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The Student Affairs IT Security group consists of one career staff member and four student employees. Working from home or from other off-campus locations on a computer that is not checked frequently for vulnerabilities, or is not managed pro-actively to ensure it has current security updates, could put your privacy and university systems and information at risk.
More than half of all social media users share the answers to common security questions, including the ones listed above, without realizing it. Obviously you cana€”and shoulda€”take steps to lock down your accounts and adjust your privacy settings. The security of student records is a significant responsibility in any higher education office. Preventing security breaches is a serious obligation that requires ongoing training, internal audits and staff vigilance.
Do you use contractual terms and conditions to ensure that all employees agree to comply with the information security restrictions and obligations that control how they use assets and access information systems?
Have you reduced the risk of data fraud or misuse of facilities by making sure all vendors understand their responsibilities before they begin working, and all employees understand their responsibilities and code of conduct?
Have you reduced the risk of fraud of data misuse by making sure that staff members in departments other than the Office of the Registrar with access to protected data understand their responsibilities with regard to protecting students?

Are your organizations security roles and responsibilities defined in accordance with your security policy? Do your employees understand that assets such as official transcript paper must be protected as well as students’ information? To order the AACRAO 2016 Academic Record and Transcript Guide and check out other AACRAO publications, visit the AACRAO Publications website.
In addition, check out the FERPA offerings at this year's AACRAO Annual Meeting, March 20-23 in Phoenix, Arizona. I am always asked about FREE Clip arts and pictures that can be used for powerpoints and presentations. I have a range of Maths Images stored, just mail me your requirements or look through the website.
Nouveau : posez moi directement vos questions par email en repondant aux emails de la newsletter! Je vous remercie, de fait, pour la precision et les informations relatives aux questions que vous poserez, que vous aurez l’aimabilite de joindre a vos questions. This team is responsible for providing operational security support to Student Affairs IT and risk management support for Student Affairs management.

Please fill out this short survey so we can work with you to help you work more securely when you work remotely.
By knowing the answers to these questions, less trustworthy people can hack your accounts and generally mess with your life. For even better security, ask yourself this: who would know (or care) if I made up answers to my security questions?
From college and university administrators to student workers, everyone who handles student records needs to be aware of policies and procedures for handling student data, computers must be secure and virus-free, and desks must be maintained so that confidential information isn’t on display. Other issues must also be attended to, such as physical space security, document disposal, working with vendors and preparing an incident response plan. How easy would it be for someone to take this information to access your account or rest your passwords?
A new series of posters seen across campus this quarter is targeted to the most common information security concerns of students, faculty, and staff.

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