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Despues de una caida desagradable, Martin y Chris se embarco en una mision para encontrar y recrear la seda de arana.
When you look at a spider web in the garden, one thing is often noticeably absent: the spider.
A new Oxford study published in Journal of the Royal Society Interface looks in more detail at the composition and structure of these signal threads, which spiders can use to tell whether they've caught new prey. Dr Beth Mortimer from the Oxford Silk Group, based in the Department of Zoology, spoke to Science Blog about the research. Scientists in the United States said on Tuesday they had coated spider silk with carbon nanotubes, creating a fibre that is not only super-strong but also conducts electricity.
Spider silk transmits vibrations across a wide range of frequencies so that, when plucked like a guitar string, its sound carries information about prey, mates, and even the structural integrity of a web.
A spider commonly found in garden centres in Britain is giving fresh insights into how to spin incredibly long and strong fibres just a few nanometres thick. No self-respecting construction engineer would ever choose pure calcite a€“ a weak, brittle mineral found in chalk a€“ as a building material. Nucleic acids, large biomolecules essential to life, include the familiar double-stranded deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), a very stable long molecule that stores genetic information.
The nerve agent sarin causes a deadly overstimulation of the nervous system that can be stopped if treated with an antidote within minutes of poisoning.
To be able to follow and directly visualize how the structure of molecules changes when they undergo complex chemical transformations has been a long-standing goal of chemistry.

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This may be because it is lurking away from the web in a 'retreat', where it can monitor web vibrations through a proxy known as a signal thread. What you won't notice necessarily is the spider a€“ they will sit away from the web in a retreat and use a signal thread (a single line of silk fibres) to remotely monitor web vibration by proxy. Firstly, the signal thread structure is surprisingly variable: while some had only four fibres in their signal thread rope, others had up to 16 fibres. As more fibres are added to the signal thread, the spider carefully tensions each one to simultaneously increase the overall tension of the signal thread.
Understanding the structure and way of construction of these threads is a challenge taken up by a research team of Kiel University. These are perfect for Halloween parties or for a fun dinner before the kids go trick or treating! The number of fibres and the load-bearing capacity of the signal threads varied with the movement of the spiders a€“ each time they ran from the retreat to the hub, more silk fibres were added to the signal thread, which was then able to sustain more weight.

This is important, as the vibrational properties of the signal thread remain constant across many different signal thread sizes.
Published this month in the Biophysical Journal, the secret to its strength, they say, lies in its atomic arrangement of soft amorphous and strong crystalline sections. Spider silk is superior in strength and durability to other tough fibres such as steel and Kevlar - the material used to make bulletproof vests.
We also show that these fibres closely interact with each other to form a signal thread that behaves as one unit a€“ which gives a comparatively simple vibration signal to the spider.
Yet these qualities haven't been replicated in the production of artificial silks, causing researchers to wonder for years how a small insect can create such a complex material. Since there aren't enough spiders on Earth to produce silk in commercial amounts, scientists have looked elsewhere for a solution. Start your circles from the outer edge and continue to make small circles until you get to the center. Pull a knife through the Alfredo sauce starting from the center to the outside edge, changing direction with every pull to make it look like a web. The plan is to use the fibre for cables, bulletproof vests and medications, yet even with these advancements in genetic engineering, the silk cannot be made in large enough quantities for commercial use. The development of spider silk on a commercial scale requires a deeper understanding of the material's makeup.

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