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ISLAMABAD: Both Imran Khan and Reham Khan denied the marriage news but now one Mufti Saeed has emerged claiming that he has held Nikah of both personalities. Former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Mohammad Naeem Iqbal used his Facebook account to reveal that Mufti Saeed held the Nikah of Imran Khan and Reham Khan. Mohammad Naeem, who is currently the research director of media enterprise, said in his Facebook message that Mufti Naeem held the Nikah of Imran and Reham during PTI’s 126 days long sit-in. Naeem Iqbal met Mufti Saeed who confirmed the marriage of PTI chairman and anchorperson and also revealed that  he held the Nikah. Earlier, Imran Khan and his sisters had denied the rumours of Imran’s second marriage while anchor Reham Khan had also denied the rumours. It is pertinent to mention here that Imran Khan is in London currently for charity campaign for his cancer hospital. Hot off the runway here is a look at the latest Aisha Imran ‘Akhtar Jaan’ bridal campaign starring Sabina Pasha. The stunning Hamna Amir traditional statement jewels set off the heritage impact to maximal effect.
ShareExclusive hot photoshoot from a Filmfare magazine 2012, featuring handsome Imran Khan and sexy Kareena Kapoor.
Former cricketer of Pakistan and founder of the Tehrik-i-Insaf party Imran Khan speaks during the Hindustan Times (HT) Leadership Summit 2013 in New Delhi, India, Saturday, Dec. NEW DELHI, Dec 7: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf leader Imran Khan says he supports secret talks between India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue because open talks run the risk of being subverted by vested interests he didn’t identify.

Mr Khan, who was speaking here on Saturday at an international brainstorming jamboree, ruled out a military conflict as a solution to any dispute between the two countries, not the least because both had nuclear-armed militaries.
Mr Khan said cooperation between the two countries on issues like energy and food security was important and both could possibly have a joint civil-nuclear cooperation if his party came to power.
Kashmir remains the “core issue” of dispute between the two countries and once that problem is solved all other problems would go, the former cricket icon said. Mr Khan said both the countries needed to cooperate on major issues like food and energy security. According to the news agency, he said if his party came to power, it would undertake two major programmes with India – try to bridge the mistrust and ask for a joint civil-nuclear cooperation managed and operated by the two countries on their common borders.
The only way to ensure full secrecy in these two countries is when even the talkers don't know that they are talking. Instead of focusing the attention on Kashmir and Drones, he better concentrate more on corruption and good governance. Another bol bacchan politician, i dont get it, if these politicians can build simple roads and provide water and electricity and allow industries to grow, dont u think we will all talk about different things ? UZAIR Baloch, the alleged mafia kingpin from Lyari in Karachi, has been accused of many things.
Shahid Masood had said in his program that PTI chairman was neither denying the marriage news nor admitting  it. Featuring a classic series of creations that capture the beauty of the ancient era, the ‘Courtesan’ theme quite aptly complements the romantic hues of each of the ensembles.

Classic wedding style pieces in semi-precious polki, pearl and stonework are beautifully arranged to style each bridal. Secondly, as a confidence-building measure his government would look to free prisoners trapped in Pakistani jails, who were arrested for either straying in Pakistani waters or for accidentally crossing the border. He should have also added that both countries need to work together to defeat terrorism on both sides of border.
Bejewelled tones prevail in this series playing with deep ruby, enchanting emerald, midnight orange, burning blue and glamorous gold for that majestic vintage look. If you are a sucker for tradition, this is one bridal collection you do not want to overlook! All the corridors, it may be oil from Iran or gas from the Caspian Sea, have to pass through Pakistan,” Press Trust of India quoted him as saying.
Each piece is embellished with grand antique detailing emanating an old world charm and majesty. Plus, there are major issues like water security on which both the countries require greater cooperation,” he said.

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