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In the photo, Zinger is making her male fans’ hearts flutter with her charming expression. Her first official activity was ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’ but fans won’t get to see her until the show is broadcasted next month. Before going onto stage to perform Zinger tweeted a picture with the caption, “Meet you at the Seoul Music Awards Keke It’s been a while right You missed me riiight”.

Fans could see that Zinger was was back to good health even though the picture showed that she might have lost a bit of weight recovering.
The ’22nd Seoul Music Awards’ lie broadcast would have been the first time fans have seen Zinger since the accident. She caught people’s eyes with her small head that seems to be as small as the can in her hand.

Also, she is gaining much attention because in the picture, she somewhat resembles 4minute’s Hyuna.

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