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Victoria’s Secret Angel fragrance freshness and sultry warmth with succulent notes of sparkling plum, sheer violet, garednia and amber accented with a touch of pink pepper, musk and agarwood (oud) – a luxurious ingredient known as “Fragrance Gold.” It is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. The collection includes 50 ml Eau de Parfum , a Fragrance Mist , a Fragrance Lotion and a Shimmer Lotion. The scent itself is odd - may have worked out better without the pepper note as plum and pepper don't mix well. This is the first time I finished a perfume bottle within 6 months without getting bored of it. Doesn't mention its good longevity, even in hot summer.If I have a chance, I would buy it again without thinking.
I refused to try this one for a long time because I don't get along violet and iris when it's strong in fragrances and certain plum notes literally make me sick to my stomach. Australia has only just recently had a few select Victoria's Secret stores open on our shores. I smell a lot of rich, juicy plum, zesty pink pepper and unforgiving oud in the opening of this fragrance.
The best way I can describe Victoria's Secret Angel is as a fruity floral that pays homage to ancient Arabian perfumery. I actually bought this a year ago, when the first VS beauty & accessories store opened in HK. VICTORIA'S SECRET ANGEL is different from Victoria's Secret usual fragrance releases; it's more 'adult' and subtle, in comparison to their largely gourmand output.
I'm typically not a fan of most Victoria's Secret perfumes aside from the Sexy Little Things Noir fragrances.
I would recommend this to women who enjoy "no muss, no fuss" fragrances, women who like to smell clean, and women who don't like sugary perfumes. I would wear this any time winter through to summer,it has an avarage lasting power but it is nice to have some lighter perfumes that you can spritz to top up during the day in warmer weather. The opening is very peppery, and there isn't as much sweet fruit in this as most of VS's current offerings.
Twelve US Secret Service agents were sent back to the US from Cartagena, Colombia, after allegedly drinking heavily and consorting with prostitutes.
President Obama walks, with Secret Service agents by his side, to greet well wishers upon his arrival in Tampa, Florida, Friday. As many as 12 US Secret Service agents preparing for President Obama’s trip to Cartagena, Colombia, apparently fell short of the service’s motto – “Worthy of Trust and Confidence” – and were sent back to the US, according to published reports, for excessive drinking and consorting with prostitutes. Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan wouldn’t confirm the numbers of agents involved or the circumstances for their reprimand.
But the head of a law enforcement union that represents Secret Service agents said at least one accusation involved an agent and prostitutes. According to staff at the Hotel Caribe, Secret Service staff drank heavily in the hotel, where White House staff and members of the press were also staying.
The scandal may be one of the largest for the buttoned-up agency that’s known for its sunglasses-and-earpiece wearing men who protect the president, vice president, other top US officials, and visiting dignitaries.
Others say the agency, which has a $1.5 billion budget, most of which goes to support 3,200 special protection agents, is fine as it is. With movies like “In the Line of Fire” featuring Clint Eastwood and the 1939 “Secret Service of the Air” starring Ronald Reagan, Hollywood has often glorified the long-veiled Secret Service (although “Air Force One” starring Harrison Ford as a president who endures treachery from a Secret Service agent is the rare critique). Agents Clint Hill and Rufus Youngblood were hailed for their selfless reaction to the shooting of President Kennedy in Dallas and protection of first lady Jackie Kennedy, and agent Tim McCarthy was commended for taking a bullet and widening his stance to protect President Ronald Reagan in 1981 as John Hinckley fired six rounds. The publication of Kessler’s book also stung the agency, as it recounted tabloid-style observations from the outwardly straight-laced agency, providing a jarring contrast to some critics.
Interesting in light of the latest accusations, for example, agents discussed Lyndon Johnson’s “stable” of female friends, and dished on Vice President Spiro Agnew, whom agents claimed to have escorted to hotels for trysts. The book also showed Secret Service agents to be, on the whole, a conservative lot, who considered George W.

This week’s scandal came as two bomb blasts rocked Cartagena ahead of Saturday’s summit in a region still struggling to control violent drug lords and a global cocaine trade. Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. It's more of a younger scent than some others but I wouldn't go as far as to label it for 20 somethings. I think it's the mustiness of the oud and mild saltiness of the ambergris that counteracts that coldish powdery nuance that violet brings. Right down to the slight tangy sting you get when you first put it in your mouth, and the mouth-watering effect it has for a few minutes after, before it turns from tangy sour to sticky sweet!
For years perfumes, lotions and accessories could only be sourced in duty free areas of our international airports. It's quite a potent scent on my skin, but it also strikes me as odd in the way that it settles into a somewhat fruity and sweet blend of notes after a few minutes. It has that sweet, fruity and clean aroma mixed with some heavy hitting oud wood, ambergris and pink pepper. Not only does Angel project strongly on the skin, but the longevity is also worth raving about. It reminds me the VS angels :D I like it It was sweet and good parfume but not interesting.
I got this in a set with a 0.75ml small perfume, 75ml big bottle perfume, lotion and shower gel for 100ml each. It's so unique and apparently a lot of people don't really care for it but that's okay I like being the only person to smell like this lol :). This such a lovely, light, floral-with-a-hint-of-zesty-fruit fragrance, yet it is also a warm and slightly powdery and spicy perfume.
There's possibly some peach too, but the plum note is very light and is largely hidden under the florals and pepper.
This is something I wear often now that the weather is warming up, but I did buy it in winter and would occasionally wear it then too. Like I was the new, awkward girl at school, scared and awaiting the moment when her classmates find her weakness. It smells like amber on me, like most perfumes that have amber in the middle or base notes. It is fresh,fruity, sweet and delicious,almost reminds me of the smell of fresh melon when first sprayed. The inital application is a bit spicy and heady, and it quickly warms up to a well-rounded floral with a beatiful slightly woodsy, amber base. But I surely don't hate it, so I think that if you are looking for a nice gift, this may be a good choice. An advance detail of agents in Cartagena, Colombia, were sent back to the US after allegedly hiring prostitutes. While soliciting prostitutes is legal in Colombia, the Secret Service considers it inappropriate.
A separate report said a prostitute complained to police after one of the agents failed to pay her. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said the move had no operational impact and did not affect Obama’s security, though it came amid tight security and two separate bomb blasts in Cartagena ahead of the Summit of the Americas. But it comes just two years after about 100 agents dished dirt about their jobs and the people they’ve protected over the years in “In the President’s Secret Service,” former Post reporter Ronald Kessler’s gossipy peek into the Secret Service’s inner workings. The constant expansion of mandated protectees by Congress has complicated the agency’s mission, according to the Congressional Research Service, which has suggested Congress consider splitting the agency in two in order to refine its investigative and protective missions. In all, agents have successfully protected six presidents from seven attacks, according to the Congressional Research Service, with Gerald Ford, surviving two separate gun attacks.
In a 2009 book review, James Bamford, a noted intelligence analyst, writes, “But for all their talk of danger, there are few jobs in law enforcement as safe as that of a Secret Service agent.

Bush “down to earth, caring,” while criticizing the Clinton Administration for its chronic tardiness at events. I dislike spicy notes in a fragrance so I should've known to never waste my time with this. It's very fruity and floral and I would classify it with Paris Hilton and most Bath & Body Works fragrances. Nothing can describe the excitement I felt when I saw a Victoria's Secret open at a large shopping centre not far from my house. It has this dark, rich and resinous feel which seems completely unrelated to the name 'Angel'. I would like to see this fragrance re-packaged in a bottle that reflects the sensual nature of this scent.
See if I would miss it or not when I finally finish it up (But that would take a very long time XDXD). I mean there is just something so unique and different about this perfume I believe it's the plum I have never smelt a plum perfume like this before it's not overly sweet like a lot of other Victoria's Secret perfume are this is a gem! I can't detect typical pepper, maybe it is somewhere in the background, adding a bit of warmth. It is a sweet innocent scent that I think would fall into the versatile category of fragrances and suit most women. For some reason I would use this on a rainy day, in the end of April or on a cold summer day. The pink pepper is there,but not in your face and the plum and powdery violet give it a sherbety tang. I find this scent youthful and fun without being childish - no cotton-candy-vanilla-toothache-inducing sweetness here! The last attack came in 2005, when a man in Tbilisi, Georgia, threw a hand grenade at President Bush.
None have been killed during an assassination attempt in more than half a century, and few have been wounded.
The most unique thing about this scent is the powdery quality without resembling baby powder and it goes so well with the angel wings on the bottle. I tend to like sweet scents, plus I like musk and oud, and all are noticeable in this scent. I recommend to wear this one in winter (or temperature under 15-20 deg cel); It's also a very mature and sexy scent, but it's not that kind of "bolt and hot like fire" sexy, it's more "soft and elegant" sexy.
The bomb, which landed 61 feet from dignitaries including First Lady Laura Bush, didn’t detonate. It has quickly become one of my top 5 favourites which is saying something considering I own more than 5O designer perfumes! Like 8 hours and that's amazing for a vs fragrance they normally last like 4-5 tops so yeah this is good stuff. I'm sorry, I just can't understand why this is still on rotation when supermodel is discontinued?!?! I have the same reaction as other reviewers in that this seems fresh, green, and fruity, at first, but when it warms up it's got a whole different side. It's that Oud aka arguwood this leaves a very woodsy and masculine tone to the perfume without being overly masculine I want more perfumes with this note bc if it's what I think it smells like it's heavenly! I had a couple of the flankers of this, and am very glad I broke down and bought the original.
I am glad not too many people have discovered this cause I can feel special wearing this gem!

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