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Reality TV star and successful business owner Bill Rancic joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the secret to starting a successful small business, the importance of technology and National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. Candace Rose: What are some of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when they start a new business?
Candace Rose: How can those of us who are business owners stay productive when we’re on the go? Candace Rose Anderson interviews celebrities and experts featuring the latest trends in health, fashion, sports, tech, decor and more! Shopbop Surprise Sale: Save Up To 40% On Spring Fashion, Shoes, Handbags May 3, 4, 5th Only! Affiliate Disclaimer: Affiliate links are featured on occasional posts on the blog, and I will make a small commission when a link is clicked and an item is purchased. How does a successful top-level manager or CEO motivate employees and encourage productivity, while navigating the often-treacherous organizational waters? Vision Driven: Lessons Learned from the Small Business C-Suite by Mallary Tytel reveals the secrets behind winning executives’ strategies for taking charge effectively of small organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit businesses.
Being a CEO—or even upper-level officer or manager – is often a larger-than-life position and filled with questions that aren’t answered in an MBA education.
Let me assure you that your craziness in the job is understood; there are others out there who share your angst. Having been there and done that, I can appreciate the unmistakable, heady sense of camaraderie that ensues with everyone pulling an all-nighter together and cold pizza has had its moments in my life as well.  I also know about the wear and tear on our wits, egos and stomach linings, and the toll, real and psychic, that such prolonged insanity takes.
What is wrong with having systems in place so that deadlines are met a day in advance, no one has to stay late and we eat our pizza fresh out of the oven in a cozy Italian restaurant?
Healthy Workplaces is a national consulting firm that focuses on helping you create healthy, productive and sustainable workplaces. Consider a workplace that is vital, models integrity and ethical practice, respect and fairness, and where innovation, purpose and opportunities for learning and growth are fostered. As a big thank you to MyCorporation readers and subscribers, Healthy Workplaces is pleased to offer this special discount for Vision Driven: Lessons Learned from the Small Business C-Suite.
Tom Steiner – You could get an MBA from the University of Chicago, you could just jump in and hope it works and fix things on the fly, you could research your business until you know everything there is to know and grow old before you launch. Everyone who wants to start their own business has a list of reasons why they want to do it. Though these are great and noble reasons to start a business, this list and just about every other list on the internet does not mention the number one reason why anybody should start a business.
From the moment you decide to start a business to the grand opening to the hiring and firing of employees and beyond, you will be faced with having to make decisions. If there is not money in the budget, what will I give up that is in the budget and how will that affect my business?
There are a lot more questions you might want to ask yourself about the decision you have to make. As a business person, you will meet people everyday that will want you to make one decision or another. Common sense may even dictate that you seek outside help in the way of your accountant, lawyer, or other trusted person, like your regional ISBDC counselor, to make the proper decision. Common sense says that you should not rush into a decision and that you need to understand the ramifications of your decisions. To bring it around full circle, common sense and using your money wisely will make the money you need so you can do the things you want to do.
Tom Steiner is a Business Advisor for the East Central ISBDC, an organization with the mission to create a positive and measurable impact on the formation, growth, and sustainability of Indiana’s small businesses by providing entrepreneurs expert guidance and a comprehensive network of resources. The ISBDC creates a positive and measurable impact on the formation, growth and sustainability of Indiana's small businesses by providing entrepreneurs expert guidance and a comprehensive network of resources. How does the boudoir photography business work, and what does it take to succeed in that segment of the photo industry? When Adrian Vega started as a professional photographer 9 years ago, he concentrated on weddings. He put together a small gallery of boudoir photos on his PhotoShelter website using images he created for personal projects. I wanted to know more about the business of boudoir photography, so I asked Mike and Adrian a series of questions. Word of mouth referrals come from a variety of sources: stylists, location owners, and past customers.
Local, though I will shoot larger assignments in multiple locations over a period of a few days whenever the budget is accommodating. 4) Other than photography, what type of skills does a photographer need to have if they want to succeed in the boudoir photography business? I’m a firm believer that in art, inspiration is a big part of it, but hard work and perseverance is maybe even more important. I provide some sample rates that include a range of hours and services, and build a complete package during the initial consultation after gathering information about desired locations, stylists, and how much time is needed for everything. A great location, great stylists, and an inspired client would give you the best opportunity to create the best images, but it really comes down to gaining the client’s trust and finding what makes them tick in as little time as possible. 7) What type of gear (camera, computer, software, etc.) do you normally use for boudoir assignments?
8) Assuming most boudoir clients want to keep their images private, how can a photographer build a portfolio of work that shows their style and skill? I assume that all my customers require complete privacy of their images, though I’ve been fortunate enough to have customers release images, and encourage the use of them for my portfolio. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Bli forst att betygsatta och recensera boken Outrageous Advertising That's Outrageously Successful: Created for the 99% of Small Business Owners Who Are Dissatisfied with the Results They Get. Jan Bohuslav Sobota died on May 2nd of 2012 and this is my remembrance of this fine man who was a friend and mentor to me. Each autumn, salmon return to the rivers of their birth a€“ there to spawn and once again trigger a renewal of the eternal passion play. Salmon that do eventually arrive at their destinations must once again compete a€“ this time for mates and to fight for access to the precious and very limited gravels.
The profligate expenditure of life and extravagant wealth of biology is there everywhere to behold, as Death dances lightly among the gathering throngs of fish, picking and choosing from among them; who from their number shall successfully spawn and who shall just be food for the gathering predators and scavengers. Spend a day in silence, walking among the spawning salmon, as they dig spawning redds, jockey for position and slash at competitors with those gaping, snaggletoothed, hooked jaws.
Jan Bohuslav Sobota has died, while half a world away; I was preparing these etchings of Spawned Salmon and dedicating them to Jan, the lover of fish.
The book you hold in your hands has evolved from my simply giving these etchings a second life in book form, to my using them as a vehicle for honoring a friendship of three decades. In 1985, Jan and I had been corresponding for some months without ever meeting a€“ all quite distant and correct. A short bit of background on Jan Sobota to begin, but fear not; Ia€™ll soon be spinning anecdotes and thoughts on books as art a€“ celebrating Jana€™s life of course, telling a few stories out of school, but also straying into the personal and speculative in search of the meaning to be derived from the life and death of a friend. Jana€™s father was a serious bibliophile and collector of fine books, who nurtured that same love of books in his son a€“ an appreciation that steadily grew, until he was apprenticed to master bookbinder Karel A ilinger in PlzeA?.
The pivotal event in Jana€™s early life as a book artist was the posthumous retrospective exhibition of fellow Pilsener, Josef VA?chal in 1969. Jan supported a family, sponsored workshops, exhibited widely, did conservation work on rare historic books, ran a gallery a€“ and on it went. What Jan did for contemporary bookbinding, was to act as a bridge between the traditionally trained masters of the past and innovators of the present. America was a great place to be a book artist in the early 1980a€™s precisely because it was an active zone of hybridization and hotbed of creativity. An instructive contrast to the anything-goes US scene was the icy reception I got when I showed a wooden box containing loose sheets of poetry and etchings to a Prague publisher. Neither Jan nor I had much interest in the book-like objects that often sneak into the museums as book arts a€“ the carved and glued together things that sorta, kinda have a bookish aspect to them a€“ rough-looking a€“ perhaps chain-sawed Oaken boards or granite slabs, slathered in tar and lashed together with jute; but lacking text.
When Jana€™s books went beyond function, conservation or decoration, they were subtle statements about binding and the place of books, knowledge and art, as well as statements about the dignity inhering in the handcrafted - with a good dose humor.
There are others who know their conservation and those, whose scientific contributions are far greater, but few of them are also artists at heart. It can sound so pedestrian, these eternal compromises between art and craft, yet what Jan represented was not at all common. There is an inflection point at which exceptional craft begins to make the transition to art and it is closely associated with surmounting the limitations inhering to the discipline. Visiting with Jan in his workshop you quickly realized, that he did what a professional must, but ultimately, he just loved messing about with books. A curiously protean hybrid of artist and craftsman, ancient and modern, one cannot think of Jan without seeing an unabashed Czech patriot in a foreign land. Early on in their stay in Cleveland, the Sobotas experienced the quintessential American disaster. Even after their medical debts were retired, money was still an issue for a family of immigrants with three kids a€“ two with special needs. Later on, when they were living in Texas, the massacre at Waco opened Jana€™s eyes to yet another difficult side of his adopted home. In 1979, I apprenticed with Jindra Schmidt, an engraver of stamps and currency, living in Prague.
Schmidt had engraved stamps for Bulgaria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Albania, Guinea, Vietnam and Libya.
In 1992, Jindra Schmidt was honored for his contributions and depicted on the last stamp of a united Czechoslovakia, before it split into Czech and Slovak republics a€“ a fitting tribute.
Unlike most children of immigrants, my destiny remained connected to that of my parentsa€™ homeland.
My vocation as artist clarified itself in Prague while learning the increasingly obsolete skills of steel engraving. My first book was indeed, modeled after VA?chal, even to the extent of its diabolical subject matter. Jan showed me a great deal in the following years about the tradition of books as the meeting place of art, craft and ideas a€“ where printmaking intergrades seamlessly with the worlds of language, typography and illustration. One can like these things just fine and admire them from an uncomprehending distance, or you can become engaged. The book you hold was to have been a simple reprint of the Spawned Salmon a€“ something fun for Jan to work his magic upon. Nice sentimental reminiscences, but there is still the matter of getting the work accomplished and out before the public, organizing exhibitions, printing catalogs and paying for transatlantic flights.

The Prague show was reconfigured and curated by Jana€?s longtime friend, Ilja A edo, for exhibition at the West Bohemian Museum in PlzeA?. Quite predictably, I like seeing the kind of work I do honored a€“ the wood engravings and etchings made to shine in the context of crisply printed type and an excellent binding. Ia€™ve heard printmakers lament that the surest way to devalue prints is to add excellent poetry, sensitive typography and a bang-up binding a€“ and then live to see the whole thing sell for half the price of just the unbound prints. Therea€™s nothing quite like seventeenth century Bohemia, the dead center of Europe, for particularly thorough violence a€“ with the Bubonic Plague stepping in afterwards as mop-up crew. The chapel at Sedlec was rebuilt after the major blood-letting of the thirty-years war as a memento mori a€“ reminder of death. What can you say about the mounds of dead, the ruined lives, destroyed nations and misery multiplied by millions that isna€™t trite or self-evident? But then I pan over to other fields a€“ not the kind where the grass is composting my fellow man, but to fields of endeavor where the ferment is of ideas recombining into ever more refined ways of thinking. I once lived at the Golem house in Prague a€“ at Meislova ulice, number 8, in the old Jewish ghetto.
Horoscopes might seem a curious basis on which to select ministers and diplomats, but it is also more common than youa€™d think.
Picture the scene before you: Ita€™s a late night in Prague, before the Marlboro man dominated every street corner, even before the neon of casinos and the vulgarity of Golden Arches assaulted the nightwalkersa€™ eyes at all hours a€“ back when darkness, oh yes, that beautiful comforting velvety, all-enveloping and blessed dark, broken only by the moon, stars and late night taxis, still ruled the streets after the sun went down. The Golem was a mythic being of Jewish folklore, created from clay and quickened by the Shem, a magical stone engraved with an ancient Hebraic inscription, inserted into Golema€™s forehead. The maternal tongues of these small nations have miraculously survived all the invasions, floods, plagues and foreign occupiers to this day a€“ a gift preserved and delivered to them across the generations. Minority languages, on the other hand, carry an emotional load that can scarcely be exaggerated. Ishi and his sister were the last of the Yahi tribe to survive the genocidal colonization of California.
Those whose language and culture are not threatened can never know the burden under which the carriers of small minority languages labor a€“ nor how those in exile bring up their children to preserve that which is beyond their capacities to save. Jan was all about preserving traditions and the kind of ancestral knowledge that today is mostly enshrined in books. Today, the stories of our tribes are less and less passed on as oral tradition and most often read to us from the childrena€™s books wea€™ve learned to treasure a€“ illustrated by fine artists and produced with care for the highly discriminating purchasers of childrena€™s books a€“ for grandparents.
A?epelA?k employed binders and typesetters to present complete suites of his work and in this too, he introduced me to a new world. Later in Prague I missed my flight back, due to the World Trade Center bombing and was delayed by a week. The difficult thing to bear in acknowledging my teachers, models, heroes, suppliers and inspirations, is that these masters of the crafts and industries surrounding and supporting the book arts are mostly deceased. The fruit we seek is not fast food, but laden with full-bodied flavors, attained by slow natural processes. All of us come from grandfathers who once were wheelwrights, cobblers or instrument makers; men with a profound love of wood and leather, who knew the working qualities of every kind of obscure tree growing in their countryside a€“ men who knew when to reach for elm or hickory a€“ as well as for goat, dog or even fish-skins. Jan spoke fondly of his grandmother, who baked bread every week of the year to feed an entire estate a€“ farm hands, livery people, gentry, trainers and hod-carriers alike.
Working consciously is the ultimate goal a€“ and that is the legacy youa€™ll find evidently contained within and upon the boards of every book bound by Jan Bohuslav Sobota. The etchings you see here first came to life as illustrations for the wedding anniversary announcements of MA­la and Jaroslav KynA?l.
Jan Bohuslav Sobota died on May 2nd of 2012 and this is my remembrance of this fine man who was a friend and mentor to me.A  He was an exceptional bookbinder, teacher and promoter of the book arts, but also an exile who successfully returned home after years abroad. It was something I always dreamt of doing, but I never knew how incredibly difficult and time consuming it could be.
When you think about the conductor of an orchestra, the conductor has all these expert musicians in his or her pit, and they play their instruments to absolute perfection.
You can take mobile payment from literally out in the field which I think is very effective. How do they surpass lofty expectations and deliver impressive results with pitfalls lurking around every corner?
In clear, easy-to-understand prose that’s loaded with real-life examples, Vision Driven shows experienced and newly minted managers alike the dos, don’ts and don’t-even-think-about-its to take their organization to the next level.
Every challenge has multiple solutions, each of which can be right and wrong in a given situation. Our customized practice includes coaching, training and facilitation, strategy, diversity and culture, developing women leaders, and the triple bottom line.
By knowing these three simple secrets you have some of the most important tools to run your business the way it should be run. In fact most of the articles about starting a business never mention the biggest reason to go into business. Once you are sustainable, that is have a positive cash flow and a strong net income, then you can think about the altruistic reasons you started your business.
Some of these people will try to pressure you into making an immediate decision with out time to think things through. Use secret number 2 to help you keep your tools in good shape and ready to work for you when you need it.
Yet, he always felt that there was something missing – thinking that it was possible to do more than just capture what was happening during a wedding ceremony.
Prior to his work as a commercial photographer, he shot mainly fine art figurative portraits and portfolio work for glamor, beauty, and fashion. The more I tried to do SEO, towards improving my placement on search engines, the less I seemed to succeed at it.
Many customers are also looking for great gifts for their future husbands, boyfriends, or soldiers overseas. The customers that find me through my website are a different breed, and have all done their research.
Every shoot requires all of these skills, in addition to producing quality work, but the most important key to a successful shoot is how you treat the client.
It took a while to build a strong portfolio, because I wanted to show how I was able to create many different concepts. You never want to put online images of customers who probably didn’t want it to begin with. Negotiating a trade of services between a photographer and semi-professional models can be a cost efficient way to begin also. What kind of editing (picture selection, retouching, etc.) goes into the portfolio process? Sign up and get guides, resources, and the expert tips you need to launch your photography career.
Kolla garna upp forlagets (Morgan James Publishing) hemsida, dar det kan finnas mer information. There they encounter resident trout and bass a€“ even sunfish, chubs and dace, all keyed into the increasingly plentiful and highly nutritious bounty of salmon eggs. Situated 90A km south-west of Prague at the confluence of four rivers, PlzeA? is first recorded in writings from the tenth century. That vision was about innovation and creativity within the context of an historical tradition. This is what youa€™ll see in a Sobota binding a€“ exceptional attention paid to context and relationships, using materials and technical means that do indeed function and last.
He knew his work was valuable and documented it fastidiously a€“ confident that it would be last. There was, however, nothing about his nationalism that demeaned anybody elsea€™s traditions or origins.
That smallish incident within the parade of American fringe politics elicited an insanely violent level of suppression. Masaryk a€“ and the cute little girl with a bouquet of flowers, is my mother Eva, at the age of three.
Schmidta€™s income from the federal mint far exceeded anybody elsea€™s in the extended family and supported a network of cars, cottages and rent-controlled flats. Schmidt, as he preferred to be called, was a man of conservative demeanor who preferred polite and reserved forms of speech and address.
While visiting their unassuming engraver and extending my tourist visa 30 days at a time, I was quietly becoming qualified for life as a counterfeiter a€“ a vocation within which, one is set for life, however it may eventually turn out.
Jan allowed several binders to have their way with it a€“ amo boxes for slipcases with shell casings for hinges and so forth.
This next incarnation of our exhibit in PlzeA? was all just a bit more prosaic and provincial.
Is it the binding we consider and exhibit a€“ or is the binding there to conserve a text, which is ultimately the point? There are also binders to whom everything else is merely the text block, who care little if it is an offset trade edition or a book made by hand.
The tales therein recorded reflected the accreted wisdom and wit of a people as they retold them across the highlands in modest log cottages after the harvest was in. The way of working belongs to the Sobota vision I addressed earlier a€“ the honor and soul to be found in conscientiously made handcrafts. I dona€™t feel that accomplished or ready to assume their mantle and yet with every generation that is what must happen.
Gravels, with just the right flow of fresh water running up through stones of the right size are but a tiny portion of the riverbed.A  The salmon must struggle past cities and sewer pipes, farms and irrigation systems, dams and turbines, fishermen and waterfalls a€“ just to reach the streams of their birth. I think so many small business owners, they let their egos interfere and that stunts their growth.
I need to adapt and react and see what’s happening if I want to stay relevant and stay competitive.
With all the apps that are out there today, you can monitor your cameras in the store, you can monitor the cash register, you can turn the heat on, the lights on – you can do just about anything from your mobile device. Therefore it is the questions and context we must pay attention to, and more often than not, that is where the learning and results come from.
All of our work is grounded in theory and practice, and based upon the new sciences of complexity, human systems dynamics and models of adaptive action. However, they cannot go very far if they don’t have the resources to keep their business going.
You are often faced with having to make decisions on the fly or at the most inopportune time. Prior to the coffee shop, he worked at a Fortune 500 company developing proprietary software.

Vega, who is currently based in Kansas City, Missouri, decided to give boudoir photography a try – initially as a creative outlet.
Is the military wife who wants to send a very special and intimate gift to her husband serving away from home. Typically, these customers have been viewing my work for several weeks or months, and also have a good idea of what other studios offer, so they contact me with many high expectations. Many customers actually have told me that even though they were advised to get a female photographer, they felt like a male point of view was a better fit for the images they wanted.
In the studio, I’ll use a mix of speedlights, monolights, and the occasional ringflash.
It’s a very intimate thing, so having models in your port also gives you peace of mind. She is the photographer and I assist with lighting and as general gopher on shoots, when able, among other things. This widely beloved stamp was re-issued in 2000 and mother continues to receive philatelic fan mail to this day. He died the day I was composing a colophon for the Spawned Salmon with words of praise for his lifea€™s work. The hours I spend working and researching for an interview are not wasted, they’re a joy because I get to live my dreams.
Without money, you cannot make your own schedule, give back to the community, connect with your clients, etc.
Anyone that does not respect your need for time to make a decision about the well being of your business really doesn’t deserve your business. I have always felt that a good lawyer and accountant that are well versed in the needs of a small business are worth their fees in gold. Tom was responsible for training, technical support, writing technical manuals and product development and testing. PhotoShelter’s gallery collections make it easy to do this without needing multiple accounts.
Is the professional with a successful career who is proud of where she is and what she’s accomplished. Boudoir customers are often charged with doubts, confidence issues, and the idea of possible threat. Gear, the cost of my time, consumables, material for building sets, assistant, Make up Artist, the works.
Once I had that starting point, some customers (very few) agreed to have some of their images on the website.
The engraving was masterfully done by Schmidta€™s long-dead colleague, Bohumil Heinz (1894-1940). The state security apparatus was surely aware of my presence, but if they kept tabs on me, I never knew. All the good intentions in the world will not replace money when it comes to running your business. Making a rash decision can have an impact that could affect your business for a long time, especially if it damages your reputation, image, or your credit. After college, Tom started a freelance photography business specializing in architectural, medical and scientific photography. I decided that I wasn’t going to engage on payment schemes to improve SEO, nor was I going to continue to ask people or companies to refer customers nor direct traffic to my website.
I do get some very young customers, who are curious, but I would say that about 80% of my customers are 30 years old or over. It’s not the vision of Women as delicate and almost ethereal creatures, is a vision of a powerful and amazing force, in constant change and sometimes even little sense. Is the photographer’s job to create a safe atmosphere, an environment where the customer feels at ease and can unwind. It’s a fine balance and has nothing to do with photography, but everything to do with your results. Post-production is done on a 27″ iMac with a Drobo system that effortlessly lets me work with the hundreds of RAW files that start in Lightroom and get finishing touches in Photoshop. Specially in the Midwest, most customers still are hesitant to have their images viewed by the public. It’s one thing to show them some images on a laptop screen and a very different experience to let them go through the silky smooth pages of my Italian hand made book. Everything is just so wonderful and everybody so creative, but suspending judgment long enough to actually look at some artwork and then giving it a chance isna€™t so bankrupt, is it? Human body parts are again flying and the Baron is at his best defeating Turks and evading friendly fire from buffoonish generals. Farmers would occasionally find their possessions and take them as souvenirs, unaware that the last Indians still lived in their midst. Damn the cost; ita€™s who we are and the last material vestiges of soulful encounters with our elders a€“ onea€™s whose stories are slipping inexorably away, thinned by each passing year and generation. Their kids were grown and they were by then slipping into that last, reflective phase of life a€“ done competing. Celebrity Apprentice season one winner, reality TV star and successful business owner, Bill Rancic joined me for an interview this week to share the secret to starting a successful small business, how to avoid the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting a business, the importance of technology, and National Mom and Pops Business Owners Day which takes place on Sunday, March 29th. Maybe there’s a new way to advertise online to reach my customers and drive them to my business from anywhere in the country.
So you need to work on the environment of your studio, the way you behave, move and even look at a customer.
I adjust every color, tone and blemish by hand, but I never change the physical appearance of my customer. These scraps turned out to be a deck of medieval playing cards - the second oldest such cards known.
A book is so much more than the sum of its parts a€“ and yet each of us tends to have our own bailiwick in which we shine and to which we look first. Using tools that are not in good working order, or using them improperly can cause damage, injury, and unprofessional results. So far, I get my customers mostly from web searches, some from referrals and a bit from the only local lingerie store who actually didn’t ignore my attempts to partner with them.
I feel the urge to travel to bigger cities, where there’s different kinds of customers and attitudes towards art. Customers can see through you, and they will walk away if they don’t like what they see. So right now, my rates are still lower than many of my competitors, but they’re enough to allow me to stay in business. These plates have been inked and wiped by hand, employing methods that woulda€™ve been familiar to Rembrandt.
I have received good interest from Nebraska but I’d say that now my target is Chicago and Colorado.
They crashed with my wife Jana and me in Kalamazoo, while taking the a€?orientation coursea€?nearby. I can confidently report back to my English reader, that Jan would only grow in stature for you, if you could have fully understood the subtlety of his thoughts in his own maternal tongue. The very few times when I did a shoot with little preparation, I felt like the result was soft.
Fixing things in Photoshop that could have been fixed in the studio is a painful consequence that will burn out any photographer. Perhaps right for those who shouldna€™t have sharp objects, for fear of hurting themselves. That show was purchased whole by Special Collections at Western Michigan University and constitutes the largest collection of Sobota bindings and the most complete archive of my work.
So now, I spend pretty much a whole day in advance preparing my set, gear, concept, so I know exactly what I’ll get.
I apply a contrast adjustment layer, de-saturate color a bit, maybe create a layer to open up highlights, and some cropping. And if it turns out they are hesitant about me being there, how to best persuade them otherwise?
Few people would have cast a second glance at that glued-up mess of moldering old papers before pitching it, nor would they have recognized what they had in hand or known how to restore or sell it.
My camera is a D300, Alien bees strobes, SB-800’s and a mix of Vivitar and Sunpak strobes. Of course, if they do say no, I would make myself scarce after the initial setup and re-appear for tear down, as I do currently.
These folks were a profound blessing to a family facing some truly rough sailing a€“ a Godsend. Schmidt had worked was signed with warm dedications to him and thus worth real money to collectors. He wanted to see the printmaker in me come to full fruition and I wanted to be worthy of his attentions. The family has dwelled within sight of the seats of power, pushing copper plates through a press and outlived the Hapsburg Monarchy, First Republic, Nazis and Communists. The intact packages were still there on their shelves, all duly graded, labeled and priced, awaiting an owner who was never to return. Back home, their Czech neighbors would have envied them and accused them of theft or worse, but people here seemed to be pleased as punch to see them prosper a€“ genuinely happy for them. Those items too, kept trickling out the door, until there came a sad, sad day, when the golden eggs were all gone. I keep my overhead as low as I can, although that keeps increasing as I get more complex on my concepts. Besides that, I have tons of self made gizmos, supports, light modifiers, and weird gadgets. They bashfully admitted their foolishness and went back to making beautiful books a€“ and their American friends were so relieved to see them regain their sanity. You take time to grieve and then pick yourself up by your bootstraps (by God a€“ get a grip) and get on with it (Rome wasna€™t built in a day you know). StrejA?ek was still working, but it was all coming to an inevitable end, as he grew shaky of hand and hard of seeing.
Enriched by my days of being nurtured by Prague, Matkou MA›st (Mother of Cities), I moved on to meet my destiny with art.

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