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A Good way to be happy is to learn the common characteristics of happy people and apply them. The more we take these simple action steps, the happier we will be, and the easier it will be. The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. I am always fascinated when I see someone in their 90s or 100s who seem so vibrant and has learned the secrets of how to live a long and happy life.

Wait for it to grow in the other's heart just in case it doesn't, be content in knowing that the love was able to grow in yours!
I also would like to add one more thing about Edythe Kirchmaier and that is that she is a giver.
Write a few simple things down on a yellow sticky and keep it where you will see it daily, or even better several times a day or all day.
So for those of us who may struggle with these attitudes, let’s list some simple steps that we can take each day to help us more easily adopt this new attitudes.

It is easy to fall into old habits if we do not do something to remind ourselves of the new behavior or new attitude that we want to embrace. She is a hero to all of us showing what we can have. Her secrets to a long and happy life are simple.

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