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If you've been keeping up with Funcom's newly released MMO The Secret World, you'll know exactly what to expect.
The Secret World launched today, and in addition to the launch trailer Funcom also released some lovely piece of artwork and quite a few screenshots to wet our appetite. The artwork showcases a few of the environments of the game, drawn in lovely detail, while the screenshots give us a fair idea of how the game looks like, including the progression UI.
Add Widget Below About The Illumination We can profit more individually if we work towards a greater profit together. We are an adult guild that have been actively playing together for the last couple of years, we are all accomplished gamers and enjoy progression type play with like-minded individuals. That said, we are passionate about our gaming and many of our gamers have 15+ years of experience within the MMO genre dating back to early EQ, we have, within our ranks, experience of pretty much every major title over the period 1999 – 2014 and like to use our experience to guide those players new to the genre.

We are active every night of the week over a variety of timezones and although the majority of our guild are European we have several players from the US.
We are looking for mature adult gamers; we are all 21+, hold full time jobs and many of us have families.
But, for those that haven't, this new launch trailer shows just how vast and lovely this game's world is.
The Secret World is all modern-day and edgy, and that really speaks to me as I've grown tired of the old fantasy stuff in MMOs lately. Our history as a guild started in The Secret World where we have formed one of the more successful cabals in the Illuminati faction. Content that will display here are things like the forum list, posts, raid details and any other default content for a section of the site or piece of functionality.

We have mastered all the PVE content, the raid on cooldown and group together all the time and are now actively seeking new challenges.
We are looking for active, quality players that enjoy gaming within an all adult, relaxed environment that is built around mutual respect. We are not hard-core and don’t seek to recruit those players that are and are all of an age where we understand that family and fun is more important than epeen stroking. A small group of our members is also very active on our private (and heavily modded) Minecraft server.

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