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I’m not qualified to offer an opinion on The Secret World, but I will point out that Hellgate London also promised katanas and guns.
The setting of Templar, Dragon and Illuminati, the homage to Lovecraft and secret societies and all the machinations involved in it lured me into a lifetime purchase. To me it is in its infancy, but the game, the concept and everything about that concept is grand. I played in the last weekend beta and the game definitely has promise, but I didn’t rush out and buy TSW. Tolerance of bugs especially is a key criteria, stuff is breaking and they’re working to fix it. Beyond that point, we’ll all shrug and wait and see if the devs can surprise us further. The setting is a turn off for me so I’m skipping this and waiting on GW2, despite the fact that there are puzzles and involved storylines. The quests are well above average in general and the much-hyped investigation quests really are different. I also like the fact that I might, and have, overstepped my bounds and was promptly killed for it.
Wait a year, the bugs will be gone, the subscription will be gone, probably even the box sale will be gone. A blog about MMORPGs, such as World of Warcraft, Everquest and EVE Online, and the occasional other random bits of geekery. Everquest 2 Extended - A Deceptive Rip-Off - 219 commentsZombie MMORPG - 181 commentsIs It OK To Play A Character Of The Opposite Sex?
If you've wanted to get in on the ground floor of an Alternate Reality Game tied to The Secret World, the time is now! Focusing on the Black Watchmen, this ARG differs in that it will be a persistent, complete game with features (such as a class system and NPCs) designed in partnership with Funcom. Marvel and DC movie legend Jose Fernandez will get to show off his design in the next year.
It's repurposing two recently acquired mobile apps to help tweak your action camera footage. The Secret World will be celebrating 'Black Weekend' from Friday June 14th (tomorrow) until next Monday, offering double XP potions and some free gear to those who log into the Lovecraftian MMO. Merely log into the game during the event and claim the Black Heavy Buckled Boots from the Item Store!
For every new player you recruit from today and until the end of the Black Weekend Event you get a free month of Membership in addition to the Veteran Points you get normally (if you are a Grandmaster customer you receive $15 worth of Bonus Points instead). Written by gamers, for gamers, we'll also be delivering the juiciest news from the industry, cutting commentary, insightful articles and open, honest reviews. One fan decided to stay on the train for 13 hours to see what would happen, and while she didn't make it to Cairo, she was rewarded with a visit from Funcom game director Joel Bylos near the end of her marathon livestream. To help us out with the hype, we asked Ragnar Trnquist, the game's creative director and senior producer (who also designed The Longest Journey) to convince MMO fans why they should check out TSW.
The Dragon secret society value chaos above all else, and think the world can only be bettered if the existing society crumbles. Our favorite moment thus far was strolling through the rickety, rust-covered rides at the old Atlantic Island Park in the Savage Coast zone.

The bosses are equally inventive the beasts in the Darkness War instance look like no other dungeon-dweller weve seen in other MMOs. Weve done everything from Deus Ex-style computer hacking to deciphering iconography-based riddles to complete some of the early quests. Usually I know long in advance of any MMO being released whether or not I’m going to buy it.
The price tag for one (since when did digital copies of PC games become so expensive?), performance another (I heard it wasn’t very well optimised). The setting is very unique and, apparently, rather moody and immersive plus I love the idea of playing something that’s a little different from the standard fantasy themepark almost all MMOs seem to offer. The combat system is interesting, although I’d have liked a bit more of APB for ranged weapons. If they manage to avoid Funcomming themselves, I think it is going to be a fun game to be involved in. Worse case scenario, GW2 is coming out and people will jump ship over to the next big thing then.
Both the writing and the voice acting is about on a par with a good comic or a middling indie movie.
I didn’t think I had any interest in seeing a version of my own contemporary world in an MMO but it turns out Funcom knew what I wanted better than I did. Yes, you can just look up the answers, but if you have any willpower whatsoever you won’t want to. The thing is, this is a game that only starts to shine after you have played for at least a few hours, when you start getting drawn in by the setting and the atmosphere and the charm of the NPCs. Someone who loves WoW type MMOs may not get into it, though I did, and I do have a broad taste as well. Yes, you play the Silent Protagonist, but the voice acting feels natural and is generally very well done. Its new buy once, play without subscription model is paying dividends for the player base, which has significantly increased since the ropey launch. This means every boss defeated in a Nightmare Dungeon and the Condenser of Quintessence will give one extra Black Bullion!
Players first visit it during the game's subway tutorial sequence, and the shadowy Orochi Group bases its headquarters there.
The high-and-mighty Templar do everything in their power to purge evil from the world only, they get to define whats evil and whats not. As we ventured further and further into the decrepit amusement park, our vision started to darken, statues would twist and turn, and the screen would randomly flash over with a grimy grain. They may have some similar mechanics (dont stand in the fire, tank and spank, dodge their charges), but being presented as such nightmarish creatures goes a long way towards setting TSW apart. You know that Funcom means business when theyve integrated an in-game web browser into the UI, so you can Google various clues in the hopes of finding a lead.
I knew I was going to get SW:TOR way before its released date was ever announced, I know for certain I’m going to be picking up Guild Wars 2 when it comes out in August and the forthcoming Mists of Pandaria and Storm Legion expansions are total no-brainers but The Secret World? I pretty much bought Diablo 3 just so I didn’t feel left out from what everyone was talking about.
The noise shotguns and assault rifles make are gratifying, especially when you see those zombies up-close.

Currently game does have some bugged quest but nothing funcom shouldn’t be able to fix soon. When I played it during the fourth beta weekend, I only put in a bit more than an hour, and I just didn’t get it. People have 24 hour buddy keys to give away at the moment, I’d say the best thing to do it get someone to hook you up so you can try it.
I might not be saying anything, but the NPCs behave as if I did, so I find myself just naturally filling in the blanks in my mind. OK, not really, but that's what one enterprising fan did in order to see if Issue #6's Last Train to Cairo would eventually reach its destination. While the preview shows off a rough version of the zone, complete with missing textures and very few NPCs, it also shows off a ginormous playfield and gives TSW fans reason to be excited for upcoming content updates.
Ragnar Trnquist says: Our monsters are drawn from the darkest myths and urban legends, from modern pop culture and freaky fairy tales. There may be times when were completely stumped by a cryptic mission, but it beats being bored to death by quests that can be completed without the need for brain activity.
It’s also the first game in a very long time that is actually challenging in a gameplay sense before you get to the end game.
There are bugs including a nagging one that logs you out of chat leaving you unable to talk to anyone. Make sure you play it when you have a huge chunk of time though, like I said it takes more than just an hour or two to get a feel for what the game has to offer. Ragnar Trnquist says: We did a lot of research into the hidden history of the world to find places that are seeped in mystery and legend. Not to jump on the cliched bandwagon of negativity but they do have a pretty ropey track record with their MMOs and I don’t want to get burnt for ?40 on a game that I only end up playing a few hours. Some optimization issues are there but where the game really shines is in the very well written and done stories and mystery missions that are overall different to most MMO’s. However, this is more like the kind of old school launch bugs, not a complete unplayable mess like Anarchy Online was. I’d say you can have my key, but it’s already spoken for anyway, good luck with your decision!
We want players to do missions because they are fun and exciting and intriguing -- not simply for XP and gear. But you can’t really make a mistake, because you can always pick up points in other areas. Personally, it fills that gap nicely and I anticipate coming back to it on and off for a long time, especially when it inevitably goes F2P. The NPCs are also a joy to talk to, not an hour goes by that one of them doesn’t say something that makes me laugh out loud. And I say this as a huge fan of SWTOR, who believed Bioware were the masters of storytelling and dialogue writing.

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