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Inside the fire temple, a fire soul is suspended in the middle of a ring of pearls over a flame coming out of the wall. Near the end of the level, jump onto a rail suspended between two platforms that allow you to reach the final corridor. Big the Cat Sighting: At the first section with collapsing pillars, stop at the last pillar for a few seconds. It uses the same basic game engine as Super Mario Bros., with different level designs and a handful of new concepts. Following Super Mario Bros., Bowser, the evil king koopa, and all of his tribe of Koopa Troopas, along with a gang of other enemies, returned and invaded the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom and turned all of the residents, or Toads into stones, mushrooms, and blocks.
Mario and his brother, Luigi, two plumbers, hear about this, and plan a quest to save the Princess, and the Toads from the evil Bowser.
Now, with these new items, and their powers, they will have to go through 8 worlds to help save the princess and the Toads.
After all of the eight worlds are cleared without warping, World 9 is added as a fantasy world.
Mario - After Mario learns that the Princess has been captured by Bowser, he goes straight off to save her.
Luigi - Luigi is almost the same as Mario, except he jumps about a block higher and slides much farther. Princess Peach - In the game, Princess Peach will get kidnapped by Bowser, and taken into his castle. Toad - Different Toads will be captured and taken into the first 7 castles waiting for Mario to come and save them. Bowser - Bowser has taken control of the Mushroom Kingdom, and kidnapped all of the residents other than Mario and Luigi. Buzzy Beetle - A fire-proof beetle that is like a Koopa Troopa, except the only way to kill it is to knock it off an edge, hit it with a shell, or to ram into it while in possession of a Starman. Poison Mushroom - A mushroom that is poisonous will kill small Mario or turn Fire Mario or Super Mario into small Mario. Super Mushroom - Once you find a Super Mushroom, you will be able to crash through blocks, you will also have more energy as well. Underground - Underground areas are dark, and feature many secrets such as getting above the ceiling, and the warp zones.
Bridge - The bridge levels feature a huge outside bridge, with occasional grassy platforms.

Mushroom Platforms - These types of levels take place on many different types of huge mushrooms. Activate the switch underneath the floating spike ball located between the section of ramps over the water and the fire temple. Go through a segment of the course without getting killed by an enemy or a trap, or by falling into a pit.
You'll be racing a little blue orb, the "wind genie Uhu," across a small section of the course. Your ring counter will expand to 99 for this level, so you don't have to worry about leveling up first. Rather than having one or two player modes, there are Mario and Luigi modes (only being a single player mode). The only one that was able to stop the magic spell and return them to normal is Princess Peach, who was also captured again by Bowser. Mario and Luigi then go out, only to be encountered by a huge gang of enemies including Goombas and Koopa Troopas.
At the end of the last world, you will encounter Bowser, whom will start shooting fire balls as well as throwing hammers.
In the game, he will be able to jump very high, throw fire balls, run fast, and face tons of enemies.
They explain that Princess Peach is in another castle, which led to a long-running joke throughout the series. They will sometimes attack in groups, where you will be able to kill them all while jumping once. They are red Koopas that have spines on their back, meaning that you can't kill them by jumping on them. The common enemies include Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Hammer Bros, Lakitus, Spinies, Bullet Bills and Paratroopas. Here, there are many coins, and absolutely no enemies whatsoever except one last Koopa at the end of the level.
Jump onto the pillars that rise out of the sand, and do a homing attack on the three enemies that appear.
You'll need to use the Speed Break ability gained from the Evil Foundry stage to stay caught up.
There's a fire soul located directly over a pot at the beginning that you can get if you time your jump right.

It's a little harder because there are more bottomless pits to fall into, as well as more traps.
Sonic The Hedgehog and their respective logos, are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of Sega of America in the U.S. In this case, Luigi jumps higher and farther than Mario, but has less traction and is slightly slower. They hit a block and find a Super Mushroom that makes them much bigger, and stronger, and also have more health. You will have to get under him and hit the switch to make him fall inside a lava pit, or hit him with fireballs.
The green ones will jump off the edge while the red ones will jump back and forth on the platform he's on. The green ones will stay in their pipe if you're right next to it, while the red ones will still come in and out. The common enemies here are Goombas, Paragoombas, Koopa Troopas, Hammer Bros, Lakitus, Spinies, Bullet Bills, Piranha Plants, Buzzy Beetles, and Koopa Paratroopas. The common enemies include Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Hammer Bros, Lakitus, Spinies, Bullet Bills, Piranha Plants, Buzzy Beetles, and Koopa Paratroopas. You'll need to level up a bit a move on to the other stages, then come back at your leisure. Land on the upper platform after hitting the third, and jump on the spring at the end to be launched into a fire soul. You'll probably have to redo this one a couple times because the pots are placed around corners near the end. They can be defeated by a Koopa or buzzy beetle shell, fireball, or running into them while invincible. After this, they find a Fire Flower, which gives them the ability to shoot fireballs from there hand. The dangerous item is the Poison Mushroom that can hurt the small Mario and Luigi, or turn Super or Fiery Mario and Luigi into normal.
Attack as soon as it goes red, and keep the homing chain going until you hit the big eye on its back.

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