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Meanwhile, after spending three weeks on a raft with no food or water, Iroh and Zuko have made their way to what’s technically a village but looks like a spa. She’s leading a ship of soldiers to capture Zuko and Iroh, whom she says have brought disgrace to Fire Lord Ozai. Eventually, Katara sits Aang down for a heart-to-heart about how seeing him in his Avatar state before was a really scary experience. Things are going pretty well for Aang until Sokka and Katara show up to defend him and get knocked out and taken hostage, respectively.
The episode ends with Azula beginning her hunt for Zuko and Iroh in earnest, telling the spa village employees that anyone who harbors them will face the WRATH OF THE FIRE LORD. Also, part of me wants to make this recap nothing but a dozen screencaps of Aang in a flower crown, because that happened.
His name is Chong, and he and his traveling ukelele band immediately set about braiding Appa’s hair, giving everyone flower crowns, and talking about all the cool places they know.
Aang says that the secret tunnel sounds awesome and all, but Appa hates going underground, and they really like to do what makes him comfortable. Sokka’s determined to get the group to the other side by making a map, but that turns out to be less than useful when the tunnel walls start moving.
Zuko and Iroh have made their way to a nearby Earth Kingdom village, where the latter gets some much-needed medical assistance from a teenage girl named Song.
What follows is a poignant pair of scenes where Song and Zuko bond over how much it sucks to have the Fire Nation ruin your life. Back in the labyrinth, Aang and Katara come across the tomb of the two lovers at the center of the legend of the secret tunnel, which also happens to be the earthbending origin story. Sokka and the stoners subdue them with the power of music, because badger moles love them some ukelele. Because I want to avoid being spoiled if at all possible, comments on this post are locked. For the past three Saturdays, the Voice Tunnel was a huge attraction at Summer Streets, an annual event where the city’s Department of Transportation shuts the streets down for seven consecutive miles to host various activities between Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge.
The power to confess any secret and know that it will never leave the confines of this underground tunnel felt liberating. You could see people pondering about what they wanted to say, while others seemed confident about their chosen message. It’s easy to feel like a face in the herd in a city as large as New York, but for these past Saturdays, visitors were the star of the show. The workstation seemed deserted when I came upon it, but it was logged on and there was a half-consumed cup of warm coffee beside it. Although the terminal has only allowed me a low-level access to a rudimentary network, I have managed to create and place a file on the network with the hopes that others may somehow access my file.
If you read my recent post about the trip this week to the Canadian Cold War Museum at the Diefenbunker near Ottawa,  you will be able to see the original images that I have used in support of this little narrative.
A few existing letters in the original image of the terminal were removed and the N1 was added to possibly suggest something if you ponder it for a second. The terminal image at the bottom is a screen capture (cursor animated in) of the actual message that I  posted. This entry was postedon Saturday, July 25th, 2015 at 9:15 pmand is filed under Animated GIF, Assignments, Design, ds106, imaginages, tantalizing text.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada License. You might be inclined to hesitate, she tells her peons, what with the fugitives being part of the royal family and all. At first he seems like a nice guy, welcoming Aang, Katara, and Sokka as heroes and showering them with praise.
To be specific, he figures that if the only way Aang can enter the state is if he’s in danger, he should put him in danger by siccing his men on him! We start with Katara giving Aang waterbending lessons—boy makes an adorable octopus, and he gets all flustered when Katara gets close to him, so we know that crush is still going strong—when they’re found by a band of stoners.
The wet blanket, now as always, is Sokka, who points out that they have no time for hippie-dippie bullshit, because they need to get to Omashu.
Flash to Team Avatar steering him through a barrage of fiery death, and yeah, Appa’d really prefer to go underground on this one, please. Oma and Shu were your typical Romeo and Juliet couple, pulled apart by warring tribes, so they learned earthbending from the badger moles so they could make a SECRET TUNNELLLLLL in which to meet. Any spoilery discussion can be directed to Facebook; if there’s anything non-spoilery about the recaps you want to say to me, you can hit me up on Twitter.
Even at 6:30 on a Saturday morning, you could see party goers stumbling home, people traveling to work, and food carts being set up for the day. Concurrently, the faster the person spoke, the quicker the lights cascaded down the tunnel. Like most other limited time attractions in New York City, the line to experience this unique installation wrapped around the block hours before the tunnel opened at 7 a.m. Somewhere out there is a newly-engaged couple whose moment will forever live within Park Avenue Tunnel.
After several successive evenings of further exploration, I have uncovered a vast underground labyrinth of tunnels and corridors. I believe that if we can somehow work together, we may be able to somehow map out these tunnels and hopefully find some kind of exit that leads beyond the mountains.
It does a great job in giving you access, and provides a super fun retro CRT appearance to enjoy as you type in everything from scratch.
But he has an ulterior motive: Instead of Aang continuing his training, he wants him to learn how to go into his Avatar state voluntarily.
After another dream sequence of the doppelgaanger, Aang realizes that Katara was right all along. Fong earthbends Katara into the ground, making it look like he’s killed her, and FWOOM. I imagine him chilling in the afterlife, eating Cheetos and playing poker, until he gets a vision that, shit, his future self is about to do something stupid. Turns out it’s poison (oh, Iroh), so the duo heads to a nearby Earth Kingdom village to get treatment. Only the man, Shu, died in the war, so Oma lost her earthbending shit and told everyone to get along or so help me. Before going off to wherever, Chong tells Sokka he hopes he learned a valuable lesson about not letting plans get in the way of the journey. As I descended into darkness, I made my way to the line forming in the middle of the tunnel.

The experience is a sensory stunner, and you could feel the words traveling through you as you make your way across the chamber. Lozano-Hemmer doesn’t believe in censorship, and he trusts that participants will be mindful of the messages they wish to share. While I have encountered a large number of locked doors along my explorations, I have in one instance found a room within which I have discovered a piece of functioning network hardware. I quickly created an account for myself and then hastily left when I suddenly heard a nearby toilet flush and water running in a sink. Iroh tries to comfort him, but his pep talk—at least your dad cared enough to banish you!—doesn’t go over particularly well. She goes in for the lightning strike, but Iroh redirects it and shoves Azula off the ship, giving him and Zuko a chance to escape.
If their true identities are discovered they could be killed, but if they head toward the Fire Nation Azula could find them, so it’s really a no-brainer. There’s no time to reconsider flying to Omashu, though, as Fire Nation soldiers are right behind them with their tanks.
Sokka’s not exactly in PSA mode, though, so he tells Chong to just GTFO and keep playing his songs. Despite the messages scrambling and overlapping each other, you could always hear one more clearly than the other depending on the speakers to which you stand closest. I do not know whether it might be possible to connect one to the Village network through my cottage phone. He wakes Sokka up to tell him about his epiphany, and instead of arguing just says “Yeah, OK. He preys on her little brother’s emotional issues and need for fatherly approval so she can trick him into turning himself in to a lifetime of imprisonment, and then she tries to guilt him into thanking her for it. C’mon, spirit dragon, we just have to go out for two minutes to stop Aang from ending the world, and then you can go back to watching your Real Housewives marathon.
Participants were encouraged to record a few seconds of their voice so the speakers could loop and repeat their voice on each of the 150 speakers.
Just as I prepared to exit, the voices danced around in a strobe light-like celebration for a one-worded recording. But I may try to move something up late one night when everyone is asleep and see if I can have some success with that.
Aang and Katara each think the other is wrong, but they each respect each other enough not to make their disagreement personal. But instead of deciding to follow Aang, the only kid who can defeat them, into the tunnel to capture him, the Fire Nation soldiers reason, “Heyyyy, haven’t you heard that song? As the next person adds their track, the previous recording moves to the next set of speakers down the tunnel.

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