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The Phobians have hit the ground running in this year’s league, contrary to expectations, winning four out of the first five games, and the most outstanding coming from two goals down to beat Inter Allies 3-2 in the last league game.
And Alhaji Akanbi has revealed what has led yo the blistering start in an audio boom released by the club.
The MTN FA Cup takes centre stage this weekend, and Accra Hearts of Oak will host former GPL side, Wassaman United.
Alhaji wants the team to approach the game with all the seriousness it deserves to ensure the team starts on a good note. He also called on fans of the club to throng to the Accra Sports Stadium to cheer the team to victory.
It's that special something—typically a quality, ability, or practice—that makes a person or thing successful or distinctive: the secret sauce.

Massive upfront sales, increased user engagement, and recurring revenue are the special sauce that leads to the company's prodigious free cash flow. The product … allows people to create electronic greeting cards, photo albums and other digital doodads with sound, animation and pictures.
And of course both literal and culinary versions of the term continue to be employed—restaurants brag about their secret sauce or special sauce as much as grandma does. But it's secret sauce we hear about more these days—especially in figurative use, which has been increasing over the past decade or so. Whatever the construction, both sauces secret and special are ingredients increasingly found in writing, especially in business contexts. Words We're Watching talks about words we are increasingly seeing in use but that have not yet met our criteria for entry.

The special sauce: with the click of a button, the creations can be e-mailed to a friend, who can, in turn, make gizmos of his own.
And rational behavior understands that patience is the secret sauce to long-term, market-beating gains.

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