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It is possible that he was being diplomatic, knowing full well that Google is not required to censor imagery taken from space or which is already in the public domain. Try it yourself at this location in Google Earth (open downloaded KMZ file in Google Earth). Notes on the political, social and scientific impact of networked digital maps and geospatial imagery, with a special focus on Google Earth. With the release of Google Earth, people on the Internet gained the ability to explore the whole world with a few simple clicks. URISA, Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, recently released a new salary survey for all things geospatial, especially GIS. The entire survey costs about $189, BUT if you would like a sneak preview you can visit Directions Magazine's article here. Everyone uses Google Earth to find places they want to go or know how it looks like those places they haven’t been. So if you are a person who likes to explore the earth more and want to see some alien lifestyle scenes then I’m sure you will like the video below.
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It is interesting to explore our planet Earth using Google Earth and discover our planet.On our planet exists some not so easy and secret to find, but very interesting and mystic places which you can see on a satellite photo from the Space. Some coordinates are hard to locate but you will try to reveal the secrets, then why you waiting for just start copy, paste the coordinates and enjoy using Google Earth and rediscover our planet.
Related ReadingsVirtual trip to outer space using Google EarthI don't know how these people get such amazing thoughts to do this incredible work by using Google stuff in different ways. Much better, however, would have been to use the interview as a teachable moment, pointing out that just like any other country, Sweden has no sovereignty over space, but that it is welcome to censor its own aerial imagery before it is published by Sweden’s national GIS agency, Lantmateriet. Lantmateriet was caught doing this with the National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA) HQ back in 2006 and more subtly in 2009.
It’s imagery dated from 2006 and 2009, and curiously also credited to Lantmateriet, which obviously previously released it into the public domain without censorship. Using ArcGIS Explorer you can connect to content published by ESRI and others, and fuse it with your own ArcGIS services or local data.
Over 2,400 individuals were polled and questions were asked pertaining to salary and specific software. All you do is type in where you want to go and it will display Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, and MapQuest all together on one page! But did you know that there are some places on earth that Google didn’t want to show you or which got banned to present to the general public.

This photos positioned on the exact places over the virtual planet Earth and both nature features on photo and on terrain are coincided.
All you have to do is to copy the geographical (GPS) coordinates and to paste “Fly To” text field in Google Earth and enjoy! And that Google has no obligation to use Lantmateriet’s imagery, though it currently does for large parts of the country. This kind of behavior undermines trust in all their maps and data, and is unbecoming an open society, especially when the information is easily available via other channels. When I first start using Google Earth, I was spending hours checking in to various places where I could see and get exciting virtual experience of this beautiful earth we live. Andersson and his interviewees assume that because one of the locations is censored, both should be.
Add detail to the places you know using Google Map Maker, now available for the United States.

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