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Samsung Display is showcasing a pair of bendable screens that could someday be used in smartphones. So now that you know some of the truly amazing and innovative gadgets out there are you like me, staring down at your smart phone in utter disappointment? Susumu Tachi, has come up with the invisibility cloak we only thought possible in Harry Potter.

The glasses can eventually be used by those wearing prescription glasses and Google is even considering partnering with Ray-Ban, the famous sunglass retailer.
Priced at around $10 for a package of 8, these tablets are convenient, easily stored and are perfect for travelling or keeping in your purse or car. While not actually invisible, the cloak is made using Retro-reflective Projection Technology that makes the wearer seem to disappear!

The image that appears on the cloak is created by a viewfinder that puts together the images that are behind the person wearing it.

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