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Jack O'Lantern[1] e un'entita terribilmente malvagia fatta di zucche in decomposizione, rampicanti e altri tipi di elementi vegetali.
Fai click qui per attivare o disattivare la modifica delle singole sezioni della pagina (se possibile). Se desideri discutere il contenuto di questa pagina - questo e il modo piu semplice per farlo. Editor's note: This digital photo how-to, first published in 2009, is one of our Halloween favorites. If youa€™ve ever placed a flashlight under your face to frighten small children around the campfire, you know the drama that a single light source can produce. Whatever you do, avoid placing your pumpkin directly beneath the light: when light shines straight down along the grooves in the pumpkins, it wona€™t create many shadows (unless you have an especially odd-shaped pumpkin).
Although it may seem counterintuitive, youa€™ll get the best results if you dona€™t wait till complete darkness for your photo shoot. Since youa€™re shooting in low light, youa€™re most likely going to have to use a slow shutter speed. As you line up your shot, be sure that, when you look through the camera, you dona€™t see any of the candle flames through the pumpkin holes.
With a single light shining from one side, your pumpkin will be lighter on one side than the other.
Light created by a white reflector is very subtle; so you may not be able to see what ita€™s doing at first.
Though it's subtle, here you can see the difference of shooting without the reflector (top), and shooting with the reflector (bottom). If your camera uses an Auto ISO mechanism that chooses an ISO for you, check to see what its upper limit is.
Note that in low light your camera will choose a very wide aperture, which will in turn create a shallow depth of field. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores.

Ben Long is the author of Complete Digital Photography, fourth edition (Charles River Media, 2007). E' noto per essere un mostro boss potente e appare in piu luoghi attraverso tutto il gioco.
If you're mixing it up with pumpkins and cameras, check out these photographic tricks and treats. With nightfall comes a host of photo horrors, including blurry images, unsightly noise, and mis-metered scenes. When positioned effectively, a single light casts dramatic shadows across a bumpy surface and emphasizes texture. Instead, try placing the pumpkin a few feet away from your porch light to create strong side lightinga€”rotating it until you find the spookiest shadows. This will turn into point light sources in your final image (rather than an orange glow) and might throw off your cameraa€™s meteringa€”throwing the rest of your image into darkness. This will throw your background out of focus, as well as possibly some parts of your pumpkin.
Try different compositions, try different lighting, add candles, or craft different backgrounds. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
In fact, youa€™re likely to run into all of these ghoulish troubles when photographing your carefully-crafted jack-o-lantern. Be sure to do this with a lit candle inside the pumpkin so that you can see how your light source combines with the pumpkina€™s internal light.
The fading light will provide a nice fill light for your scene and ensure that you can see the edges of your pumpkin as well as the glowing design. I recommend a tripod, but any stable object should do so long as ita€™s at the right height.

Consider shooting from below to create a big, menacing pumpkin, or getting up close to crop out part of the pumpkin. But if you find that the unlit side is too dark, find a piece of white paper or cardboard, or a white sheet, and hold it up next to the dark side of the pumpkin to reflect light onto the pumpkina€™s shadow side. If your camera is positioned close enough to your pumpkins, you should be able to hold the reflector and trip the shutter without too much difficulty. So, for example, even if your camera can go to ISO 1600 (and shoot images without too much noise) the cameraa€™s auto ISO may be programmed to not select an ISO above 400. In Program mode, the easiest way to do this is to use the cameraa€™s exposure compensation control. You might be tempted to fix overexposed highlights, by applying a bit of negative exposure compensation to make them darker, but then the rest of your scene will go darker as well. If youa€™d prefer that the entire pumpkin be in focusa€”and if your camera offers an aperture priority modea€”switch to that mode and choose an aperture with a higher number.
Finally, note that all of these tips also apply to photographing peoplea€”or anything elsea€”in low light. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. In keeping with the spirit of the day, thata€™s going to mean scoping out some creepy lighting. Some cameras produce more noise than others so youa€™ll need to experiment to find the best compromise. Keep in mind that this will further slow your shutter speed, so youa€™ll need to balance how much depth of field you want with how long youa€™re willing to keep your shutter open. As you increase the distance to the light source, the highlights on the pumpkin will grow more diffuse.

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