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Important Textele de pe acest sait nu reflecta sub nicio forma parerea nostra personala cu privire la persoanele sau evenimentele aduse in discutie. If you have not received any such email but want to test the new design right now, no need to worry. Today we are going to share a small and easy to use trick to get the secret YouTube design right now even if its not enabled in your account. If you don't like the new design, you can clear browser cookies to revert back to old layout. Didn't try that one out but when I got to YouTube (June 23, 2012) I get a completely different homepage.
Mess around with the Layout using Star Wars Jedi powers by searching "Use the Force Luke" in the search box! Type "1980" while playing a video and play Missile Command to defend the video box from being destroyed.
Type "Geek Week" in the search box and your layout will be changed to a very nerdy looking design until you refresh your browser. It has certainly been working for ABC News, which has close to 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Where it gets doubly interesting is that ABC News is actually reaching millennials with this approach. ABC News’ key in achieving this kind of viewership is that it has eschewed the “one-size-fits-all” distribution strategy, according to Smith. For ABC News, the distributed approach also means being democratic with where a piece of content is published, whether it’s on an owned-and-operated site or app or social platforms like YouTube and Facebook.
Internally, ABC News Digital has an audience-development team led by Terry Hurlbutt, a former Google executive.

Looking ahead, ABC News is aiming to ramp up its production of video for digital platforms. Last time we covered how to use HTML in order to include hyperlinks and images into your forms. The key in making this work is the inline frame element, more commonly referred to as the iFrame tag.
Select & copy the iFrame embed code and then paste it within the instruction section of your Section Break field. Just as with the video embed, copy & paste the code into the instruction area of your Section Break.
For more ideas on the types of forms you could use maps, you can head on over to our form gallery. Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to your friendly, neighborhood Wufoo support team! Is there a way to embed the video such that it starts playing automatically, or does it always have to be manually clicked on?
I’m not familiar with Kaltura, but if they offer an iFrame embed snippet similar to YouTube and Vimeo it should work as well. How can I make the map automatically show the location (address) that the user entered into the form field?
I found the API key for the field in question - how do I modify the iFrame code to dynamically refer to that input? A few lucky YouTube users have received an e-mail from YouTube containing a link to test the new layout.
How do you make Firefox13 stop saving every page in the new tab interface other than browsing in private mode?

But here are some things we bet you never knew you could do while playing videos on YouTube! According to Smith, all aspects of the actual act of publishing fall under Hurlbutt, who oversees teams dedicated to social, owned-and-operated platforms, SEO and more.
The goal is to produce 50 percent more content over the next 12 months than the publisher did in the last 12. This time we explore some types of embeddable media that just might be going places on this fair Internet of ours… streaming video and interactive maps. Inline frames can be used to embed not only content like videos, maps, & even Wufoo forms within an HTML file, but you can even embed other HTML files. By copying these code snippets and pasting them into your Section Break field you can display the video right inside your form. In January, when Smith was promoted to his current title, ABC News was averaging 20 million views per month on the video site; in August, it crossed 100 million views for the first time, he said. It’s one of the reasons the company hired executive producer Dan Silver away from ESPN, where he worked on the network’s Emmy-winning “30 for 30” documentary series. Here are some visual aids on where to find the embed snippets for the 3 major players in the Map game.

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