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The secrets of the Secret Service are under investigation after charges of wild partying in Colombia ahead of President Obama’s visit. Eleven Secret Service Agents are under investigation for allegations they were involved in a night of drinking and prostitutes in Colombia. Republican Darrell Issa, head of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee tells CBS Face the Nation, the dependablility of the agency is now in question. Issa says his understanding is that it may turn out that even more Secret Service Agents were involved. As more details emerge about what happened in Cartagena, the first repercussions of the scandal are already being felt.
Nearly a dozen agents have lost their security clearances as the investigations of a prostitution scandal widen.
While officials insist the President was never in jeopardy, Congressional Republicans want to explore whether the agents could be blackmailed.
Gabriel (Josh Holloway) and Riley (Meghan Ory) go undercover on a former President’s (Bill Smitrovich) Secret Service detail in Syria to rescue two American journalists whose fate could be the spark to start a long war with both Russia and the Middle East. I can’t watch Once Upon a Time until it returns but it is nice seeing Ruby on a different show. As well as being impossibly fit, members of the ERT are equipped with the very latest in armour and weaponry and receive advanced gun and defence training.Formed in 1992, ERT's primary mission is to provide tactical response to unlawful intrusions and other protective challenges related to the White House and its grounds. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The ever-popular first-person shooter genre is far from stagnant, as releases like Valve's online co-operative title, Left 4 Dead, so clearly prove. Secret Service is a functioning product, as long as you're talking about the Xbox 360 or PC versions.
A preposterous setup delivered mostly through lifeless cut scenes that poorly ape Call of Duty 4's style.
The physics built into enemies can be fun to watch, but otherwise it's all pretty bland relative to other contemporary shooters.

The same kind of run and gun action you've grown accustomed to over the years mixed in with a few awkwardly implemented elements from more popular recent entries in the genre.
Despite limited intel, the extraction plan nearly goes off without a hitch until Gabriel discovers one of the journalists will die from wounds before the end of the day and the other (Tania Raymonde) admits the pair are really are CIA operatives who have no plans on leaving the country and burning their covers until their mission to locate an American scientist working on a mission guidance system is complete. Dedicated to protecting the president and securing the White House grounds, they are skilled, unobtrusive and absolutely lethal when called upon.This member of the team was pictured yesterday as he waited for President Barack Obama to walk from the Blair House back to the White House after a meeting on the economy with corporate CEOs.
He is wearing a Kevlar assault suit and is probably wearing Kevlar underpants, vest and gloves. Yet along with titles big and small that remind us there's so much more to the genre than barreling down a corridor spraying bullets, there are just as many that do nothing interesting or novel.
You can successfully run through corridors and open spaces and participate in by-the-numbers firefights with mildly intelligent enemies.
You can listen to cell phone messages and play a hacking mini-game from the main menu, but they're not all that interesting. Under orders from the current President, DNI Adam Weatherly (Tomas Arana) brings the Director of the CIA (Lance Reddick) up to speed on Clockwork under fear that Gabriel’s unpredictability (which he once again demonstrates in Syria) may one day pose a serious problem.
In his assault vest he carries a torch as well as additional magazines for his guns.It is likely that his holstered pistol is a Glock 9mm, a favourite amongst Law Enforcement and Security Forces. Considering the genre and how far it's advanced since the days of Wolfenstein 3D, Cauldron's effort in no way deserves to be remembered, save for the fact that it came out right around the time the American populace voted Barack Obama into the country's highest office. Of course by allowing the CIA to spy on Gabriel it could be easily argued they are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy (most likely around sweeps). The magazine holds 17 rounds, according to an expert at anti-terror specialists SDMS Security.The sub machine gun is probably a Belgian FN P90A  - a weapon with magazine housing which holds 50 rounds.
The side pouch may well have some form of respirator inside made by UK form Avon Protection who are world leaders in this technology. He also looks as though he has a camelback rehydration system judging by the tube coming down his left side.
Considering it's got a narrative enveloping a potential assassination, a vice-president with a distinctly Cheney-like appearance, and threats from a militant foreign power, perhaps Activision thought it the best window to publish.

As it turns out, the release represents pretty bad taste, particularly because the game does not attempt to resolve or present its issues or themes in any sort of elegant manner. Instead it's very much a crude, bumbling mess of a conspiracy plot on a level of ridiculous that occasionally exceeds even the preposterous exploits of Jack Bauer. If you're anything like us and the thought of executing American agents makes you uncomfortable, don't worry, the game forces you to reload for a checkpoint if you shoot to kill rather than use a stun gun.
The PC and Xbox 360 versions look decent for a budget priced game and, at least on the Xbox 360, run fairly smoothly.
With the PC version and the settings cranked, our system (Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz CPU, GeForce 8800 GTX 768 MB, 2 GB RAM, Vista 32) was running into some fairly serious chop in a few of the stages, which is mystifying considering how little was going on in the game. The framerate is poor, even with sensitivity sliders we couldn't find a comfortable control setting, and it looks like somebody forgot to add in textures in spots. Throughout the course of the game you'll engage in sniping challenges, a helicopter shooting sequence (like CoD4), and plenty of monster closet-type scenarios where as soon as you enter a large space you can expect enemies to jump out from behind doors and pillars.
In many cases you're forced to repeat the exact same challenge several times (a White House balcony defense comes to mind), and in no case will you be anything but mildly entertained. Foes do, however, just as often exhibit predictable hide and peek routines or just stand in pre-determined spots, making engaging them in battle more of an exercise in routine than something thrilling or dynamic. In this case, you're switching around tiles of circuitry instead of pipes, and though the boards increase in complexity, there's not much to them. Instead, it feels more like the developer looked at Infinity Ward's work and sloppily imported bits and pieces, including the narrative presentation. Also, as a general rule, horribly annoying intruder alarms do not increase the sense of tension during a firefight.

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