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The poetry of colours, textures and details mellowly weaves itself into a game of mystery, love and elegance, dedicating this collection to the romantic and provocative woman. International research studies indicate towards the increase in the size of a woman’s breasts.
Though one’s acquired genes usually influence the size of breasts, today there are quite a few external factors that are influencing its development. Amid talks of setting up a dedicated bariatric surgery centre in Mumbai for adolescents, India’s growing obese population and its intimate wear requirements is indeed an area that needs some attention. India can now boast of economic progress, technological advance-ment and better opportunities, making it a much-desired place to live in.
In the last five years, the breast has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery sites, reports the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India.
In the west, brands catering to these specific sectors make their USP obvious by way of effective advertising. Panache: Owned by the same manufacturer that produces Masquerade and Cleo, Panache is another leader in full bust bras. While the number of retailers offering plus-size lingerie in India continues to increase on a yearly basis, the truth is plus size is till a highly underserved segment of the market, where only a few key players take dominance.
Analysts often regard plus size business as “a stepchild.” They believe the retailers are the real game changers. The combination of great construction, support, great fabrics and style are the key success factors of plus size lingerie. Brands from the house of Groversons, such as Paris Beauty (30 to 40 inches), Miss-t (30-36 inches), Sparsh (32-44 inches) are catering to India’s plus size segment.
In terms of shape wear and styles; they want bright colors, variations of colors and styles, especially since women are very knowledgeable about fashion and are very picky about what they spend their money on.
From the consumer perspective, people are catching on that, yes, even the plus size woman has a lot of buying power, and that at this point, it would be bad business to not get involved and to not tap into that market. About Inner SecretsInner Secrets, a B2B magazine published by Peppermint Communications, was started in the year 2006, to meet the requirements of a booming intimate apparel industry. Founder Sara Blakely was getting ready for a party when she realized she didn’t have the right undergarment to provide a blemish-free look under white pants.
It’s pedestrian funk rock, not the brilliant fusion of Latin jazz and psychedelic rock on which they built their reputation. This trend of curvaceous women might spell boom for the developing domestic intimate apparel industry only if brands are willing to tap this segment.
Since evolution is a generalized process, do these studies really pertain to the Indian sub-continent? A quick search on the Internet and many studies will confirm the increase in the average size of breasts.
A growing number of urban Indian women aged 35+ are falling victim to sedentary city lifestyles, rich food, lack of exercise and a gradual slowing down of the metabolic rate.
Yet, growing affluence has come with a price, the burden of lifestyle diseases caused by comfortable sedentary living.
In a country that lacks a national registry of cosmetic surgery procedures, sale of implants indicates the trend.
This brand retains Panache’s famous fit, but offers trendy colors and playful prints along with it.
With cup sizes from DD to K and band sizes from 28-44, the brand carters to this particular segment. Bare Necessities, a well-known e-tailing lingerie website, recently launched a new online boutique designed specifically for curvy women called BarePlus.
They need to nurture and make investments in this segment in order to reach relevant customers. In regards with this, the spokesperson from Marks & Spencer clarified, “In the plus size range we have balcony bras, push up bras, minimizers and multiway bras.
Plus size has an extraordinary market potential and it’s clear because everyone is reaching into that market.
In such a short span of time, the magazine has managed to carve a niche for itself as the most informative and comprehensive journal on the industry. Armed with scissors and sheer genius, she cut the feet off her control top pantyhose and the Spanx revolution began!! At least that’s what I usually read about Inner Secrets, but I’ve got a little secret of my own: I like this album. According to a report published in Britain’s Daily Mirror, the average bra size in the UK is now 36C, up from 34B ten years ago.
A study conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, India, reveals that in cities, especially in north India, over 50% women aged 35+ are overweight.

Being ‘out of shape’ is now a common sight among both the young and the old, which is changing the shape of things to come. There were 51,000 breast enlargement surgeries in India in 2010-11, out of 1.5 million across the world, according to an International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery survey. But even with statistics such as these, why does plus size fashion-which is categorized as typically a size 14 and above-account for only 18 % of total revenue in the women’s fashion industry? Cleo’s bras are especially good for teenagers who need comfortable support but also want stylish fun. This new venture is stated to feature more than 500 bras that fit sizes 38A – 56J, including everyday bras, sports bras, and sexy bra and panty sets. To offer plus size usually means more floor space, larger dressing rooms, sales associates experienced in the fit challenges the plus size customer faces, and the like. For a shopper it is definitely the fit and support that becomes the deciding factor when purchasing plus size lingerie. Ltd., said, “Our fastest selling styles in plus-size lingerie would have to be Full Circle Pattern and Crossfit Pattern.
With an array of problem-solving products for every body type Spanx has secured its place in women’s hearts and in pop-culture, with daily mentions everywhere from CNN to SNL. Indian women are becoming big on the bust and this could spell as a potential product gap if not filled soon. Similar figures are found in the United States where the average bra size has gone from 36C to 36DD over the past five years. Their ratio of weight-to-height and waist-to-hip circumference is higher than in rural areas. And women are increasingly opting for larger 350-400 cc implants instead of the medium-sized 275-325cc. Brands are waking up to the purchasing power of the plus-size sector and have been supplying the same to the market. Female shoppers may purchase less than they might because what they see on the racks doesn’t appeal to them, leading to which manufacturers and retailers citing poor sales figures as evidence of low demand and retrench. Plus size lingerie, like any other kind of clothing must make the wearer feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Ltd., specified, “We also do custom-manufacture of special sizes like 46 inches to 50 inches on made to order basis.
In the manufacturing side, they are problems due to slow productivity and lack of technical awareness. Marketing a brand is difficult if one can’t deal with at least a large-cup customer and the plus size customer. Women’s breasts are larger than what they used to be and they soon will need fuller bras that support their bosoms.
If it weren’t for genes, women are voluntarily opting for bigger breasts by way of cosmetic surgery. In a first-of-its-kind study, Max Healthcare, Delhi, analysed over 1,000 patients undergoing breast surgery in the capital. The trade industry has long taken notice of the immense growth this category offers year over year, but society seemed to be lagging behind. If brands were to provide the supply that might meet changing tastes probably the situation could be much brighter. In our opinion, the difference between regular and plus-size lingerie would be requirement of extra support, hence the use of broad elastics, thicker sides (fabrics), specific styles like cross elastics, side support, fuller cups, M-frames, etc. Indian women, who may have once been a size 2, are just not anymore, but that doesn’t mean they’ve s t o p p e d looking for fashionable and comfortable intimate apparel. As for opening up their arms to streamlined funk, everyone was doing it: Frank Zappa, Herbie Hancock, Grateful Dead, etc. Even though the average Indian woman sports a US size 14, the plus size segment remains an untapped and underserved market in India.
With regards to the Indian sub-continent a spokesperson from M&S India said, “30 A – 44 D are our available sizes. Predeep Chaubey, laparoscopic surgeon from New Delhi, informed an English Daily that a whopping number of 2-2.5 million people were suffering from obesity in India. The study showed that largely women who fall in the age bracket of 25-45 age group fuel the surge in demand.
2010 showed things were changing; plus size women appeared in coveted fashion magazine spreads more than ever before, as well as in television shows, and even in high-fashion runways.
But correcting the imbalance isn’t a simple matter of translating a fashion runway look into a larger size. Bhavin Gala, from Libra describing the styles available in this brand says, “We have t-shirt bras and regular bras in the plus size categories.

Marketing plus size lingerie is also a tad bit difficult as dearth of awareness still prevails on the customer end. Over the past year, a lot of manufactures are realizing that the plus size woman wants to have the same products as any other woman, so they are going back and expanding the sizes of some of their best bras. However, the last decade gave a glimpse of what the future holds for plus size intimate apparel. In an effort to highlight the problem of obesity in India, the government even changed the definition of obesity in India. The popularity of aesthetic surgery to enhance and reshape breasts is exploding in metro India, making it one of the top 10 countries globally.
About 53% women are socially and financially independent; 67% come from the middle and 25% from elite classes.
The Indian fashion scene never endorsed waif-thin models so the projection of a positive imagery has been existent in India since a very long time. In our plus size range we use material blends such as woven as well as knitted cotton, cotton-spandex fabrics as well as high density power nets. Brands need to start providing fashionable plus-size lingerie such as underwire and light padding. Hence, concluding this article by addressing members of the intimate apparel trade, the plus size and full bust women buyers are out there; they have got their pocketbook open and want to purchase intimate apparel that is fashionable. So the issue for me isn’t whether Inner Secrets is a progressive album but whether it’s a good album. Since, the size of breasts varies so drastically, geographically it might be impossible to point areas that would serve well in terms of sales. So while the rest of the world counts a BMI of 25 to be overweight, the Health Ministry of India changed the limit to 23 in an effort to wake people up. Complicating things a bit further is the long-standing prejudices that are associated with being plus size.
Awareness about the cup sizes and supply of all kinds of variety in plus size lingerie is still nascent in India.
With a price range of `250 to `400, we are tapping areas in North India, as we believe the demand is high in this region. But there are some obvious pointers that members of the intimate apparel trade can focus on.
Whereas Per una and M&S core has a lot of comfortable cotton that is perfect for everyday use. With a size range comprising of 30 to 42 inches, we definitely plan to go fuller on the scale with regards to sizing.
The aspirants are usually size-zero girls, wannabe brides, ambitious professionals and 40-something mothers.
At Libra, we update our style every 5-6 months because we like to provide a whole lot of options to our customers. The single “One Chain (Don’t Make No Prison)” is today an artifact of the disco days, one of several songs here written by the producers (Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter).
Obesity is an increasingly prevalent problem among India’s affluent middle and upper classes, the beneficiaries of 20 years of economic reform.
Despite a health scare over cancerous breast implants from France breaking out around the world, breast implants jobs are becoming something of a national pastime in India. Basically every food a d v e r t i s e m e n t promotes that it’s either low in fat, Organic, contains no sugar, etc.
The same thing happened on Herbie’s Monster without ill effect, so don’t worry that the material is lame. The increasing bulge of India’s burgeoning population is directly proportional to its burden on health. Yet there’s no doubt that some saw in the covers and producer-penned tracks an ebbing of Santana’s creative powers. They turn Buddy Holly & The Crickets’ “Well All Right” into a revival meeting, transplant Traffic’s “Dealer” into a Latin setting and even managed to crack the US Top 40 with a version of “Stormy.” Lost in most critiques of Inner Secrets is the album’s variety. While it’s more commercial than Amigos, Inner Secrets is still a good album, consistent with the quality you can expect from the Greg Walker era.

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