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The 10-episode series follows Ben (Ryan Phillippe), a family man who becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his 4-year-old neighbor. Juliette Lewis, Kadee Strickland, Indiana Evans and Dan Fogler costar in the series, set to premiere 10 p.m.
With this blog, I aim to be Southeastern North Carolina’s go-to source for all things film and TV.
While we may be hard at work reporting on the stories we get, we also want your tips, reactions and ideas. Martin Henderson alakitja a sorozat foszereplojet, egy vezetot, aki egy gyilkossag gyanusitottjava valik, amikor megtalalja egy fiatal fiu holttestet. But even the most clever crime-drama sleuths likely missed just what crazy skeletons were stuffed in their closets. The episode opened with something that has become somewhat of a routine in the Crawford household. With her signature piercing stare, Cornell reveals to Ben and Christy that Natalie lied about her whereabouts on the night Tom died. Looking to confront Vanessa about covering for Natalie, Ben quickly finds his usually plucky neighbor deep in a midday whiskey.
Thinking he could be onto something, Ben does a little research and finds out that the couple used to known as the Rawlings in the UK, where Joseph was fired for sexual misconduct of some kind.
Acting on advice from his oddly understanding and helpful client Jim, Ben accepts Joseph and Vanessa’s dinner party invitation to do more snooping. The search is short-lived, however, when Joseph catches on and the two have it out.
Forced out into a Nicholas Sparks-level rainstorm, Ben and Christy run home, only for Vanessa to show up on their doorstep with answers.
One revelation she left out: Joseph and Vanessa are half-siblings with the same mother – a relation to which they claim to have been unaware. Ben pleads with  Arthur to can the story, but he won’t stay silent for cheap and Ben can’t pay up. Hoping to warn them of the impending story, Ben races to Joseph and Vanessa’s home, only to find that they have fled town before the rumors begin.
Natalie is not pregnant, evidenced by the home test she threw on the kitchen table during breakfast. She also confessed that Dave and her did nothing more than hug after Ben embarrassed her at the party. After reconciling with Ben, Dave reveals Cornell was asking around about a blue jacket, something that the killer could have worn. My Two Cents: The twisted tale of Joseph and Vanessa was merely the first of what will be several red herrings.
Filmux - online kino teatras, kuriame galesite ziureti filmus, serialus, animacija online nemokamai ir be registracijos. Sinopsis Secretos y Mentiras (2015) Un hombre de familia encuentra el cuerpo de un joven mientras corria y se convierte en el principal sospechoso.
Wilmington and its surrounding areas are rich with intriguing projects, from the big-budget blockbusters to the small-scale, high-impact independent films.
And in Sunday’s episode of ABC’s locally filmed “Secrets and Lies,” Ben singled out two of his only supporters when questions about their past lead to doubts about their innocence. Ben, out for one of his many runs, comes home to find Cornell knocking at his door with a reloaded arsenal of damning questions.

Today’s the birthday of her son, Malcolm, who she says was “taken” from her and her husband, Joseph. Even in front of all the guests, Ben doesn’t hold back on throwing out accusations, claiming that Joseph and Vanessa killed Tom and abused their own child. Malcolm was an undiagnosed hemophiliac, who was taken away by the police after his bruises were mistaken for abuse.
There to sink the knife of guilt in deeper is Cornell, who doesn’t shy away from blaming Ben for helping expose the innocent couple’s secrets. El no tiene mas remedio que tratar de encontrar el verdadero asesino como su matrimonio, sus hijos, a su reputacion ya su cordura estan en juego. Born to Hollywood royalty, Tori Spelling saw first-hand how real life became "reel life" on-screen. After giving birth to her son Finn, Spelling says she lost weight on what she calls the "Just Keep Your F*****g Mouth Shut And Eat Air Diet," but told US Weekly that she'd lost weight from swimming. In an exclusive interview, Courtland Rogers said he heard the news like everyone else – by seeing her admit it in a preview trailer for the MTV show.TNot only did Jenelle abort her husband’s baby without his knowledge, she got pregnant with another man’s child while he was in jail. Jenelle, who has a well-documented substance abuse problem, was allegedly seen drinking in public before finding out she was going to have another baby.
I will be the primary blogger for WilmonFilm, but other staffers, including Community Engagement Editor Jeff Hidek and freelance reporter Brian Tucker, are likely to contribute from time to time. I will post everything from breaking news to offbeat features that will cover every facet of the entertainment news emerging from the area. Only this time, she has stopped by to see Natalie, who is still working the cold shoulder since Ben found her pregnancy test and beat on her boyfriend after tracking her down at a party. Their neighbor Vanessa took over for her after Tom fell asleep, believing her parents knew about the arrangement. While Vanessa tops off her drink, Ben does some poking around and finds an abuse and neglect police report, with accompanying photo of the horribly bruised boy, just casually buried in a box of Malcolm’s old drawing and toys.
Placed in a group home, Malcolm was disciplined by the overseer one too many times and died before his parents could get him back.
Christy is reaching her breaking point and Cornell continues to be calculated in how she doles out information. Now for the first time, the actress turned reality star has revealed some of the biggest lies she told in trying to make her life look picture-perfect when it was anything but.2.
In her new book, Spelling It Like It Is, Spelling claims that when she and husband Dean McDermott renewed their vows on her show, Tori & Dean, they were actually experiencing serious marital issues, and she felt he had "checked out of family life.
But when North Carolina cops stopped Nathan Griffith in September 2013 – and later busted him for a series of charges including a DUI and resisting arrest – Jenelle had a racy excuse for his erratic driving skills. And if he continues throwing his few allies under the bus, there will be no one to save him when he does.
She told officers they were rushing home to have sex.TJenelle revealed that at the height of her heroin addiction she was blowing a substantial amount of money to feed her habit. When Spelling and McDermott suffered some real estate losses, they were forced to rent, but still opted for a mansion.
Responding to one Twitter user’s claim that she spent $250 a day, she tweeted that “actually it was $400, and addiction is a disease so u shouldn't put me down.”MIn August 2013 Jenelle claimed that she woke up with a broken thumb and had no recollection of how it happened.
But after tweeting that her boyfriend told her she fell off the bed and hurt herself in the middle of the night, she was slammed by some critics who accused her of falling off the wagon.

Spelling also admits to faking her excitement about the re-engagement that came before the vow renewals. In 2011, Spelling announced she was pregnant just days after insisting to Kathie Lee Gifford that she was "not expecting" during a Today show appearance. But in early 2013 she was horrified when her former boss tweeted photos of her posing naked. Just one year after a huge, multi-million-dollar wedding to Charlie Shanian, Spelling cheated on him with McDermott behind his back.G9. According to Star magazine, Spelling and McDermott have secretly separated at least three times, but she denies the report and insists they're fine.G10.
Star also claims that McDermott even secretly moved into Spelling's old apartment at The Wilshire in Westwood for almost two months in 2007 and that he relocated to a hotel after the birth of their daughter Stella in June 2008. Gary later implied that there was more to the story by tweeting: "Why fight the case and risk time when I can plea (sic) guilty and walk with the bargain. Either way we both walked away happy."TTwitter followers and bitter exes are not the only people that Jenelle has locked horns with.
McDermott's long-time friend Michael Olifiers told Star magazine that McDermott had a baby with Spelling to make sure that he had ties to her family's fortune. She also gets a lot of gift cards to places like the Olive Garden from MTV as a bonus payment.”MJenelle’s childhood friend Tori Rhyne revealed the young mom used to cut her skin with scissors and razors, especially when she was depressed over her parents’ split. When Spelling decided to leave her then-husband, Shanian, for McDermott, she had her therapist dump him for her, Shanian claims.
No sooner had those charges been dropped than Hannah’s then roommate – and Evans’ former boss James Duffy – filed his own charges, claiming that the MTV star had cyber stalked him too. Spelling insists she wore a low-key tracksuit for her first meeting with McDermott's ex, Eustace. Fortunately for Jenelle that case was later dismissed in court.In 2011 Jenelle was caught on tape pounding another girl with punches. But Eustace says she wore "two pigtails, snugly fitted jeans, and thigh high boots … No recollection of tracksuits …"16. The victim was Brittany Truett who told ABC Affiliate WWAY that jealousy motivated the attack. Spelling and McDermott asked his ex to appear on their reality show but she declined, explaining she had no interest in "portraying a broken, abandoned, woman who finds redemption and self-respect participating in her husband's reality show."G17.
Spelling has publicly bashed her mom Candy for various misdeeds over the years, but Candy insists her daughter simply stopped talking to her suddenly.G18.
Despite living a life full of lavish trips and designer clothes for years, Spelling recently admitted that she's drained her savings account and is in "serious debt."G19. Speaking of fake, Spelling is constantly derided for her less-than-perfect breast implants, and insists she regrets ever getting them. Shannen Doherty called Spelling a liar for claiming Doherty and 90210 co-star Jennie Garth once got into a fist fight.

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