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50 Great Reads Spotlight: Treasure Island – Pirates, Treasures and the Open Sea – Quests, Quizzes & Contests! I had one of my cool dance parties today and noticed that some people tend to get lost on the way to the party. By now everyone knows that Bobby is a Super Star and that his show is a hit :) That's why he decided to have his mega popular Fashion Show every weekday.
Just look at those cuties - aren't they adorable?My monkey, Kuku, is surrounded by his new friends in his spacey pet home.Kuku and I hosted a pet party in my castle today.
You may have already heard about the hottest new show on SecretBuilders - Bobby's Fashion Show. Enrico Fermi was an Italian physicist known for his work on the development of quantum theory and nuclear and particle physics.
SecretBuilders had a great time at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference in Denver this week. Minutes after my first Dance Party on SecretBuilders, I am here to share the details with you.You can see from the picture above, that it was really fun - we had some great music, some great dancers, and also a few really smart people, who answered my questions right and went home with great gifts. So, I decided I need to give you detailed instructions :) What you see above is my Tree Top. Isn't that great!?!If you want to participate, you have to be prepared to dress up quickly.
Not that I would say "No" to shopping on any other day, hahaha :P I was just strolling aimlessly on Treasure Island when I saw a new store, called Garrrbs Clothing Shop. His nursery is the perfect place to invite friends with their unicorns, dragons, doggies, monkeys, and kittens. Again, her presence sparked real interest in the audience and we pretty much ran out of seats.
You bet that I liked it very much and tried on a ton of clothes :)Only after I spent an hour at the first clothing shop did I notice that there's another one, called "Fashion Playtes" OMG!!!
Congrats to Lilshandreaon, Akar, Javon1234567, and Kerysaal4 - you won your awesome gifts thanks to your knowledge!!!

And to prove that I am not selfish, I invited everyone, who was on SecretBuilders at that time, to come and have fun with me! She answered lots of questions and promised to come again whenever we invite her.She shared with us that, contrary to popular belief, she wasn't the first female pilot. As you can see from the picture above, I was on a vacation :P I hope you enjoyed the World Cup and had fun with friends here at SecretBuilders. Everyone that attended received a prize and we gave out fashion show stage and fish tank grand prizes to the winners. Don't forget to check out the SecretBuilders Teacher's Lounge to get the latest information on what's new for teachers at SecretBuilders. Needles to say, I had endless refreshments and cool summer music loaded on my DJ Table.When most of us were done eating and swimming, I asked one simple question with one Grand Prize.
In fact, she was the 16th woman to receive a pilot's license from the FAI, but she set many other records. I had just bought a lot of new stuff from the previous store, but I promised myself that I'd come back soon to make myself some unique clothes.
I am sorry that I was out of food pretty quickly - obviously I didn't expect such a huge crowd - but I promise to stock up on lots of delicious stuff next time.Thanks to everyone who joined us!
You'll be the first to see them, I promise ;)Tired and overwhelmed by all that trying on and shopping, I barely made it to the party shop. Secondly, you click on me and go to my house pressing the house icon on my card (you'll be transported there immediately). To answer a question from the audience, she admitted that she wasn't a girly girl, but rather a tomboy.
I was done quickly with that and headed back home where Kuku, my pet monkey, was waiting for me to feed him.
Lastly, once in my home, exit through the door to the right and you'll find yourself on my Tree Top.Easy, right?Now a note on my castle.
Who doesn't?So I bought some new clothes, made a list of things I want to buy later on, and left for the North Pole (it's so hot these days - I need to think of snow to feel a little better).

Kuku and I would be glad to come if you invite us.Just send us an invite in advance, so we could make sure we're available.
So she got to pick a gift - lucky Raviaan!!!You could be the winner next time - just come!!! So, upon my arrival, I noticed a red flag on my menu that read "Specials." Oh, that's definitely a word I can't ignore - and you shouldn't either!!!I was lucky enough to get the awesomely cool Headphones. It was a bright yellow two-seater Kinner Airster biplane which she named "Canary." The audience and Joebar asked many other questions and Amelia gladly answered. The first round of the show Bobby asked for the craziest outfits, and, luckily, I was wearing my Chef Hat :D LOL. Use the stairs to go to the second floor and you'll arrive at Kuku's nursery (that's where I usually have my pet parties). Now your show is officially a hit too!!!His guest today was Dame Jane Goodall, who spent her life exploring chimpanzees and fighting for their rights. Later on, while chatting with buddies, I asked them if they managed to see the Sneak Peek and get the headphones. From there, using the stairs again, you could go to the third floor, where I usually have my dance parties.Guys, please, write those instructions down if you have to.
I don't want anyone who wants to come to be left out.Thanks to everyone, who made it to the dance party today! I hope you were able to attend at least one of the two shows - they were sooo interesting!Well, that's my report for today. I am sorry I couldn't see who you were, because it was so crowded, but I really appreciate your support! Hehe, some of the people who recognized me didn't miss the chance to put a spell (or a few) on me, but I actually like those - they're so much fun!

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