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There’s plenty of fixes plus a new anti-aliasing option if you have a NVIDIA Kelper (600) series of GPU.
With this update we have enabled TXAA, and The Secret World is the first game in the world to support this anti-aliasing technique! Nightmare: We have determined that mobs in Hell Raised Nightmare had an unnaturally high Defence Rating. Fans von The Secret World konnen wieder in die mysteriose Welt eintauchen, denn die Wartungsarbeiten sind abgeschlossen und die Server stehen wieder zur Verfugung.
Wenn Susanne nicht uber Online- und Rollenspiele berichtet - was sie seit 2009 bei Computec Media tut - dann hort sie Musik, schreibt Geschichten, schaut Serien und Filme.
Since the launch of the Augment System and Scenarios I have been running The Hotel, The Mansion, and The Castle as often as cool downs will allow (once a day each, eating up about an hour of time), and since that time there has been all kinds of noise on the official The Secret World Forums about the need to tune the difficulty of them down.
For the first time today, in all the time I’ve been running Scenarios, I scored a Platinum. March 17, 2013 by David Holloway In case you didn’t know, the Last Train to Cairo expansion is now live, so as always we bring you the full patch notes. The Scorched Desert – All ghouls who were previously lying down at Hotel Wahid will now sit down instead. Male characters will no longer experience invisible arms while wearing the Village Garb coat with certain shirts. Fixed a visual issue that occurred when switching Coats while wearing a new multislot uniform.
The uniform graphics for Basic and Rank 1 PvP armors for male and female Dragon characters no longer look the same. The Silver Bullet, Blouse and scarf, black and white no longer has visual issues when worn with certain coats and pants. Icons should now react properly and display correct cooldowns for abilities such as Charge-Density and Polstar-Oblivion. Fixed an issue where if the last buff counter of a Signet of Castigation effect was used on a Burst attack, only the first hit would get the bonus effect. The Defence Never Rests – Assault now correctly tracks player as they enter and leave the assault area.
A Time to Every Purpose – Stealing any Ancile will now close the doors to the room you steal it from. The Last Train to Cairo – Corrected a few discrepancies between onscreen text and voiceover during the cinematics. The Prisoner – The upstairs cameras should now become disabled when you disable the generator. Members (and Grandmasters) get ten Veteran Points each month they are or have been a member.
These Veteran Points can be used to purchase unique and helpful new items in the Item Store.
Recruiting someone who purchases The Secret World gives the recruiter one month worth of Veteran Points. Added a description to the spawning buff used by monsters found in the Spoiled Garden lair of The Shadowy Forest.

Description added to the Affliction Counter buff that appears on monsters in the Installation 10 Lair in Carpathian Fangs.
Updated the description of Bond, Strong Bond to include number of allies and radius of effect.
Anima Vessel will now work as described, as in everyone damaging the target will get a heal.
The Minor Ward effect from Fluid Defence will now apply more reliably regardless of which attack should trigger it. Rocket Launcher Augur effect will now trigger even if another weapon is used before it expires. Description for Grounded passive ability was updated to show that it only triggers when a purge ability is used. Heal over time and damage over time ability effects applied by players no longer display heal or damage values, fixing an issue where 0 was shown to other players.
You should no longer randomly swap to the Quantum Ability wheel while using the main Ability wheel.
You should no longer see an incorrectly placed Equip button when rapidly selecting different abilities on the ability pane list. Ability Wheel’ss navigation buttons are no longer enabled when the Power Inventory panel is open. Your shortcut bar will now accurately reflect when an item in the inventory is removed or updated.
If a glyph is not upgradable anyway, it will not say that the reason is because a PvP toolkit is used. To Sir, With Love: Breaking the mirrors in the classrooms should occur no more than 4 times before the goal is updated. To Sir, With Love: Group members will get a goal update to Tier 6 even if they enter the media room after the fight with the wraith.
From Carthage to Cairo: The laptop now starts the tier 4 event, and the detonators can now be activated. A Shadow Over Egypt: Elemental Guardian respawn is now every 30 secs, and the Elemental Guardian waypoint has been moved to more accurate position.
A Lion in the Streets: NPCs no longer duplicate unnecessarily when respawning inside the cage.
Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Event will now reset correctly after being completed multiple times. Tainted Dreams: Eye of the Dream will now remain interactable throughout the mission even if the player gets out of the dream state.
Players no longer get removed from their group before accepting a minigame start notification. Fixed an issue where players would not get teleported out of the playfield correctly after finishing the minigame. Fixed an issue that prevented players from switching their abilities while standing in the resurrection area. This caused a frustrating number of glances, even for superbly-equipped players who had mastered the dungeon.

Bei dem Patch handelt es sich vor allem um ein Update, das diverse Bugs an der Darstellung bestimmter Objekte behebt. Each Scenario should have at least one guaranteed Augmentation (which one it is can be random, I’m fine with that). Every scenario is difficult, but I’ve got to the point where, on solo, I am almost guaranteed a win, be it with 1 survivor or all of them. They don’t just drop off of mobs, they also are found in the crates left by Venice, which can still be looted after the scenario is completed or failed.
Zum Beispiel sind Begleiter gro?er und haben keine Kollisionsabfrage mehr, Bluteffekte zeigen keine grunen und orangenen Textureffekte und allerhand Kleidungsstucke werden in der richtigen Version ausgeliefert beziehungsweise angezeigt.Die Chat-Probleme gibt es allem Anschein nach aber weiterhin. As I’ve expressed here, and here, I think that expecting a Platinum score in any given Scenario is a bit defeatist.
As you can see, from the two images above, I got pretty lucky with the events in both Scenarios (though I did get Traitors in one … the little bastards). Either make the Augmentation drop rate on the final boss 100%, or have the quest for the Scenario reward a random Augmentation.
Along with a host of bug fixes (thank you for making it so the Gear Manager no longer saves Head Accessories, but please fix it so that it saves Damage Augments!) and tuning changes to zones, quests, dungeon bosses, achievements and what have you, a sweet little piece of fluff was added that I have been dying to have in an MMO since I started playing them.
The ability to seamlessly composite any scene on the stage performed in front of the Greenscreen backdrop and screen captured or recorded, with whatever background you want outside of the game is simply amazing. Once you are done, take a minute or two and do a search of the grounds, while the screen is blue, and pick up any remaining crates you can find. Customers who have set up DLC Autobuy from their account page now has unlocked DLC #6 for their account, with the item that gives access available under “CLAIM ITEMS” in the Item Store. Like pretty much everything in The Secret World, the difficulty of any given encounter, Scenario or not, often comes down to build.
I don’t know why this sort of thing has taken so long to appear in a game, but I am more than pleased to see it appear in The Secret World.
With so many skills and abilities, it’s definitely a challenge to find what works for any given fight.
No, for me it’s the fact that the Augmentations (the whole point of the Scenario system to begin with) are random drops. What had me banging my head against the keyboard was that on that Gold run I didn’t get a single, measly Augmentation.
Not one dropped on all three bosses, or any of the waves and waves of Vampires and Werewolves in The Castle.
Effekte wurden ebenso uberarbeitet und zeigen eine besser aussehende Shotgun-Streuung.Rei?zahne der KarpatenDie Kollisionsboxen um Draculas Festung herum wurden angepasst, um die Fenster leichter zuganglich zu machen.

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