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The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra (Amazon affiliate link) is a New York Times Bestseller on spiritual awareness and growth.
Deepak organises the book into the following 15 secrets where each chapter concludes with practical exercises to start living that secret. The life you know is a thin layer of events covering a deeper reality where the mystery of life is all around you waiting to be discovered.
All the brain does is receive continuous signals about the body’s state of chemical balance, temperature and oxygen consumption along with a stream of nerve impulses.
How all these individual viewpoints somehow mesh so that your world and mine can harmonise is the very thing that makes people seek spiritual answers.
Every experience comes to us in one of four ways: as a feeling, a thought, an action or simply a sense of being. In Buddhism, the mind is likened to a monkey peering out at the world through the five senses.
We choose where to focus our attention, and wherever that focus goes, a new reality opens up. The easiest way to change anything is to first go to the subtlest level of it, which is awareness. All that is required to find the essence of life is to step outside the picture and see yourself. Follow me as I write about practical methods for realising your desired lifestyle regardless of how it looks as I make my own journey from professional military officer to my new lifestyle design.
A complete investigation of the development and suppression of antigravity and field propulsion technologies. Reveals the workings of advanced technologies capable of controlling gravity that have thrust-to-power ratios thousands of times greater than the jet engine. Recounts the history of how gravity control research first developed and how dozens of major aerospace companies in the 50’s were involved in major research effort that eventually became classified.
Presents new insights into the B-2’s highly secret electrogravitic field propulsion system. Discloses the existence of Project Skyvault, the highly classified Rocketdyne program that developed craft capable of lofting on invisible beams of microwave energy. Shows how devices currently under military development could revolutionize air travel and energy production.

Shows how NASA participates in a cover-up to block adoption of advanced technologies under military development. Shows evidence of a Navy cover up of Townsend Brown’s involvement in the highly secret Philadelphia Experiment. In Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, physicist Paul LaViolette reveals the secret history of antigravity experimentation–from Nikola Tesla and T. One of the boldest and most exciting books on gravity control to be put forward in our times. Paul LaViolette is one of the most interesting and innovative thinkers probing the limits and horizons of contemporary physics. The author even tried to submit data to NASA on shuttle propulsion, but NASA appears to be nothing more than a puppet organization for military PR to the public, since the military already has their own covert space program in place.
This is an excellent book, but unless you understand college physics and higher math, it will be very hard to follow.
How a New Field Theory Could Explain Reactionless Propulsion Thrusters 5 Comments Posted on: Apr 29th, 2016Recently, there have been many news reports circulating about the EMDrive, the reactionless propulsion thruster developed in 2001 by aerospace engineer Roger Shawyer. After all, each of us is dying every day, and the moment known as death is really just an extension of this process.
He then presents controversial evidence about the NASA cover-up in adopting these advanced technologies. LaViolette’s 2000 interview for the Disclosure Project in which he discuses field propulsion technologies under development by the military, including the B2 propulsion system, and government efforts to keep these technologies secret.
A fantastic future awaits, just around the corner, those who succeed in controlling gravity.
Paul LaViolette for getting out to the public the important new science of electro-magneto-gravitic propulsion. This is a landmark book to be read and discussed by anyone concerned about humanity’s options for the near future. It is pretty conclusive that gravity has polarity, and our current physics paradigm is insufficient to explain the results achieved.
It seems the US government embraces subquantum kinetics, but keeps it secret, even though it would solve our energy problems, pollution, and global warming.
At one point, Boeing, after completing classified propulsion work for the government, felt it would be of fantastic benefit for use in commercial aviation.

Wells will interview Paul LaViolette tonight on Caravan to Midnight 0 Comments Posted on: May 2nd, 2016John B.
Life is intimately entwined with death, as you can observe every time a skin cell is sloughed off. He discloses the existence of advanced gravity-control technologies, under secret military development for decades, that could revolutionize air travel and energy production.
He also details ongoing Russian research to duplicate John Searl’s self-propelled levitating disc and shows how the results of the Podkletnov gravity beam experiment could be harnessed to produce an interstellar spacecraft.
Experiments by Tesla, Brown, Searl and others also show that generators can be constructed that produce energy vastly in excess of the energy required to operate them.
Athanassios Nassikas had been for many years developing a philosophical methodology based on the principles of logic that would allow one to judge the desirability of physics theories. How do several million horseshoe crabs emerge on one beach once a year to mate on a full moon yet have emerged from the depths of the ocean where no light ever penetrates?
Included among the secret projects he reveals is the research of Project Skyvault to develop an aerospace propulsion system using intense beams of microwave energy similar to that used by the strange crafts seen flying over Area 51. Learn how it can be done, and how it has been done, from outstanding scientist, Paul LaViolette, the first to reverse engineer the B-2’s highly classified propulsion system. To read this sentence, how do several million neurons in your cerebral cortex form an instantaneous pattern that is completely original and never appeared before in your life?
The purpose of death is to imagine yourself into a new form with a new location in space and time.
If you try to pin the universe down to one reflection, you pin your own life down at the same time. In other words, you imagine yourself into this particular lifetime, and after death you will dip back into the unknown to imagine your next form.
Right now you are bringing up new thoughts by actualising your potential; it seems only reasonable that the same process produced who you are now.

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