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Vivid sketches of the wood-mouse, otter, kingfisher, red squirrel, partridge, deer, and other wood folk. I think about my daughter just starting out on this journey called marriage and then the decades that Dave and I have under our belts and I want to be able to tell Britta exactly what she should and shouldn’t do to make sure her marriage is long and happy and free of conflict or pain. If communication is missing in your marriage, before you even realise it, it will slowly destroy your relationship.
Love is overrated, it’s RESPECTING your spouse that will strengthen your bond and help your relationship in the long run. Let your partner know that your respect and value for him or her supersedes the specific issue you are discussing. True commitment means that you are willing to make sacrifices to keep a relationship alive. Both partners in the marriage must be prepared to put their partner’s happiness ahead of their own from time to time for the marriage to truly work. Studies reveal that individuals who have a strong sense of humor are less likely to experience burnout and depression and they are more likely to enjoy life in general — including their marriage. Recognize that marriage is a journey that ebbs and flows; passion will wane, but reignite over time.
The success of your marriage is not measured by how you celebrate the good times, but by how you support each other through the challenges.

Always remembering what it is about your partner that drew you to them will make certain that you never forget your love for your partner. Treat your spouse and your children as good as, if not better than, you treat your best friend! Everyone talks about honesty in a marriage but that’s only possible if communication lines are open. But considering the vast number of decisions every couple has to make during the course of their lives, you’ll often come across situations, where you will have to find middle ground. The challenge is that taking steps to maintain the relationship means that you may not get your way in certain areas. Spending all your time trying to change your partner or perfect those annoying little traits will bring nothing but disappointment. There are so many variables that can have an affect on the happiness and success of a marriage.
There are three C’s that I think are most important, communication, compromise and caring.
It helps keep the flames and the connection alive especially when life has a way of pulling you apart from each other. Advice that comes from real-life couples who have successfully navigated the sometimes rocky road of marriage. So even if you’re busy with your work, children, gym, household chores or social activities, just set aside 15 minutes in the day, especially for your spouse.

Dating also creates variety and interesting experiences in your life that in turn create memories that strengthen your relationship and can act as a shock absorber during difficult times.
Many things may change throughout the course of your marriage but the one thing that will always remain is the reason you fell in love in the first place.
You have to be willing to talk about anything and everything with your partner and you definitely need to be able to make compromises and realize that you won’t always get your way.
So keep your words and deeds respectful (even if your thoughts aren’t at that moment), it has a much more positive effect than swearing, throwing things or making rash decisions. You don’t need to agree on every single detail, but you should be aware of what you disagree on and think of how to solve problems. We may go to bed with issues that still have to be resolved, but we agree to disagree and think about a possible solution-i.e.
Use this precious time to sit and talk about things, not just about work and family but anything and everything! Also, look at how your in-laws deal with these topics, this can help you to better understand your partner.

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