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In the run up to World War II, German secret societies and the Nazi SS were guided to three large caverns in Antarctica by Reptilian extraterrestrials, according to former U.S. Facebook has been exploring ways expanding internet access a€” and along with it, access to its products a€” in emerging markets.
Similarly, while Mark Zuckerberg had openly discussed using satellites to help with, this new, cancelled scheme was apparently unrelated.
The Information's report, based on "a person with direct knowledge of the project and a person briefed about it," says it would have been a geostationary satellite that could have helped provide internet access to dozens of countries. Facebook's plans to bring internet access to the emerging markets have the potential to positively transform the countries targeted a€” but there's also a direct financial incentive for the social networking giant. One of the key ways is, a Facebook-led initiative involving multiple companies to subsidise data costs in certain countries. For example, it announced Facebook Lite last week, an ultra-lightweight Android app designed to make the social network easier to access on low bandwidth connections. Instead, it may now lease a satellite off another provider, if it does decide to push ahead with its plans. By providing the tools required to access the web, it can ensure it has first access to previously untapped markets of billions of people.

But this pricetag was apparently prohibitive, and the scheme has since been abandoned a€” before it was ever even announced. This period also coincides with the increasing role of German secret societies in exploring remote global locations for occult knowledge.The movement of equipment accelerated in the lead up to World War II.
In his interview, Tompkins cites 1934 as the beginning of this acceleration, even though historical records point to 1938 as the launch of the Third German Antarctic Expedition:The move from Germany to Antarctica was in operation from 1934 way before the war started.
In fact some of the stuff went down in 1913.In last week’s ExoNews TV episode, Tompkins revealed that secret agreements had been reached between Hitler’s regime and Draconian Reptilians. They built these flat submarines, these regular class, so they could ship all this stuff down.Tompkins remarkable information is consistent with Grand Admiral Karl Donitz who referred on three occasions to an impregnable fortress being built for Hitler in a remote location using Germany’s advanced submarine fleet. The second occasion was in 1944, when he revealed how plans were in place to relocate Hitler so he could launch a new effort for his thousand-year Reich:The German Navy will have to accomplish a great task in the future. In Berann’s depiction of an ice-free Antarctica, he shows underwater passageways that run throughout the Antarctic continent. This provided a plausible way in which submarines could travel under the ice for considerable distances to Nazi Germany’s “invulnerable fortress”. Ice Free AntarcticaDonitz’s claims are further supported by documents provided by an alleged German submarine crewman after the war, which described the instructions for U-Boat Captains to reach the Antarctica bases through the hidden passage ways.

In his response to a question about where Germany’s antigravity craft were being built, he said:They built the prototypes in Germany. They put this stuff in production in the countries all over Germany [Occupied Europe], and they continued to build similar vehicles in Antarctica.Tompkins then shares one of the most astonishing secrets gained by the Navy spies embedded in Germany. With the help of the Reptilians, the Nazi’s Antarctica program had successfully launched manned missions to the Moon, planets, and even other star systems.Now the question was asked whether did we ever get to the Moon?
You see it was in some way, it was well known that the Germans had a number of vehicles that flew out and came back. Way before, four years before, the war ended, they were always moving all of this stuff out.
The locations in Antarctica were some ancient civilization ruins that had remained occupied by certain groups in thermal area’s that cause area’s similar to lava tubes and domes under the glaciers.

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