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This book is a really good historical and technical survey of the industrial underground sites in the United Kingdom during World War II, with plans, maps and photographies.
Hidden passageways, ancient tunnels, illicit activities, and ghastly rumors and urban legends – the underground teems with magical stories of a life that once was, and activities few people ever heard about. Cappadocia city, located in central Turkey, is home to no less than 36 underground cities, and at a depth of approx. Since there isn’t a lot of information hanging around on-site, book a guided tour and start exploring. Portland has its own underground city known as the Shanghai Tunnels, or the less common name: the Portland Underground. Back in the day, the basements of many a downtown bar and hotel were linked to the Willamette River waterfront by way of these tunnels, allowing supplies to be moved from docked ships directly to basements for storage, thus avoiding rain and heavy traffic. But, never fear, today you can take a safe and secure walking tour and explore a portion of the Shanghai Tunnels to get a sense of the complex network of tunnels, and an understanding of the seamy history surrounding Portland. Beneath the streets of Scotland’s capital lies a dark and damp world, dating back to the 18th century. Opened in 1788, a period of great expansion and growth, the vaults date back to a time when Edinburgh was a superstitious place. Beijing’s underground city, Dixia Cheng, was built in the 1970s to serve as a shelter during invasions, bombings and nuclear attacks.
Fortunately there never was an occasion for this massive underground shelter to fulfil its intended purpose, and in 2000 the place was opened to the public. Dixia Cheng has been under renovations since 2008 and therefore closed for visitors, but make sure you put it on your bucket list to check out when it reopens at an indefinite date in the future. Located in the town of Wieliczka just over 9 miles outside of Krakow, the Wieliczka Salt Mine was built back in the 13th century and has produced table salt continuously until 2007.
One of the biggest tourist draws of Poland, this underground salt city has evolved from a series of dark caves to a complex labyrinth now comprising over 185 impressive miles of galleries, about 3000 chambers and nine floors, with the first three open to the public. RESO, stemming from the French word reseau, meaning network, is one of Montreal’s cornerstones. The first interconnected sections were built in 1962 with the objective of easing traffic and providing a sheltered way of transportation, especially handy during the harsh winter season. Unlike some of the other places on this list, Setenil de las Bodegas, a pueblo (small town) in Southern Spain, isn’t an underground city per se, but it lies underneath massive rock overhangs.
The city of Pilsen, in the western part of the country, is home to Pilsen Historical Underground, a 12.5 mile long labyrinth of passageways, cellars and wells built below the city streets in the 14th century. Take a guided tour and explore this ingenious underground system; highlights include the ice cellar, the water tower and the exhibit on medieval bookbinding. The sleepy city of Moose Jaw, located in the state of Saskatchewan in Southern Canada, is home to a series of tunnels that have two separate stories. In the beginning of the 20th century Canada imposed its now infamous head tax on Chinese immigrants due to the fear that they would steal jobs away from locals.
Book these two interactive theatrical tours and travel beneath the streets of Moose Jaw – lay low with an early Chinese immigrant and shake hands with the infamous Al Capone. For more travel inspiration, check out our list of best budget destinations of 2016 and discover our best European city breaks. With its blend of old, new and distinctive buildings, Barcelona’s architecture attracts many visitors. The recent rumblings in Virginia and Colorado on August 23rd, 2011, that millions of Americans were told were naturally occurring earthquakes were, in reality, not earthquakes, but explosions detonated by the Galactic Federation and their Earth allies that completely destroyed two underground military installations that were key Illuminati refuges that have been built at the massive expense of the American taxpayer, according to many sources of investigator Benjamin Fulford, popular researcher David Wilcock, as well as several channels for the Galactic Federation. Imagine, it is 1908 and you are a big, brawny man satisfying your thirst with a few frosty mugs of beer in your favorite neighborhood bar in Portland, Oregon.
This scenario was all too common in Portland from the year 1850 to 1941, where able-bodied men dropped through trap doors in bars or the dead-ends of alleys and into the Portland Underground Tunnels, or the 'Shanghai Tunnels.' These tunnels are intricately connected catacombs that extend for miles underneath the city and shanghaiers, bootleggers, white slavers and opium den owners used them for various purposes.
The white slavers kidnapped girls as young as 14 and forced them into prostitution, but not before confining them to complete darkness in a tiny little cell, barely big enough to move in - to break down their minds, spirits and wills before selling them off to the highest bidder. In Havre, Montana there is an underground section that catacombs underneath the city in a series of secret passageways.
As with Portland, these tunnels were often used for seedy purposes, including the illegal transport of liquor during prohibition.
In the Bordello, otherwise respectable citizens of the city could escape through the tunnels undetected, and employ one of the Ladies of the Night for one to four dollars, depending on the desirability of the woman. The Catacombs under Paris, France are world-famous - they spiderweb more than 300 feet beneath the city streets. A part of these catacombs became a mass grave for more than 6 million people: the wealthy or poor, the insane and sane, the pure and corrupt - death is indeed the great leveler of humanity. Visitors can see the catacombs by entering through a simple black door, head down a staircase, past a gallery, and finally through a chamber where a sign reads in French: 'Stop - this is the Empire of Death!' And still the bones fill only a fraction of these meandering tunnels, which come with a heavy fine if you are found exploring one. The underground cities of Cappadocia were carved out the native rock largely due to the lack of trees for building material.
The earliest description of underground Cappadocia is in the Greek mercenary Xenophon's work titled Anabasis.
Underneath the Giza Plateau is an enormous and complex underground system complete with natural caverns, snaking passageways, ancient chambers, subterranean rivers and hydraulic underground waterways. This 'City of the Gods' was purportedly discovered after the declassification of SIRA, a ground-penetrating radar, which has been mapping these subterranean features since 1978.

Some historians believe this to be the same labyrinth described by the Greek historian Herodotus: "There I saw twelve palaces regularly disposed, which had communication with each other, interspersed with terraces and arranged around twelve halls.
Speculations about the function of the City of the Gods differ; some argue that it was the center of the Egyptian mystery schools, still others believe that the Egyptians used the crisscrossing tunnels as an ancient subway system. Honorable MentionDue to a reader's suggestion, Coober Pedy, Australia is being added to the list of underground cities. Coober Pedy - Underground in AustraliaLearn more about the Australian town of Coober Pedy and the filming of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Humans have long considered hemp one of nature's perfect foods, because hemp seeds and oil are exceptional sources of easily digestible protein and essential fatty acids.
Roderic Aldrich 8 years ago from Northern Vermont I am amazed at the whole Portland part of this story. SparklingJewel 7 years ago I have read about the mystery schools underground in Egypt. Sandilyn 7 years ago from Port Orange, FL That was a great hub!I enjoy the unique and underground places have always interested me. SALLY BUGG 7 years ago DURING URBAN RENEWAL IN OKLAHOMA CITY, AN UNDERGROUND CITY WAS FOUND, A CHINA TOWN THAT I HEARD ABOUT AS A CHILD.
LYNDA 7 years ago I LOVED THIS PIECE OF WORK , SO FASANATING TO ME , And so AMAZING AND I HAVE TO SAY UNBELIEVABLE , just blows you away to think of the accomplishments in that time? A J HART 7 years ago This really arouses the imagination to a point where it could be factual, I'm sure a portion is true. Rhiannon 7 years ago I had heard of the underground cities and catacombs, but I didn't know they were so widely dispersed.
Cornelia Gatlin 7 years ago I lived in Portland for years and luckily never fell in to any whole and got trapped-underground. Aubrey Allyn 7 years ago from Laguna Beach This is such an interesting and well written HUB.
DG 6 years ago I think it would be interesting to see what various governments have constructed over the centurys that we've never known about and probly never will know about them. LM 6 years ago I visited Havre under ground last year and was amazed that this exists in such a small beautiful town. Marco 6 years ago I know a city who has got many tunnels and never been explore why I know? Claudia Peterson 6 years ago We are going to read City of Ember for our last six weeks and so I started doing research on underground cities. OverObservant 6 years ago WOW, i am writing a 5 page essay on underground cities, that was extrememly helpeful and fascinating, i love the intro about falling through the trap doors! Hajj Packages 5 years ago Thank you for your post, it was really informative, and your way of expression was great, you described things in a great way, making the reader feel that the things are infront of them. Bekkah Campbell 5 years ago I was happy to read this but i was hopping to learn more about the underground town in Australia.
Unique to Derinkuyu is the cruciform church located between the third and fourth level and the barrel-vaulted ceiling. This intricate network reportedly once consisted of tunnel passageways linking Portland’s Old Town, also known as Chinatown, to the central Downtown area. Though still a controversial topic, rumor has it the tunnels have also been used for the practice of “shanghaiing”: kidnapping people for them to serve as sailors.
The Edinburgh Vaults, also known as The South Bridge Vaults, are a series of chambers formed within the 19 arches of South Bridge. The lengthy network of tunnels, often referred to as the Underground Great Wall, included almost 100 hidden entrances and, reportedly, were built with complete services such as schools, hospitals, and sleeping halls in case citizens needed to seek refuge for a longer period of time. A tour only includes a small circular stretch of the complex, but is still attracting travelers from around the world.
Alternatively, if you want to learn more about the religious aspects, join the Pilgrims’ Tour that includes a visit to the salt statue of John Paul II and a Holy Mass upon the end of the tour. This giant maze runs under Montreal’s streets in and around the Downtown area and houses a wide-range of shops, restaurants, hotels, galleries, seven metro stops, cinemas, a library and even apartment buildings. Since the Montreal Metro started operating in 1966, more connections have been added and today RESO consists of 20 miles of tunnels with more than 120 exterior access points. Located along a narrow river gorge that’s eroded by the Rio Trejo river, the houses are built into and under the walls of the gorge itself. And, if you’re a nature lover, walk down El Escarpe de Rio Trejo, an area of natural diversity, or Ruta de los Bandoleros, which inspired many romantic legends. These cellars once served as storage space for food and barrels of beer and, some say, as an escape route in case of an attack. The tour ends at the Brewery Museum, where you can sample the renowned local Pilsner Urquell beer. Naturally occurring earthquakes leave a tell tale seismographic signature that was reportedly absent in either the Virginia or Colorado quake. Our cities are bustling cosmopolitan centers for commerce and business transactions - rarely, if ever, do we consider what might be lurking right underneath our feet, under the very streets of the places where we play and work.
A few more beers with all your friends, and things get rowdier as your buddies get more intoxicated. The shanghaied men would find themselves on a ship bound for the Orient as sailors who endured scanty rations and terrible living situations.

Rich with history, 'Havre Beneath the Streets', as it is called, was the home of many turn-of-the-century businesses. The passageways themselves were built by early Chinese immigrants, who used them to escape persecution above ground as well as to house their businesses, including a prolific opium market with opium dens. A part of this vast labyrinth is in fact a limestone quarry that has been harvested to make the buildings, sidewalks, monuments and bridges. The builders piled bones indiscriminately atop one another without thought to who they belong to, only how to save the maximum amount of space. As a result, the subterranean settlements are multilevel with built-in ventilation shafts, about 18 stories deep, and at one time housed over 20,000 people.
Supposedly, the expedition that explored the underground city made a documentary about their discoveries titled "Chambers of the Deep." The film was shown to private audiences, but for reasons unknown, withheld from the general public.
This remote location was used for filming in the movies Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Red Planet.
Makes me shiver, though, the idea of having a quiet drink then ending up press-ganged on to a ship! I also would love to learn more about the underground city of the past IDK where it is located though but by the carveings its been said that beings from elswhere called the Ant people came to help the humans build it and live there for a certain time and afterward. Discovered in 1963, the subterranean network of tunnels and rooms include all the institutions and rooms you would find in a regular city: living quarters, stables, churches, storage rooms, refectories, and wineries – and the underground is said to have possibly held more than 20,000 people.
Unfortunately many of these subterranean spaces have been filled in during various public works projects, but a few of them are still there and open to explore.
Originally built to house taverns, cobblers, cutlers, smelters and other tradesmen, and to store illicit materials, rumors have it that serial killers Burke and Hare also stored various bodies down here, which they sold for medical experiments. Apart from going shopping, come around to check out the permanent artworks on display, public squares and cultural centers. People actually settled here for practical reasons: in order to keep out the summer heat and the cold in the winter, they only built the facade of the house, while the back was shielded by nature.
Legend has it that there is treasure buried within the cellar walls, although looting is discouraged.
Entire families lived here and worked in the local businesses above ground in exchange for food and supplies until the 1920s, when this underground maze acquired a new purpose: Due to the proximity to the US, the tunnels were used for transporting of booze to the US through Canada during the prohibition-era. Channels for the Galactic Federation have reported that these explosions were not nuclear in nature, but a very advanced technology that has reportedly left only small fragments of the once massive installations.
Some of these included the Sporting Eagle Saloon, Wah Sing Laundry, Wright's Dental Office, Boone's Drug Store and a bordello. During the Revolution, when land was scarce and the cemeteries overcrowded, the government decided to move the bones of the dead to the empty quarries. Most of the cities had stables for horses hollowed out of the same volcanic rock, as well as churches, water tanks, wine cellars, tombs, missionary schools, study rooms, vertical staircases and millstone doors that rolled across to seal the entrance. Jim Hurtak, a crew explored the megalithic metropolis, risking life and limb to penetrate into the massive chambers (supposedly bigger than our largest cathedrals) in hopes of securing ancient artifacts and caches of Egyptian records. The walls are covered with carved figures, and each court is exquisitely built of white marble and surrounded by a colonnade.
It is one of the only places in the world to have a golf course with no grass, and the only tree is one made by welding together scraps of iron. Later, when the businesses moved out, the vaults became home to the city’s poorest souls, a skid row complete with pubs and brothels scattered around the wet chambers. Word has it Al Capone was connected to all the bootlegging, though that has never been proven. With a belch and a wipe of the mouth with your sleeve, you set down your mug and are on your way to the bathroom, trying to weave somewhat of a straight line. There are underground churches, houses, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and some of the houses even have underground swimming pools. Here the reason for living underground is to conserve energy and to get away from the heat, which can skyrocket up to over 55 degrees Celsius (131 degrees).Coober Pedy is known as the opal capital of the world. These underground cities, replete with hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and even hydroponic farms, have been built beneath many major cities all over the world by the elitist ruling class as safe havens to hide as their plan to instigate a planet wide cataclysm unfolded on the surface world. A mattress breaks your fall, but you are now in a cage, with broken glass strewn about outside. According to historians, this enigmatic civilization vanished into thin air after ruling for nearly 800 years. One man who was building himself an underground home with seventeen rooms found enough opals during excavation to pay for the entire thing. I know where I live in Southwest Virginia that there are several "natural" occuring caverns under some of the towns, but I have yet to hear or read of anything like Portland, but it would now surprise me if they were not used as well during prohibition. This event may be the most important milestone reached to date in the efforts to remove the dark cabal and their minions from power, clearing the way for a return to a golden age for humanity. Your shoes are taken so in the unlikely event of escape, the broken glass will cut your feet and leave a trail of blood for your captors to follow.

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