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Pennsylvanian post-hardcore bashers Title Fight will release their sophomore album Floral Green in a couple of weeks, and it rules pretty hard.
I open this thread to talk about the mysterious Secret video footage where Madonna looks like Marlene Dietrich. I don't think there was any mysterious story behind the scenes, maybe she just didn't liked that hairstyle when she saw it on the screen, and that scene (like in many other videos) got cut off. Well the videos you brought up were in Dan-O-Rama's mixes for Secret and some of his megamix videos for GHV2. I have always been seeing those pics above, but just now I realized that look didn't appear in the video. I'll need to look for it, but it was actually the director Melodie McDaniel that didn't like the look. I was thinking the same, the song is very spiritual and relaxing, not very relatable to the Marlenes, Marilyn or Gretas she used to portrait in previous videos. Around the globe, youtube has become a metaphor for the democratizing power of the internet and information.

En decembre 2011, il avait publie des parodies video  sur Youtube, se faisant meme remarquer par l’emission de Jean-Marc Morandini sur Direct 8.
Samedi soir dans Salut les Terriens, Nabilla a amuse la galerie en faisant une blague a Aymeric Caron. The Voice : qui sont les 16 finalistes de Mika, Florent Pagny, Zazie et Garou qui vont chanter ce soir en direct ? So obviously these pieces might've been not-so-good takes to Madonna,but she eventually liked them after Dan fixed it up and got her a bunch of hit videos. I actually think Madonna always looked a lot more like Harlow and does in some of those pics. They were filming some scenes but it was Melodie's first that big production so she was frightened and shy and didn't tell Madonna what is she extacly expect. Mais cette derniere a eu droit a une seconde chance !Decidement, Emilie n’aura pas eu une vie des plus calmes au sein de la maison des secrets.
Guillaume Ruchon, qui a fait son entree hier soir dans la Maison des secrets, s’etait fait un nom sur Internet il y a deux ans.

The band co-directs alongside Hannah Roman, and the result is NSFW for crazy-insane violence. La semaine derniere, la jeune Marseillaise devait tout faire pour proteger son secret, finalement decouvert par Jonathan. Alors qu'ils s'etaient rapproches de nouveau ces derniers jours, ils ont echange un baiser.Arrivee en plateau, elle ne se doute pas de ce qui l’attend !
Sauvee par le public, elle peut reintegrer la piece secrete… Les prochains jours risquent d’etre encore mouvementes ! Bref, ce jeu n'est plus comme avant car les candidats y rentre en connaissant toute les ficelles de la tele realite et du buzz.

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