselves in.
Exposing it to a black light reveals a variety of hidden messages and map markers, including plenty of UFO hints.
You should also hit-up the wiki for specific locations & instructions for accessing any of these 29 awesome easter eggs. This reference to the real-world tap dancing hillbilly Jesco White comes complete with its own music and voice acting, living up to Rockstar's incredible reputation for detail.
In a radio segment he can be heard promoting his new performance-enhancing Bullshark Testosterone.
After you achieve 100% completion, three more pop up: one near Sandy Shores, another above Fort Zancudo, and finally one more above Mt.

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