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World S: Here We Go!, also known as Special World, is the seventh and last world featured in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This world's music is a slower rendition of Gusty Garden Galaxy's music from the previous game Super Mario Galaxy. All the galaxies in this world except Flip-Out Galaxy are references to previous Mario games. This is the only world in the entire game where every galaxy has two regular missions, and all but one have two Green Power Star levels. Super Mario 3D World also brings players the Cannon Box, which attaches to the characters’ heads and fires powerful cannonballs at enemies, and the Boomerang Flower which, as the name suggests, grants characters the ability to hurl boomerangs at enemies.
The main control method for Super Mario 3D World is the Wii U GamePad, which utilizes both the microphone and touchscreen for further optional functionality (though for some levels, that extra functionality is required), but players can also use the Wii U Pro Controller as well as the Wii Remote. While all of this comes together to create a stellar Mario experience, it’s the level design that really hammers Super Mario 3D World home as the must-have game for the Wii U. Playing through these unique levels could prove to be enough, but Nintendo stuffed each and every one of them with more content than you can find in a single run. Super Mario 3D World does more for the series than any game since the original Super Mario Galaxy hit the Wii in 2007.
Review statement: A digital copy of the game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.
It is located high in the sky of an unknown planet with colorful star-shaped islands, and has two rainbows in the background.

Mario Squared Galaxy, Stone Cyclone Galaxy, Boss Blitz Galaxy and Grandmaster Galaxy (in the case of The Perfect Run, because of the music) are references to Super Mario Galaxy, Rolling Coaster Galaxy is a reference to the Rainbow Road courses from the Mario Kart series and Super Mario 64 (because of the music), and Twisty Trials Galaxy is a reference to The Secret of Ricco Tower from Ricco Harbor in Super Mario Sunshine. With sales not living up to expectations, and the brand new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launching just in time for the holidays, Nintendo has been left looking for a way to spark consumer interest.
This time, however, players can choose between Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad, each with their own skill sets similar to those found in the U.S. The old favorites such as the Super Mushroom, the Fire Flower, the Starman, and the Tanooki Super Leaf are all present, but the spotlight is absolutely stolen by the new offerings. Arguably the best addition is the Double Cherry power-up, which adds a duplicate of the character that picks up the Cherry. Players can mix and match all of these in order to participate in the game’s excellent co-op, which more or less applies the New Super Mario Bros. Players are treated to the most well thought-out levels since Super Mario Galaxy, which is evident by how diverse they are.
The developers knew exactly how to tickle the nostalgia bone of players while offering something completely new and exciting for longtime fans — something that the New Super Mario Bros.
While The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD boosted sales a bit, the Wii U still needed a new title to help carry the hype into 2014. The most advertised power-up prior to launch has been the Cat Bell, which puts Mario and company in adorable catsuits and grants them the powers to slash at enemies, climb up walls, and perform a ninja-esque dive attack when the action button is pressed in mid-air. These duplicates can be used to attack multiple enemies at once or to access areas that require multiple copies of one character.

There are also special speed run levels, rapid-fire green star-collecting challenge levels, and ingenious Captain Toad levels, which add a welcomed puzzle element to the equation.
It holds a total of seven galaxies, the last of which, the Grandmaster Galaxy, can only be accessed by collecting all 120 Power Stars as well as all 120 Green Power Stars. With Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo has found its best chance to bolster sales and keep the console in the competition.
Controlling multiple Marios or Peaches at the same time can prove challenging, though, as players will undoubtedly lose characters off ledges. With outstanding level design, the most amusing power-ups in years, and imaginative use of the Wii U controls, Super Mario 3D World is the game Wii U owners have been waiting for. Mario is the all-around character, while Luigi can jump higher, Peach can float, and Toad can run just a bit faster than everyone else. U can attest, this can spell pure, chaotic fun as players work to achieve the same goal but end up getting in the way of each other more often than not. This world's appearance is hinted at by a Bob-omb brought back from Throwback Galaxy, who asks about the "strange, legendary world" in a manner similar to Lubba's.
Certain levels will also contain character-specific passages, which require a particular character in order to access.

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