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Abdel Daoud: Go forth, my children, and devour this blasphemy in the name of Theres enough turmoil in the, Another research note says " final god in the procession has a longer name than the two previous gods". After this all of the tiers are fairly easy until you have to confront the Pharao Akenaten at Tier 10. Click the gods up top in this order: Meretseger Maat Horus Bast Satis Sekhmet Once you do this, jump down to the front of the dig site, there will be a door you can now open and you will find Anubis to finish the sequence.

You may have to setup your forum account before you can post: click here Your 1 Source to The Guides, Walkthroughs and Tutorials. Requirements Complete the Valley of the God story Mission Retrieved from =SPOILER!= Tier 5 to Tier 7.

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