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Tak pasti bila filem-filem ni keluar panggung sebab saya pun tak mengikuti sangat perkembangan filem terkini. Filem After Earth best dari segi teknologi yang ditonjolkan di samping lakonan mantap Will Smith. Filem Now You See Me pulak best sebab cerita ni pasal ahli sihir dan jalan cerita dia sangat menarik. Mohd Syafiq: Assalamualaikum, saya seorang guru Matematik dan bahasa Melayu di sekolah rendah Kuala Lumpur.

What is a trade?A trade is when someone wants your item basically, they'll put up a trade for one of your items for one of there's, if you dont like it you can reject there offer, but if you like it you can accept. I’m proud to announce that you can now listen to an extract from Of Night and Light, as read by the wonderful Jules, known as Julie Richmond for her voice-over work. And my friend Karen, whose 13th birthday WASN’T yesterday but quite a few yesterdays ago, has put Of Night and Light on her Christmas present list. Upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer, or better yet, get something even better like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

You can find me on secret builders (pie_n_cake), as you can see in the images above im usually at the secret builders fashion show or Fawads pool party hope to see me, and just say i saw your blog it would really make my day guys so thanks and if i miss spell and words just tell me on my Facebook page, Witch you can also like and im holding a admin contest for my Facebook page, you can just message me and ill tell you the things you need to like and do to be a admin.

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