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Travel around the world with the Father Bagatti to get back the fragments of the Holy Lance de Longin. Mystics and Saints have always understood that there is a secret to our existence, and "Who knows himself will know his Lord." It means we have to study ourselves.
The story of the creation of Prophet Adam (as) is teaching us that we are not gorillas; we are not a "developed monkey". The Divine is saying, "I have created you with My two hands and I have blown into you from My spirit. Based on that secret the Divine has given you, as soon as you hold your thumb you have the power to manifest, because from the alif, which is unseen and unknowable, that energy moves through the lam into physical manifestation. The nobility of the children of Adam and Eve is that when something comes to our heart, we have the ability to take a pen and draw it so that other people can understand. The first revelation that was given to Prophet (s) was, "We taught by means of the pen" (Al-Alaq). It was the first revelation because Divine is showing us that everything that follows will be understood through the pen. All of Mawlana Shaykh's teaching is designed to help us open a Heavenly purpose for our life, to make our physical life on this earth work for our eternal life.
Those scribes are angels, and they are honored because they are witnessing and documenting the gift that was given to Sayedena Muhammad (s). The Divine is saying to Prophet (s): "We have given you the kawthar [Fountain of Abundance]" (Al-Kawthar: 1) That Fountain of Abundance is knowledge, and Divine is saying "O Muhammad! The Arabic letter nun is for nur, which means "light", so if we don't have a pen how are we going to reach the Nur`?
All of this is designed to open the heart to the Divine Presence by aligning your light with the Prophetic light, and this can only be done at the hands of a Master who is connected to Prophets (s). When you follow a Master who has reached reality, they can graft their reality onto you, just like a farmer grafts his plants.
These are secrets from the teachings of the Naqshbandi Masters flowing through the Sultan of Saints, Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, and his representatives Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani and Shaykh Adnan Kabbani, may God grant them more power, and the fruits that we are writing from them will one day become our futuhat like all of these books and knowledge's that masters in the past have given to us. Please Support if You Believe you Benefit from These services, Many Click on the Link and No One Donates ? The parable of those who spend their substance in the way of Allah is that of a grain of corn: it groweth seven ears, and each ear Hath a hundred grains. Behold, ye are those invited to spend (of your substance) in the Way of Allah: But among you are some that are STINGY. The end of the Second World War depends on your success!Among all the relics spread across the world, the Holy Lance of Longin is considered as the most wanted one. Short on clues, for one thing, and some objects so infinitesimal that they are virtually invisible. When ye consult the Messenger in private, spend something in charity before your private consultation. Just as they use your thumbprint to identify you in this material world, your thumb holds the reality of your soul in the world of light like a digital file. When you connect the two in meditation, you are going back into the world of light and connecting with your reality in that world of light.

Then we must have to have an understanding that our physicality is very limited, and the amount of energy we have to function on a daily basis is also limited, therefore we are seeking the greater energy of our soul to manifest and grant more strength to the physicality.
It means that we are able to manifest with the qalam, the pen, so that as soon as you hold a pen with that thumb and index finger you have the power to take something from the oceans of Unknown not yet manifested, from the darkness oceans of the spiritual and hidden realm, and bring that thing into existence in this world. When a knowledge is inspired in the heart, immediately we reach for a pen and paper or a computer and what was once non-existent has now manifested, has come into existence.
If we are using these hands to document the realities of Sayedena Muhammad (s), then we are reaching to the secret of the hands which have dominion because we are leaving our material desires to become from the reality of the noble scribes. There is a tremendous power and a tremendous blessing in writing that Saints want to open for their students, because everything that you manifest through writing is going to eternally dress your soul. When you find such a Master and follow them, they begin to dress you from their reality, which is the reality of Sayedena Muhammad (s).
According to the knowledge of Saints inherited from Prophet (s), it means that we are an honored creation, created in the Divine image, and therefore everything about our physicality is holding secrets to our reality. When we connect the index finger and thumb we begin to feel the pulse of the heart, and our focus now becomes the heart, and Divine says, "I cannot be found on Heavens or earth, but I can be found in the heart of My believer." That connection opens the flow of Divine power, what we call "Qudra", because the index finger and thumb represent the secret of lam-alif.
Then we begin to move into the reality of the hands that will testify and why there is such a deep secret there. We have to break down everything around us to understand and appreciate the honor we have been given, because when we look around we begin to realize that, until very recently, there was no building here; the building that we are in tonight did not exist until the children of Adam and Eve made it to manifest by means of the pen. We must know ourselves before we can know our Lord, and to know ourselves we must understand why the Divine is saying, "Blessed be He in whose hands is Dominion". If your note-taking in school is manifesting sustenance for you now, what do you think about note-taking for your afterlife? It means that on the Day of Judgment, how can God punish a servant who has spent their entire lives documenting the reality of Sayedena Muhammad (s)?
So as much as you can annihilate yourself in their light, they will purify you and present you to the presence Prophet (s). Until today there are people reading the books of Saints and the books of their students, and God willing, somebody will pick up these books when we're long gone.
I could only take 10 minutes of this to recognize that it wasn't going to be fun or worthwhile, even at half price.
We are seeking to know the Divine, but how can someone know their Lord when they don't even know themselves? Newborn infants hold their thumb because they are taking from that power and manifesting in this world, and they grow at an amazing speed with that secret. All of these miracles are manifesting through the secret of the pen, through the secret of the qalam; as soon as you are writing, knowledge that didn't exist before is manifesting, so Mawlana Shaykh is teaching us that it is extremely important to write these spiritual knowledge's.
God is describing that anyone documenting that knowledge is an honorable scribe, and that knowledge is being inherited by Sultan ul-Awliya, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, and his representatives Mawlana Shaykh Hisham and Shaykh Adnan, so it is extremely important to write these spiritual knowledge's from their associations.
If you are spending your life documenting the realities of Sayedena Muhammad (s), do you not believe that Heavenly treasures will manifest for your soul? Instead of wasting your time on material pursuits, you were documenting Heavenly teachings.
At that time you will be truly manifesting the reality of the Lord's Prayer, whereas many people say it by tongue but without an action.

If we are seeking to reach the reality of Sayedena Muhammad (s), we must follow those Masters who are a perfected reflection and they will graft their light onto your light.
And when we leave this life the question will be asked of us, "What did you do with the life that was given to you?
If ye turn back (from the Path), He will substitute in your stead another people; then they would not be like you! To do so, youa€™ll have to find the parts of the seals of Paris, Roma, Istanbul and Berlin, and find the pieces of the Holy Lance to put them together again.
And everything you see around you is from that reality: the cars, the buildings, the roads, the trains - everything! You are in a Heavenly University called Naqshbandi-Haqqani, and out of 6 billion people you were granted a seat, so what are you going to do with that opportunity? Every human being is assigned two angels that record the good and bad deeds throughout that person's life in a book called the kitab, and on the Day of Judgment that book will be presented.
The only servants who are following the Lord's Prayer of Sayedena Isa (as) are the Saints. Did you waste it in pursuit of money and material desires?" At that time the soul will answer "O my Lord! His teaching is designed to help us open a Heavenly purpose for our life, and to make our physical life on this earth work for our eternal life, when most people simply waste their time building themselves for this world and at the end of their life they have nothing because you can't take anything from the material world with you in the grave. But for the lovers of Prophet (s), they will be raised with their own books containing the knowledge of Saints and the other books will be discarded. If you are looking for the teachings and example of the Prophets, you must look to the Saints.
You must read from their kitab, from their books, study their teachings, copy their lives and how they act, visualize their spiritual presence on you, and you must take notes during the association.
I spent my life documenting the realities of your Beloved." We ask that the Divine grant us more energy to write these realities so that they may open for us in our life, and we pray that the Divine be happy with us and the Prophets be happy with us, and that the Saints inspire us to reach higher and higher levels of realities. The index finger and thumb have a tremendous secret because the thumb represents your spiritual identity.
They are in submission and obedience to the Divine, and therefore they are a perfected reflection of that Prophetic reality. Without a pen in your hand, the secret of lam-alif can't manifest - the secret of your Heavenly reality can never manifest in this world. But for those who spent their lives documenting the reality of Sayedena Muhammad (s), those books are going to take precedence because that documentation made the angels to be honored, and you too will be honored on the Day of Judgment. That is why God lays out a path to that reality by first obeying the ulu amr, the people of authority.

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