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Hailed as the perfect series for kids not quite ready for Harry Potter, THE SECRETS OF DROON series is enchanting young readers everywhere! The only real drawback is it was only after starting the series that I discovered that only the first 10 books are available electronically at the moment. There are an endless number of Star Wars series that have been written> I tried to include one book from multiple series to give you an idea of what to look for. I am teaming up with 40+ other iHomeschool Network Bloggers to bring you this Day 10 Fall Hopscotch. And this story has a bit of everything, a magic doorway, strange creatures, adventure, friendship, the desert, a secret lair and a hook at the end to bring you back again! I can only hope the rest become available quickly, especially at the pace we are reading them.
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But when Eric, Julie, and Neal step off the rainbow stairs, they find that something is very wrong in their magical world. The phrase "red-sashed monkey", which appears twice in that chapter, almost came out of my mouth as "Red-Assed Monkey".
As mentioned I am enjoying reading the stories, and my kids are also, and hopefully in a few years the younger kids will be able to reread these books to me. This was the 17th book by Tony Abbott I have read, and a number of those I have read twice.
Then to make matters worse, the monkeys start hitting with sticks and throwing around their big nuts. This time they join Princess Keeah, the wizard Galen Longbeard, and we meet new creatures the lumpies and go on an adventure. His stories always entertain, and now my kids are at an age where I am starting to share his great book with them.

My son happened to enjoy Nancy Drew more than the Hardy Boys, and my daughter loves Goosebumps while my son (her older brother) is terrified of them and thus is not interested in reading them!
In the first adventure in Droon the Eye of Dawn a crystal that can control nature was lost to the evil Sparr. In this story our team of adventures head to his secret hideout inside a volcano to try and retrieve it.
We also find out that not all things are as they appear, and some who work for Sparr might even be forced to do so. Can the team get into the volcano, can they find the Eye of Dawn, can they get back out again.

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