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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. A paradox is a statement or circular argument that either contradicts itself or leads to a situation that is logically impossible. Mamie Holst distances her subject matter with the use of a limited palette of black, white, and gray. But there is an important difference between a true logical paradox and mere scientific puzzles.
This conundrum was first set in the 17th century and asks why the night sky is not ablaze with light, since we should see, in an infinite universe, a star at every point in the sky, however far away it might be. This helps the paintings close down on notions of illustration and, as well, expand out into diagrams.

Many of the greatest minds in science grappled with this puzzle until it was resolved by Edgar Allan Poe.
In the midst of all that, there are moments in the paintings that open the door to science fiction. Born in Gainesville, FL, she has an MFA from School of Visual Arts (1987) and currently lives and works in Fort Myers, FL. The reason is that our universe had a beginning, and therefore distant stars and galaxies are invisible to us because their light has not yet had time to reach us. Yet this is countered with a big breath of non-fiction as much of her imagery is gleaned from her experiences with Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, and is so noted in the titles. The heavier textures, which are the most recent development in the work, bring a funkier and more eccentric expressiveness to the table that for me makes this work feel all the more urgent, personal, and singular.

In announcing itself to be a lie it is stating that it cannot be a lie, in which case it is true, which is to say that it really is a lie, which means it is not a lie, and so on in an infinite loop. But despite having been resolved, many of such scientific paradoxes continue to be referred to as such, partly due to the notoriety they gained at the time of inception (before we had figured out where we were going wrong) and partly because they are a useful tool in helping scientists gain a better understanding of nature. Take the quantum paradox of SchrA¬∂dinger’s Cat, in which the unfortunate feline is locked inside a sealed box with poison that is released if triggered by the decay of a radioactive atom. Since the rules of quantum physics state that while we are not observing the atom we are forced to consider it to have both decayed and not decayed at the same time, then the fate of the cat must hang between being dead and alive until we open the box.

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