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The state of Nevada has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the US.But even though there are more than 14,000 homeless people in Las Vegas, it is easy to spend a weekend in Sin City and never see signs of a crisis.
After a while in the Las Vegas storm drains, it is easy to lose one's bearings - to forget that directly above is a very different world.
Most tourists take in Vegas from the interior of a casino - slot machines, blackjack tables, cocktail waitresses in impossibly tiny outfits.
They stock up on canned foods, generators, first aid kits and other things that can come in handy if a calamity strikes. If you are willing to pay the price of admission, a lift can transport you to more excess upstairs - rooftop pools and lavish suites.
Steve talks about how they returned to their camp that day to find Mr O'Brien had left them Thanksgiving dinner.
And right underneath the Hard Rock is one of the worst Skid Rows I've ever seen in my life," Mr O'Brien says. But what if there were a lift that descended below the sunken lounges, past kitchens and utility closets, through layers of concrete, into the ground beneath the casinos?
There are broken bottles, hypodermic needles strewn all over the tunnel floor and people passed out. Tunnel networkMatt O'Brien, a Las Vegas writer, has been exploring this underworld for several years.

A flashlight reveals the plump, almost illegible cursive of graffiti lettering covering the walls - beautiful colours and designs.
The airport covers 53 square miles and is rumored to contain a bunker underneath the buildings that stands above the plain.
In 2007, he published a book, Beneath the Neon, about exploring the 300 miles of tunnels that criss-cross beneath the strip.
The evening I meet him, he is wearing heavy boots, and carrying a backpack and industrial-sized flashlight that could double as a weapon. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.
Just because you've been in the drain the day before, that doesn't mean it's going to be the same environment the next day. Although not originally intended to be a survival bunker, place is ranked as one of the most secure places on the planet. Thanksgiving dinnerWe head away from the trickling water, down a side channel that stays dry most of the time.
The ceiling gets lower, the corridor narrower, and the air becomes stale with the faint scent of body odour and human waste.

We come upon an encampment - a cardboard lean-to where two men are sitting in the glow of candlelight. Announcements made by the President or FEMA over the Emergency Alert System are most likely to come from here. I was walking through and turned the corner in one area of the casino, and there on the machine was $116 (£70). The other man is better groomed, wearing a button-down shirt and a decent pair of trousers.
But Steve is addicted to methamphetamine and gambling, so holding on to money can be difficult. And as far as the drugs, I'm trying to slowly get myself to where I don't crave it," he says. The bunkers were never built for use by normal individuals, just those normal yet elite people anyway.

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