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Jurassic World 2015 is a Hollywood American science fiction adventure action film directed by Colin Trevorrow.
I was working on many ad films and music videos which were the rage at the time till I landed my first TV show Khiladi for Zee TV. Anurag was offered Saaya featuring John Abraham and Tara Sharma by Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt. We had an 80-day shoot schedule including 11 days in Yorkshire, where we only captured the exteriors of mansions and palaces.
We also recreated old Kolkata, the streets of the old city, the locations in the ladder sequence where the cops are chasing Barfi and the utensil shop from where he reflects a mirror to communicate with Jhilmil. Gippy Grewal To DirectGood regional films have always caught the eye of the Hindi film industry.
Well, Hashmi’s been signed by Karan Johar for one of his next films, and now we learn that Yash Raj Films has also approached the actor for one of their next projects. Brothers Zach and Gray Mitchell are sent there to visit their aunt, Claire Dearing, the park’s operations manager. I worked on a lot of ads till I met Biswajit Roy, the famous art designer who worked in the movies.
Again for this film, of the 140-day shoot schedule, we shot 11 days in Darjeeling, four days in Kolkata and three in Ooty.

Sources reveal that the actor has accepted the offer and will start work on this film in the second half of this year. He asked me to help him on one of his assignments and I agreed since I was looking to work on outdoors. Ekta Kapoor, Anurag and I became quite a team and there came a time when Ekta planned to enter into the motion picture business. For every art director, it is crucial to have worked on period films because it is the true test of his mettle. Since it was a horror film, we had to do a lot of stunts where windows would break, glass doors would be smashed. Anurag wanted a small house for Barfi’s character, because in the film, his father plays a driver. He saw them, liked my work and called me saying he was planning a film based in the ’70s and asked me if I would work with him. So it doesn’t surprise us that the who’s who of the film industry wants to work with Emraan Hashmi. InGen’s geneticists have created a new genetically modified dinosaur called Indominus rex made from the DNA of several predatory dinosaurs, as well as modern animals such as cuttlefish and tree frogs. She decided to produce Kucch Toh Hai, which Anurag directed and I was in the art department.

I knew that it would not look visually appealing to have a small house so we took the creative liberty that Barfi’s grandfather could have worked in a government job due to which he had the house. To recreate the realism of a bygone era, your own unique creative touch is the real challenge. Besides we found a house situated on a hill slope, thanks to which we could make the house on three different levels. And it was through research that we got to know that in those days, a train could enter a mill compound to carry coal. Since films are a visual medium, you need to be true to authenticity while selling the film like a beautifully painted dream. So it was quite a task shooting a glossy cabaret number, in the midst of this coarse and jagged backdrop. Claire and Owen inspect it together, though they often butt heads over Claire’s controlling nature and their failed past relationship. Also, you have to think like the characters and visualise the set from their point of view.

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