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But, in both cases, you’ll also actually be able to visually look at that monster and say, “You know what? There are lots of different ways to progress in the game, one is through the player powers, the abilities. For other players, it will be just basically their DPS or their healing abilities or their tanking abilities or the size of the Health Bar, that’s sort of an indication of progress in the secret world guide.
There’s crafting, as well, which will help you get the items and gear that will help your character grow.

Checked out a full written walkthrough in The Secret World guideline breaking down every ability progression.
It’s just a question of earning points in order to buy them and then buying them and expanding your total vocabulary of powers. As you progress through the game, you find Chakras, which are basically like magical implants, weapons that increase your damage output or healing output. A normal zombie is probably going to be a low rated monster because it is just basically human with zombie powers.

But, if you face a 50-foot demon, with glowing fire hands and massive teeth, that demon is probably going to have a much higher rating.

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