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Words to live by considering Bernando LaPallo of Mesa was born in 1901 and has lived to be 110 years old. Bernando keeps his brain sharp by voracious reader, solving cross-word puzzles and playing checkers.
A 105 year old Texas woman has earned a place in almost all headlines by revealing the most unlikely secret to her long life. A 105-year-old Texas woman has earned a place in almost all headlines by revealing the most unlikely secret to her long life. Pearl Cantrell, who's mostly referred to as the '105-year-old bacon woman', said in an interview with a local NBC station, "I love bacon and I eat it everyday. Resident of Central Texas, Cantrell, a mother of seven, has outlived three of her kids, as well as her husband.
Reports according to KRBC state that Cantrell's love for bacon grabbed the attention of the American meat and cold cut production company Oscar Mayer. Cantrell's daughter Anno says that her mother taught them to work hard and think about living everyday they woke up. This story comes as a challenge to the latest study conducted by the University of Zurich, which clearly states that eating too much bacon elevates the risk for bowel cancer.

Scientists have taken a closer look and found that other than humans, advanced civilizations may have existed in the past.
Viewers including the Space X boss, Elon Musks, celebrated the historical landing of Falcon 9 last month. The moon's tattoos are grabbing attention of scientists, and they have been trying to figure out where these came from. Astronomers found a unique object that appears to be made of inner Solar System material from the time of Earth’s formation, which has been preserved in the Oort Cloud far from the Sun for billions of years. Your lifestyle has an impact on intestinal bacteria and would likely have a strong impact on your health.
Happiness genes have been found through an extensive research that involved more than 190 researches in 17 countries having 140 research centers.
Increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were found to cause increased plant growth across the Earth for the last 30 years.
The Secret Life Of An American Teenager actress Francia Raisa celebrated her 26th birthday at The Malibu Beach Haus on July 26 in Malibu, Calif., where she kept hydrated with icy Strongbow Hard Cider. Chop in chunks three or four endives (use all the endive except the hard core at the end.) Place the chopped endive into the tart pan.

When the crust is golden, the endives caramelized and the walnut sweet perfume spills into the kitchen, turn the oven off, let it set inside the oven for fifteen minutes. The atmosphere as ever inviting with the exchange of recipes, menus, and what is the best buy of the season. Yes, you read it right; 105-year-old Pearl Cantrell loves to eat bacon and feasts on it almost every day. Her recent 105th birthday bash was a three-day affair that included more than 200 guests. North Africa and the Middle East may become so hot that it will no longer be suitable for human habitation. The spokesman reached her home in a Wienermobile and gave the 'bacon woman' a ride in the hot dog-shaped truck, gifting her tons of bacon, with more to come in the future.

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