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Henry Hawthorne says you can hear the hollowed out tunnels that the Illuminati built when they founded Kingsmouth. Next, head back to the entrance, and take your first left, and keep going left until you come to a plaque which reads Occulus, rara avis.
You'll find some loose pavement that you need to interact with which will show a trap door. As you're in front of City Hall, if you think of a Golden Key, it may be a key to the city.

You'll find the next puzzle, you'll need to refer to the book you found on the ground earlier. Who wouldn't want a bookshelf that conceals a secret passageway or a door that opens to a tiny jewel box-like space? While some are designed to give guests a run for their money when they're hunting for the bathroom or as a private getaway, others may just be used as a place to stash your stuff. Go into the mayor's office and grab the giant golden key, go back and head into the tunnels.

Activating the puzzle is a little bit tricky, the only letters you can touch are the ones which spell out the word.
It's straightforward until you get to the "S", after activating it, jump to reactivate it then move to the "U".

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