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To develop a successful e-commerce business, you need to take your time, do some research, and find out what the secrets are behind the biggest and most profitable e-commerce sites out there today. Below are four secrets to a successful e-commerce business so you can start building a site that will effectively attract customers and entice them to make sales. One of the first things you need to focus on is hiring a reliable, professional, and affordable product photography company that can provide you with the highest quality images of every item that you plan on selling. In addition to photos, you can go a step further to really help customers know what they’re getting by adding videos to the product descriptions. Again, to get the best results, you can hire a professional videographer who has the skills and equipment necessary to shoot and edit the videos so that they’re of the highest quality. Even if every other element of your e-commerce site is perfect, a customer who has a cart full of goods will abandon it and go elsewhere if the checkout process is too difficult or too time-consuming.
If you are a business leader, owner, or manager, then you are by default a reputation manager. While it is true that every enterprise must tailor its approach to its specific needs, and in response to the nuances of its business process, there are aspects of reputation management that are non-negotiable and unquestionably serve as the foundation for sustainability as you work towards developing a brand identity that adds value and fosters desirability across your pre-determined target segments.
We believe that it is always a good move to go back to the basics and review what truly matters.
Any corporation or enterprise that decides to embark on reputation management must understand and embrace the idea that sustainable reputation management is an ongoing process that will always require hands-on involvement. Many businesses make the mistake of starting strong, taking over their profiles, assessing the state of affairs, and quickly moving to new and “better” things.
If you happen to be in a place where you have virtually abandoned your two-way engagement on third-party sites, then we want to encourage you to get back on board. To best tackle a long-term reputation management strategy, you need to create short, mid, and long-term goals that provide perspective and a sense of achievement as well as forward mobility. We cannot stress enough that reputation management distanced from ethics and truthfulness is no reputation management at all. Misaligned expectations can throw your business into a downward spiral from which you are unlikely to recover for a long time.
The Federal Trade Commission and many general attorneys have established laws to protect consumers from deceitful advertising. It is not uncommon for novice reputation managers, particularly those who happen to also be the business owners, to become defensive in light of a negative review.
While you have been tasked with the stewardship and growth of your business organization, it is essential that you learn to put your customers first.
There is no question that on occasion the cost of remedy and compensation will be painful to your budget, but you must be able to see beyond that and understand how a few dollars directed into righting a wrong will become part of your online identity.

When it comes to trying to get somewhere, namely having an improved lead-generating, business-conducive online reputation, there is nothing worse than not having a compass.
Corporations that succeed at online and offline reputation management always implement metrics to track progress and objectives to draw a clear plan of action. The pick-and-choose approach to reputation management seldom works and is never sustainable long-term. Using a review management and monitoring dashboard is the key to the success of any online reputation management strategy. The BBC talked to a number of famous British entrepreneurs, business leaders, and musicians as part of their "CEO Secrets" series and each delivered snappy pieces of advice about making it big.
From starting a multi-pound business whilst at university, to changing careers in your forties, these business leaders have had very varied experiences making it big. Business Insider picked sevenA of the best ones to show you how it's never too late to become a success.
For example, if you’re planning on selling clothing, you can hire Fashot fashion photographers. Therefore, spend time perfecting the checkout feature on your site, making it as easy and quick as possible. You can also reduce the amount of pages that a customer would have to pass through before the checkout is complete. With so many people doing their shopping online while on the go, or even while lounging around at home on their tablets and smartphones, it’s imperative that you have your web designer develop a responsive site. The responsibility of ensuring your business has the best foot forward falls squarely on your shoulders, and the choices you make about engagement or non-engagement will have short- and long-term repercussions in the shaping of your business organization. Failure to have proactive engagement with customers and potential customers on popular customer review sites will eventually catch up to you and result in decreased potential for message amplification and overall growth.
Reputation-based marketing is here to stay, and it will be far more relevant as more and more people become dependent on unsolicited peer feedback to make their purchasing decisions.
Make reputation management a core element of your online marketing strategy, revising time and budget allocations based on industry trends and growth in terms of lead-generation credited to third-party review sites. Faking reviews, astroturfing, paying for reviews, or posting responses that are not based on the whole truth is a recipe for disaster.
The moment you post a fake five-star review, you are inviting potential customers to a five-star experience that you will most likely be unable to deliver. By prioritizing your customers, particularly those that have taken the time to provide feedback, you are broadcasting a message of commitment to your current and future customers.
Seek to expose potential customers to a first impression that speaks to your dedication to go the extra mile for those that trust you with their business.

Set time aside to identify the Key Performance Indicators that will shape your approach to reputation management.
Businesses that dominate in the customer-generated feedback landscape are more often than not highly intentional and organized about when and how to interact with current and future customers. By having access to the big picture, your business will be empowered to make better, more educated decisions, and able to quickly revise your operational and marketing strategy to best meet the perceived needs of your customers. She's known around the office for E-mails that make everyone smile, and she has a bag of tricks and tips to help businesses solve their problems and delight their customers. Is it something that requires an expert in the field to be done correctly or can anybody pick up on it quickly?
You must involve the person you hire in all the activities, explain everything to them, track their work and contribution…and so on.
Finally, only use a few form fields so it’s not overwhelming, and make it possible for information to be saved for future purchases to make the checkout process even faster in the future. And to get more people to find your site from searches on Google, make sure you hire an SEO expert for content and keywords.
No business, regardless of size, stands to succeed without a clear reputation management strategy. Make it your business to have a foundation based on truth and integrity, and seek to fix problems at an operational level instead of attempting to put lipstick on a bulldog and having your same mistakes come back and bite you and your new customers again and again. What I am trying to ask is; is there a need to hire a professional from the start or do only bigger companies need to worry about that? Building up the reputation is something you must work hard on, I know that, but the real question here is, should I hire someone to start from the beginning of my campaign or I should do that once I have already established the basics and got a few review?
You have to improve yourself and work on your abilities, your language, body language, communication and every other thing that made you a good manager. The consequences of these so-called fixes will only make it more painful to bring about change that is truly sustainable. The more truth, honesty, good behavior make you a better person, and most likely, better working person with clear thoughts and clear goal.

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