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When a monster, except a Spellcaster-Type monster, is Normal or Special Summoned to your opponent's side of the field while you control another Spell Card and your opponent controls no Spell Cards (except during the Damage Step): That monster cannot attack or activate its effects this turn. When looking at this card, all I see out of it is "Spellbook Lockdown" having the chance to appear.
I mean, yeah, not all decks have Spells that stay on the field, but it's generally unwise to use a card that's so easy for your opponent to negate.
Artwork is cool but Fire Fists will just laugh at this and ever deck with some Field Spell if it wasnt this the card would have been great now its more like average. That's not a Batel lockdown, I'm assuming (since you've so kindly cut off the graveyard) that's a Secret Village of the Spellcasters Lockdown with some teched in spellbook support, if there was such a thing as the Batel lockdown (which there isn't since Batel is a searcher and all it does is search and can't lock anything down) it would stand to reason that Batel would be the main feature of the deck and be on the field because that's not the case this can't be called a Batel Lockdown. I would have added in Royal Degree in order to turn this into a trap lockdown too, but my opponents are able to easily run me over through special summoning powerful monsters or swarming me that can overtake my spellcasters. I am bit hesitant about adding Malefic Cyber Ends, it would conflict with spellcasters and solidarity (turns spellcasters into beatsticks) if it were to somehow go into the grave. If you plan to go all out using spellcaster-types only you may want to consider rivarly of the warlords as a side option. Yeah, I was using the side as a "card keeper" because I was too lazy to actually type in the same name of the card in the search if I ever regret removing a card from the main deck lolHow effective is rivalry of the warlords? Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
Welcome back to our first week of previews leading up to the Crossroads of Chaos Sneak Preview Weekend! Jason recently discussed the uses of Mystical Refpanel, and while this card might allow a Spellbook duelist to take a chance, and either blow out their opponent or do nothing, I don’t think this is the optimal choice for this particular strategy.
The problem is that Refpanel doesn’t answer enough individual cards, and while it will win you the games that it resolves in, it’s too reliant on your opponent’s hand. The Spellbook strategy’s basically about minimizing your opponent’s options; the fewer choices they have, the easier it is for you to pull ahead.
Spellbooks have a much easier time playing cards like these compared to something like Dragon Rulers, because of the deck’s thinning and search power.
This entry was posted in Strategy Articles and tagged Dragon Rulers, Secret Village of the Spellcasters, Side Decking, Single Cards, Spellbooks, Stumbling, Tech Update by Robert Boyajian. Anyways, this is one of the few OCG cards I've had my eyes on for awhile now, and whether or not we'll get it in the TCG anytime soon will be hard to tell.
The Horus lockdown isn't called the REDMD lockdown because REDMD just happens to be used in it. The main point of this deck is to create a spell lockdown, disabling the opponent's ability to use spell cards. Therefore, I decided not have the trap lockdown and chose instead to use trap cards that would counter against power summons.
The only issue with the deck like this is, this format prophecy is really prevalent and you most likely can't create a lock as many opponents will be running casters, that might be more an issue than anything else. I have the special privilege of reviewing a very powerful and highly anticipated card in the new set: Secret Village of the Spellcasters.
It’s really effective, but just as before there’s the possibility of your opponent breaking through your set-up and either beating you outright, or putting themselves so far ahead that there isn’t anything you as the Spellbook player can do.
Well, Spellbook players have started scouring the game for anything that could let them lock their opponent out of the duel, and we’ve begun to see some of those cards paying off in competition. Spellbook players are trying to find cards that can put them in a position so secure that the Dragon Ruler menace will have no way to win, much as they did last format.

But Spellbooks can use this card with unrivaled efficiency after the proper set-up is in place – it’s an Imperial Order against the majority of competitive metagames, and especially against Dragon Ruler decks (where as much as a third of your opponent’s deck may commonly be spell cards).
They stop your opponent from pushing too hard and too fast, not only gaining you some card advantage in the process but giving you time to draw into complete plays.
As long as Spellbooks still have access to all of their search cards, I don’t see them getting pushed out of competition anytime soon. As for another Spell Card, either Secret Village of the Spellcasters or Spellbook Star Hall (or heck, why not both?). I also like how you just showed your side of the field in that image so we can't see what deck you played against to gauge the effectiveness of this lockdown. Also I would bump the monster count up to around 18, since you can lock yourself if you don't actually control any casters yourself, but I am kinda blanking out atm on some good choices for it (its been awhile since I have seen a village deck, I'm going to poke around and see if anything jogs my memories on some good plays)You mean Magical Dimension right? I am just saying for THIS particular deck, the format is kinda against you, or this would actually be a pretty fun rogue deck. A Dragon Ruler player will have to use every monster they have to push through your field, and since they won’t have the regular number of resources they’re accustomed to, one precisely positioned trap can win you the game. The difference between a good Spellbook hand and an unplayable one is usually a single card, so even seeing one more turn can be enough to get you in the game. I see you're point in locking myself in, though I never really have been locked a lot, usually having plenty of monsters to summon.
If you wanna give a shot to the newer harpie cards, harpie and dark simorgh lock is really fun, its actually quite good too, and with swallow's nest, getting out dark simorgh is literally a breeze.
Forcing your opponent to fight you off with just four cards is going to be quite the uphill battle, especially when you’ve cut them off from using the cards that fuel their central plays. Protecting your Spellcasters becomes absurdly easy because attacks are much less of a concern, and only effect based removal poses a threat. I probably will take your advice anyway.And yeah, I have also noticed that people play some monster effects (or simply by playing a field spell) that also destroy Secret Village, though I can be screwed by other caster duelists.
Spellbooks can get a big advantage by slowing down the game, forcing the opponent into an awkward position as you put together combos and draw extra cards; Stumbling’s the perfect card to compliment that sort of play style. The monsters it employs in its main deck are paltry in terms of ATK (excluding Dark Armed Dragon and Caius the Shadow Monarch). To most he’s a staple because of his built-in Mystical Space Typhoon ability and his sturdy ATK. Injection Fairy Lily is another old-school favorite of mine that has seen play here and there. The price of 2000 life points in exchange for almost half of my opponent’s base life point total is a fair trade in my book. Magician’s Circle upgraded the search capabilities of the Spellcaster deck and changed things a bit.
Instead of Spellcasters playing the support role, they now had a tool to take the offensive in their own themed deck.
Its quick-play status gave the Spellcaster duelist increased flexibility with the field situation. With Secret Village of the Spellcasters these long-held beliefs can finally be challenged and I’m confident that they will be overcome. Where do I start?One unnoticed advantage of the Spellcaster type is the arsenal of high ATK monsters, especially at the non-tribute level. The attack curve of the level-4 monsters seeing play right now caps at 1800 ATK with Elemental Hero Stratos, Gladiator Beast Laquari, and Jain, Lightsworn Paladin (rare exceptions like Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior, Wulf, Lightsworn Beast, Breaker, and Laquari break this curve).

Skilled Dark Magician stands firm at 1900 ATK and that ATK rating serves as a foundation for the strength of Secret Village. The primary requirement of the Village is that you have a Spellcaster on the field and your opponent doesn’t. If you fulfill this requirement then you can control your opponent’s ability to change the game via spells. Against TeleDAD, having a large Spellcaster and a Secret Village will usually be enough, but sometimes you want extra insurance. This is where the other Spellcaster cards come in handy.The first on the list is Magical Dimension because it prevents your opponent from summoning any monsters that could cause you problems on his or her turn. It stops cards like Dimensional Prison or Phoenix Wing Wind Blast from disrupting your monster presence. It’s easy for TeleDAD to sit back while you stop its spells and let you destroy all of its Dark monsters. To prevent it from doing further damage, you could chain Dimension to the activation of Dark Armed’s effect and destroy it while replacing your smaller Spellcaster with a larger one. Against the typical TeleDAD deck the only Spellcaster you’re likely to see is Breaker. He only hits the field at 1600 ATK while you are equipped with Skilled Dark, Gemini, or even Lily. Against Lightsworn, Magician’s Circle draws out small Lightsworn Spellcasters like Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner and Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress to be picked off.
There are other targets for Circle that are equally great: Magical Marionette and Dark Red Enchanter.
Magical Marionette under the protection of Secret Village can accumulate quite a few counters.
What I like about Marionette is the ATK boost and the option of destroying a monster by trading two counters.
Playing Terraforming and Secret Village immediately afterward is a guaranteed destroyed monster if Marionette is already on the field.
Not only does he gain a good amount of ATK power per counter, but he depletes your opponent’s options at the same time! With Marionette and Enchanter controlling your opponent’s field, what about your own?
Exemplar, another counter-dependent monster, is built solely for the purpose of keeping you on the field and applying pressure on your opponent’s defenses. You can build an aggressive and disruptive deck via Dark Red Enchanter, Magical Marionette, Injection Fairy Lily, and such. It would be similar to Gravekeepers in the sense that your primary weapon is a field spell with an amazing effect. If you’re especially crafty, then you might be thinking of a way to exploit the fact that Spellcasters have a good spread of monsters that are ahead of the curve in terms of ATK strength. It’s annoying as it is, but combined with a 1900 ATK Spellcaster and Village active, and backed by Solemn Judgment to boot?

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