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A common saying at some national parks, including Yellowstone, is that 98 percent of visitors see 2 percent of the park. Here's the inside scoop on the best backcountry treks and trails to ensure you see more wildlife, thermal features and mountains than Old Faithful keychains.
In the Thorofare area of the park in the southeastern corner, youa€™ll find yourself in true wilderness: ita€™s the most remote area of the park, and possibly the furthest point from a road in the Lower 48, Kowski said. Hike to Two Ocean Plateau, where you can enjoy the solitude and the fact that youa€™re in a marsh where some of the water ends up in the Atlantic Ocean and some ends up in the Pacific. Welsch snapped this photo of the entombed remains of a redwood tree on Specimen Ridge, where he likes to head on day trips. The Howard Eaton Trail is no longer maintained, but Welsch loves the challenges of following its zigs and zags.
On this overnight hike, youa€™ll pass through a lodgepole pine forest and several small thermal areas.
Lone Star Geyser is an easy, 2.7-mile hike along the Firehole River to a geyser that erupts about 50 feet high approximately every three hours, Kowski said.

This 21-mile loop is strenuous because of the elevation change, but it follows the ridge line (no switchbacks!) and offers spectacular views, Kowski said. New Precious Moments for 2013 are now available.Over 400 fun and festive Precious Moments in stock and ready to ship!
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Ann's Gift Shop is an independent dealer and is no longer affiliated with Hallmark Cards, Inc. Ann's Gift Shop does not claim any copyrights to the collections or pictures listed on this page. Back Basin:A  In contrast to Porcelain Basin, the Back Basin is forested and its features are more scattered and isolated. Blue Mud Steam Vent:A  Another steam vent, it can be muddy and dry or muddy and overflowing. If you want to be one of the 2 percent who sees 98 percent of the park (or at least more than the gift shop), read on.

Prior to volcanic eruptions in the area, redwoods and breadfruit and mangrove trees grew in a more tropical climate. Check out Rustic Geyser, which still has logs around it that were placed by native Americans or early explorers. Hike onto Pitchstone Plateau, where the water pours into falls, and you can gaze at the Absarokas mountain range to the east, the Tetons to the south, and into the upper Snake River Plain to the west.
If you can find the unnamed trailhead across the newly constructed bridge over the Lamar River before Slough Creek, you can hike almost straight up to the ridge. When ita€™s not dormant, water will rise to the rim and erupt in 20-45 foot streams (and youa€™ll likely be the only one to witness it). From your campsite at Heart Lake, you can connect to trails leading to Two Ocean Plateau, Yellowstone Lake and Thorofare of the Snake River area.

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