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In the "Pilot," Ashley tells Hanna that she ran into Ella Montgomery and that Ella did not know that she and Tom were no longer together, which indicates that the separation took place before Alison's Disappearance. Hanna finds it difficult to connect with her father as she feels he abandoned both her and her mother. Tom is currently married to Isabel and lives with her and her daughter Kate, his stepdaughter.
Tom is physically absent from the series, as he had never contacted his daughter since divorcing Ashley, but that changes when he calls his daughter and invites her to have dinner with him. Tom comes over to pick Hanna up for their date, and Ashley prepares to go as well, but Tom lets her know that he intended to only take Hanna, leaving a fully dressed Ashley to feeling rejected, but not wanting to show it.
After the whole Ian-church fiasco, Ashley and Tom go along with the other parents suggestion to have Hanna see a therapist. Hanna finds it surprising that Ashley is pandering to Tom's food preferences in preparation for his return to their home in Rosewood. Back at home after the show, Tom tries to congratulate his daughter, but she cuts him off by again bringing up the fact that he was expected elsewhere, this time supposed to be in his hotel.
It picks up the next morning with Tom entering the kitchen where Hanna and Emily are sitting. Later, when she is alone, Ashley fingers the save-the-date when Tom drops in, having wanted to see her in his hotel room. As a result, wedding preparations continue as planned, with Tom trying to contact Hanna in order to arrange for her to try on bridesmaid dresses with Isabel.
Tom becomes enraged when Hanna skips making a toast at the rehearsal dinner and instead gets drunk, resulting in her throwing up all over Isabel's wedding dress. Tom can't take Hanna to Rosewood Father-Daughter dance due to a "prior commitment"; leading Hanna to go the dance alone. Tom returns to Rosewood following Hanna's arrest and it is revealed that the police are keeping his gun for testing in order to determine if it was used to kill Wilden.
In his office, Tom lists the colleges Hanna got accepted into, “Ballard, Skidmore and Trinity”, and when Hanna says it’s not bad, Tom tells her it’s “not bad at all”.
Tom [to Hanna]: It’s just, sometimes when things are going really good for me, I screw them up before someone else can. Unwanted Advances Later that day, while Emily is about to change from her swim suit into her regular clothes in the girls locker room, Ben sneaks up her and tries to coerce Emily into making out and taking off her bathing suit. Ben takes Emily as his date to Noel's Halloween Party in the prequel episode when he is still seeing Emily. The day before the party, liars are seen siting in the cafeteria together at a table next to the jocks' table, where Ben is sitting.
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The anchorwoman on the top-rated Spanish television magazine, Primer Impacto, seen on the Univision network, reveals new details about the life and tragic death of the Latin music superstar, including information about her murderer. Best friends forever Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are taking the entertainment world by storm. A series of tween-oriented unauthorized “biographies” that focus on today’s hottest young stars—Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Robert Pattinson. Alex Rodriguez is the highest-paid player in the history of baseball, a once-in-a-generation talent poised to break many of the sport's most hallowed records. Alex Rodriguez is the highest-paid player in the history of baseball, a once-in-a-generation talent poised to break many of the sport's most hallowed records.
An outpouring of memorial tributes and public expressions of grief followed the 1995 death of the Tejana recording artist Selena Quintanilla Perez. When Melissa and Wren arrive, Melissa suggests that they play a game that the Hastings usually play. When Spencer comes home he greets her saying that he bought her buttercreams, her favorite. He convinces his daughter to throw a match to help him land a client, which makes her angry. Spencer and her dad make small talk in their kitchen; Peter lets her know that the cops are ready to put Toby away, as the blood found on Toby's sweater matches Alison's blood. Peter and Veronica question Spencer about her recent behavior and her belief that Ian is dangerous. When Officer Reynolds comes to the house, he privately pushes him to do all that is possible to find Ian, showing that he completely distrusts Spencer's version of things that Ian is dead, rather than a missing person. Spencer and Toby catches him walking out of the DiLaurentis house, and Spencer immediately pounces on the fact. We learn that Peter is in Philadelphia with Veronica to help Melissa while she has some medical tests done. Spencer learns from Jason the reason why her father changed Grandma Dee's will; Jason is Peter's son.
Peter tells Spencer that the prosecution's evidence against Garret cannot be retested, so Veronica is trying to get the evidence to be ruled as inadmissible. Having returned home from the Rosewood Police Department, Peter sits in the Hastings’ great room drinking, while Veronica and Melissa discuss Spencer and Alison. Detective Holbrook informs Peter, Veronica and Melissa that CeCe Drake escaped police custody and because CeCe knows Alison is alive, Spencer may be in danger. Although not seen in this episode, Veronica mentions to Spencer that Peter and Melissa are in Philadelphia retrieving Spencer's car which has been impounded. While looking out of the side doors, Peter asks Spencer how she would feel if they sell the house. Walking downstairs into the Hastings’ great room and kitchen, Peter greets good morning to Veronica and Spencer. Looking out Alison’s bedroom window, Spencer watches as Peter turns off her bedroom light and leaves her room. In Spencer's bedroom, Spencer is grabbing a few school books when she turns around and finds Peter standing in her doorway.
Although not seen in this episode, Melissa tells Spencer that Peter is staying at her apartment, and as a result she's staying in the barn to give him some space.
Peter is standing in Hastings’ great room with Toby, dressed in his policeman’s uniform, and Detective Tanner, when Spencer walks in the door.
At the Hastings’, Peter and Veronica listen as Toby informs them that the police think the transport drivers driving the van with the Liars inside were neutralized with an injection of flunitrazepam. In a visitation room at Chester County Women’s Correctional Facility, Peter and Veroica sit waiting for Alison. Knocking on Toby’s apartment door, Peter mentions that he and Veronica know about ‘A’ when Toby opens the door. Peter listens as Veronica tells Toby, Ezra and Caleb that they need to tell the other girls parents what they know, and agreeing, Ezra explains that they were hoping to have some more answers before they do that. At Rosewood Police Department, Peter sits alongside Caleb and Veronica as Caleb is questioned by Lieutenant Tanner.
Arriving at the scene where the missing van was located, Peter notes that this was the old Campbell farm, and Veronica adds that they used to bring the girls here to go apple picking. While he makes no appearance in the episode, Veronica reflects on her feelings when Peter cheated on her with Jessica. 20th Anniversary Edition An intimate and investigative portrait of beloved Mexican American singer Selena Quintanilla’s murder by Emmy Award-winning journalist Maria Celeste Arraras.
Selena's Secret: The Revealing Story Behind Her Tragic Death ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files.
In "The First Secret", which takes place prior to Alison's disappearance, Tom and Ashley have already separated, indicating that the separation took place sometime before the start of the series. Before her outing with her father begins, Tom makes a comment about Hanna's driving, and she immediately deduces that the only reason that he came was because Ashley called to inform Tom about the wreck Hanna did to Sean's car. At the beginning of the date, they bond and discuss things, but then a bombshell is dropped on Hanna when two other guests join their dinner party.
Before coming, Hanna argues with her mother about his returning, telling her not to try so hard for a man who cares so little about them.
Hanna is angriest about the not seeing her friends aspect and balks when her father suggests that the decision can be 'adjusted' in the future. Ashley tries to convince her daughter to give her father another chance, even though he's made mistakes.
He lets Hanna know that he agrees with her assessment, although he previously denied it: he still has feelings for Ashley. The two make their way up the stairs, and the girls duck their heads back in before Hanna's parents realize that they were being watched. Hanna reveals that she knows everything about her father's past romance, so she can openly argue with her mother to give her father another chance. Hanna initially refuses, but after seeing Caleb's family situation, decides to give her father and his relationship with Isabel another chance. He snaps at Hanna in the bridal suite, accusing her of purposefully trying to sabotage the wedding (after she tried so hard to make nice with Kate) and turns a deaf ear to her excuses about Kate getting drunk too. But, later, "A" forces Hanna to sabotage the wedding, so mid-ceremony, Hanna interrupts and asks to speak to Isabel.
Back at the house Tom questions Hanna about the gun and Hanna suggests that she was trying to protect her mother after discovering the gun in her luggage from New York.
Asking if she knows which one she wants to go to, Tom listens as Hanna tells him she hasn’t decided, and that she still has to figure out how she’s going to pay for it. Ben was either jealous or, perhaps, turned on by Emily's budding relationship with Maya, as he teases them for things such as Maya's sleeping over - which he refers to as a lesbian pajama party. He tries to force kisses out of Emily, perhaps as proof of her interest, but she is clearly not interested. He teases the girls about their 'lesbian pajama party,' clearly insecure about his own relationship with Emily and threatened by Emily's relationship with Maya and the fact that she slept over Emily's house. Emily lets her friends know that her boyfriend Ben has been telling people that they have had sex. Through a series of lessons, mangaka Selena Lin teaches all the basics of manga creation, from tools to anatomy to panel composition to inking technique.
These two Disney darlings rule the kids' television and radio with hit shows, made for television movies, albums, and catchy singles. With teen stars like these soaring in popularity, it’s no wonder that Harlee Harte is on the case! When she leaves home to make her way in the world, she meets bar owner Martha Divine, an old transvestite who decides to promote the young girl.
A partner at a tony Atlanta law firm that represents famous—if guilty—clients, she's far from her days as a lonely orphan in rural Georgia. He is overbearing when Spencer discusses her desire to enroll in a college class outside her high school work. Spencer feels it is dishonest and so, in a moment of truth, admits to her father that she stole the essay for the writing contest that she is poised to win.

They seem to side with Melissa and Ian for the most part though, casting Spencer as psychotic, although Veronica is more patronizing and doubtful than is Peter. He turns Toby Cavanaugh away when he comes knocking for Spencer, not wanting him to ruin his daughter's already tarnished reputation.
When he is confronted about it, he makes up lies or just mysteriously tells her to stay away from Jason DiLaurentis.
When Peter gets snappy with his daughter, Toby steps up to her defense only to get yelled at in return and threatened to be fired. They exchange some words in a much more calm fashion, and Peter confesses that the DiLaurentis family forced him to change the will of Alison's grandmother in the south back to an early version that included two grandchildren.
Hastings informs someone over his cell phone that the girls are in custody, though they haven’t been booked. Peter stays quiet throughout their conversation, but when Melissa starts to tell Veronica what she had told Peter at the Police Department in “A is for Answers”, Peter shoots her a warning look. Melissa opens her mouth to say something but Peter cuts her off, telling Holbrook they have nothing else to add. Melissa tells him that she can’t keep what she has a secret anymore and she wants to tell Holbrook the truth. Spencer doesn’t know how she feels about selling, but tells her father that he’d have to inform any potential buyers about mould, termites and dead bodies. He expresses his concern about her being out by herself, especially at night and offers her a ride home. Getting up off the sofa, Spencer places the drafted email on the island bench for Peter to see. Sensing he interrupted something, Peter asks what the matter is, and Veronica says she and Spencer were just talking about Jessica and how upsetting it is, “of course you’re upset. Spencer then asks where Veronica is, and Peter tells her that she’s not coming home tonight, “I dropped her off at a spa.
Surprised, Spencer says she didn't see his car in the driveway, and Peter tells her it's in a garage. Peter asks how Spencer is going, before adding that he heard what happened outside of the Church at Mona’s funeral.
As Spencer turns back towards the door, Peter calls out to her, “Spencer”, and after taking a minute, she hesitantly turns back.
When Peter questions that it was the date rape drug, Toby nods, before explaining that the deputies regained consciousness this morning with no memory of the incident.
When Alison takes a seat opposite them she asks if Spencer is okay, and Peter tells her that she can drop the caring friend act, “we know exactly who and what you are”.
Peter questions why they can’t take the information they have to the police, to which Toby mentions that everything they give Tanner she twists to fit her own theory. Peter listens as Caleb tells Tanner that if he knew where the girls were, he wouldn’t be here right now, he would be with Hanna. Now with a new foreword and afterword by the author for the 20th Anniversary Edition.There is no doubt that Yolanda Saldivar pulled the trigger and killed Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla Perez on March 31, 1995. Partially due to the separation and wanting some attention from her father, Hanna begins to shoplift. She almost does not agree to go, but he explains everything and promises Hanna that they will get through the problem. Tom introduces Hanna to his fiancee Isabel and her daughter Kate, two surprises that Hanna had never known about. She finds her father's involvement hypocritical, when he has so little interactment with his daughter in the first place. He apologizes for Hanna's not being able to see her friends, but calls it the right thing to do. Later at home, Tom tells his daughter about some of the differences that he is having his fiancee, though Hanna isn't totally interested. She is cold towards him, mentioning that he was supposed to leave (although he has come with Thai take-out, trying to win Hanna over). Ashley warns Tom to tiptoe and lower his voice so that they can make it upstairs undetected - towards Ashley's bedroom! Tom tries to persuade Ashley to go out with him, but Ashley turns him down, calling the previous night together a mistake. But, Ashley insists that it is the right thing; Tom is about to marry Isabel, and now he is sleeping with another woman. Tom says in a warning voice that it can wait, but Hanna insists that it cannot, so she tells Isabel about her parents sexual fling when Tom came back to Rosewood.
Later Tom gets into a confrontation with Ashley about the whereabouts of the gun and Ashley suggests she is being set up. Hanna then tells Tom that that’s what she wanted to talk to him about, and sitting back in his chair, Tom comments that he and Ashley have an agreement in place, “if she has an issue”…, Hanna cuts in, saying that Ashley doesn’t, and she herself is the one asking. He once tried to assault Emily in the girls' locker room, causing her to break up with him. Emily tells him know that Maya is staying at her place, and Ben seems okay with it for the time being.
When he doesn't stop as she asks more firmly, Toby barges in and wordlessly pushes Ben off of Emily.
Enraged, Aria is about to charge over to him, when Emily grabs her by the shirt to force her to sit back down.
While Peter is somewhat encouraging, he criticizes her decision to take a class for fun and hopes that her choice of a class will be more goal oriented, even if it is a boring choice. He then enlists Spencer in playing a doubles match with a prospective client and his daughter at the club.
Later, Ashley and Ella criticize Peter in conversation for not having had his daughter's best interest at heart, but rather for wanting to keep up appearances and buy his way out of a problem in the form of a therapist. When Toby finds the broken field hockey stick, he acts very suspiciously by taking away the possible murder weapon, as well as telling Toby not to tell Spencer and to forget that the whole thing ever happened. Spencer tries to protect Toby and later runs off in tears after a rather snappy response by her father. Peter says that he’ll have to reduce the selling price and Spencer remarks that life is all about sacrifices. Peter tells her that the email doesn’t mean anything, but Spencer minds him anything means something and asks him who Jessica was trying to protect and why did she suddenly feel as though she had to stop. When Spencer asks why he isn't at work, Peter says that it's a "little hard to concentrate when your wife and daughter are living at a hotel". Watching from the window, Spencer notices Peter take Veronica's hand, and with a small smile, she leaves.
Spencer says that it was ghastly, and that Hanna stopped Mona’s mom, but they all wanted to stuff Alison into the empty coffin. Peter watches as Detective Tanner tells Spencer that she wanted to say this in person, and that the police now believe Mona Vanderwaal was not Alison’s first victim.
Veronica exasperates that the girls were wrongly accused to begin with and now they’re all missing, before saying that should get their facts straight, and that the incident was an abduction. Alison admits that she’s done some bad things, but whether Peter likes it or not, she is Spencer’s friend, to which Peter says that Alison forced his daughter to lie for her, and now Spencer is in as much trouble as she is. When Veronica suggests that they take their case to the media, Peter says he could call Angela King at the Philadelphia Press, “she owes me a favour”, but Caleb steps in, saying that with what they know about ‘A’ that just isn’t the right move. As Tanner says she would like to believe him, Peter cuts in, commenting that Tanner doesn’t, “and you won’t”, so they should quit wasting time. But does anyone know what really happened in Room 158 of the Days Inn, moments before the crime took place?
In the end, they go to the shooting gallery in the Jolly Rogers, skipping dinner and finally connecting again. Hanna is hurt, and feels like she's been traded in for another family, and dinner is very uncomfortable for Hanna. Hanna then points out that she only sees him when she is in trouble, not ready for her father's return to her good graces. Then Ashley enters, expressing her surprise at seeing Tom awake (or maybe her surprise to see him showing his face to the girls in the kitchen).
She tells him to go home, and he takes the bait; he sets his copy of the house key down on the counter next to the invite and leaves out the door, leaving Ashley standing alone in her foyer. Isabel is shocked and asks Tom if it true, as he is standing right behind Hanna when she makes her revelation. Leaning forward, Tom tells Hanna that he’s so proud of her, “really am”, but he didn’t even know she wanted to go to these types of schools, “this is the kind of thing that takes planning”. During the encounter, he was suddenly tackled and beaten up by Toby, who showed up just in time to save Emily. When Ben hears Hanna (suddenly less bored) call out to Emily, he shoots up his bruised head and expresses his surprise at her coming. The girls are shocked that Emily isn't indignantly furious, but then it dawns on them that Emily might be trying to tell them something. He is cheerful towards Spencer, offering her chocolates to show that he is proud of her latest scholastic achievement winning the essay contest. To her father's chagrin, Spencer climbs into Toby's car, only to have Peter bang on the door while Toby tries to drive away. Because of the disappearance and the presumed death of Ali, Jessica DiLaurentis had ordered him to change the grandmother's will to include Jason, so that it wouldn't seem like Jason was a murder suspect.
Finishing his drink, Peter stands, towering over Melissa as he reaches for the bottle of alcohol behind her, and tells her, “your mother… can never know what you told me”, before walking away. Veronica asks him how much longer there yard is going to be a crime scene and Peter tells her that they should be done by the end of the day and that they should try and relax about it. Telling him that she has class in ten minutes, Spencer tries to walk past him, but Peter blocks her, "Spencer, what the hell is going on", but Spencer tells him he'll have to discuss that with Veronica. Peter mentions that he should have been there, but Spencer tells him that they wanted to do it on their own. Stepping towards his daughter, Peter mentions that the DA is dropping the charges against her, “the police think Alison set you up”. Peter wonders who would take the girls, and Veronica says the question they should be asking is not who would, but rather, who could. When Alison says she was desperate, Veronica speaks up, saying that they are as well, before asking whether Alison knows where Spencer is.
Veronica then questions what the guys do know about ‘A’, and Ezra says that everything they know is in the boxes on the table behind Peter and Veronica, and there are about a dozen more in a storage unit. Veronica tells Tanner that she needs to either charge their client or release him, to which Tanner tells Caleb that he might not know exactly where the girls are, but he knows more than what he’s saying. Maria Celeste Arraras has many answers, and her unrivaled coverage of the murder, trial, and aftermath made her the undisputed expert on the Selena case. To add insult to injury, Tom brings up Hanna's accident while Isabel is going on about Kate's talents and lets her know that he has arranged for her to make up the damages by working for Mrs. Hanna is not impressed and walks away, rebuffing her father's attempt to endear his daughter.

She accuses him of abandoning her and listens placidly to his apologies, dismissing them as meaningless.
When Hanna later sees that her father and her mother are getting along well together again, she also sees a text on her father's cell phone from Isabel apologizing for something. He compliments Ashley on her dress and apologizes for not complimenting her enough while they were together. Tom and Ashley further discuss the case and Tom begs her to say it was self defense suggesting people could believe that. When Hanna asks what he’s saying, Tom tells her that he’s only willing to pay $10,000 a year, “that’s what your mom and I agreed on”. Emily is up for going, but she invites Maya to come as well, and Maya accepts, perhaps to Ben's dismay. When Ben asks if Toby is the reason she's not into him as much, she tells him to get over himself; it's over.
Selena persisted with her dream, and when she was seven, she auditioned for and won a part on Barney & Friends.
It seems that all is forgiven with the Wren scandal, just as he had predicted, now that Peter has something of his daughter's to brag about.
When Spencer asks why doesn't he tell the police, Peter states that if he does, he will lose his job as an attorney. After reading what Jessica tried sending, Melissa rips the piece of paper up telling Spencer that Jessica was crazy as Spencer yells back, Peter steps in and tells them to stop acting like "cranky little five year old's on the way back from the beach".
After Aria excuses herself, Peter tells Spencer that he doesn’t want her calling Veronica because Veronica really needs to relax, “the police came by to finish up what they were doing. Peter tells her he'd love to, but she won't return any of his calls, and Spencer tells him that they know he lied about where he and Melissa were the night Mrs DiLaurentis died. After Spencer tells Peter that Veronica isn’t home, Peter says that he knows, “she uh-, she called me. Veronica then mentions that this feels like what was happening when Mona was alive, but Peter notes that there’s only been one person at the centre of any of the trouble they girls have gotten into. Somewhat shocked, Alison tells Peter and Veronica no, before questioning that they don’t either. Looking from the boxes to Peter, Veronica wonders how they didn’t see this happening again, to which Toby says that forcing the girls to keep things from them is what ‘A’ does best. Caleb tells Tanner that she’s right, he knows a lot more than she does, and placing a hand on Caleb’s shoulder, Peter tells him that he thinks it’s time they go, but Caleb doesn’t listen, instead telling Tanner that he hacked into the police’s computer system and he found the location of where they lost the van. Arraras shares firsthand information about the crime and the people involved—including details of her headline-making jailhouse interview with Yolanda, who repeatedly spoke of “Selena’s secret”—a powerful hidden piece of information that she refused to divulge in the courtroom but revealed to Arraras at length. Ashley questions whether Tom's announcement was a reaction to Hanna's accusation or a premeditated thought, and Tom responds to the latter. Hanna secretly deletes the message in hopes of giving her parents a second chance with each other. But, Hanna doesn't accept this explanation and accuses him of loving her mom and staying for that reason, not believing he would stay for her alone. Emily says it was on the doormat when she came back last night (obviously Ashley and Tom were too drunk to stop and pick up a detail like that), so thoughtful house guest that she is, she brought it inside. As Hanna blames herself for what has happened Tom wishes she could have come to him for help, although Hanna suggests he wouldn't have wanted her to. Finding himself needing to explain, Tom says Kate starts at Dartmouth in the fall and he cannot afford to put two kids through private school, “Hanna it comes down to dollars and cents, and I just don’t have it”. But when Ben's jock friends start pounding on the car and talking up Ben for his manhood, Emily groans and leaves even though Ben tries to convince her to come back.
He implies that he thinks Spencer planted the blood-covered trophy, although it is not clear if he means that or is simply being patronizing. Melissa proceeds to tell Peter that maybe they should just tell Spencer what they've been hiding, but Peter won't have a bar of it and sends Spencer to her room. Peter asks how she knew that, and when Spencer asks what he's going to do when the cops find out that the pills that killed her are in his medicine cabinet, Peter asks if Spencer thinks he killed Jessica. As Veronica questions that Peter thinks Alison is behind it all, Toby steps in saying that Alison may be a master manipulator, but she doesn’t have access to what was needed to pull of something this elaborate.
Peter comments that he promises that the guard outside will not be able to save Alison if she lies to them tonight, and tearing up, Alison asks what happened.
Walking over to the boxes, Peter suggests that if they look at all the information together they might find something the guys missed, but Ezra says that before Peter does that he should know that ‘A’ didn’t just pry on the girls, Peter’s secrets are in there as well. Tanner notes that Caleb just admitted to a federal offense, and stepping in, Veronica says she thinks Caleb meant to say that if he hacked into their system he could find the van. Many questions were raised, and not all were answered until this revealing interview shed light on the crime.
He tries to endear his ex-wife by offering her a martini, a pastime of the former couple, but she rebuffs his offer too, firmly suggesting wine instead.
Hanna in search of a drink passes by at this auspicious moment, and her suspicions about why her father has stayed are confirmed. Ashley hands Hanna an envelope addressed to her, and Hanna reluctantly admits to her mother that it is from Isabel. As the police arrive to arrest Ashley for Wilden's murder Ashley begs Tom to looks after Hanna.
Hanna questions that he’s paying for Kate, to which Tom says that Kate worked hard for this, “she got early acceptance and I already promised Isabel I would take care of it”. She says that she has made out with Ben, but hasn't gone all the way with him, though she plans to.
Apparently, the DiLaurentis family knows something that Peter desperately wants to forget, and they had hung the fact over his head, forcing him to change the will. Jason tells Peter that he bought the house because Ali was great at keeping secrets and punishing people with the truth.
Spencer says that she knows he was just trying to protect her, and Peter tells her, "damn right I've been trying to protect you. When Spencer asks why, and what has happened, Peter tells her that Bethany Young’s parents have petitioned to the court to have Spencer’s bailed revoked. Veronica asks why these girls, and what would make them somebody’s target, to which Toby shrugs and shakes his head.
Veronica explains that the van never made it to the penitentiary, and the police think the girls escaped, to which Peter adds that they know that’s not true. As Ezra goes on to say that if Peter decides to open the boxes he should prepare for those secrets to come out, Veronica walks over, and taking Peter’s hand, she tells him there shouldn’t be any more secret.
After Tom leaves the kitchen, Hanna unceremoniously throws the Thai takeout (bribe gift) in the trash.
Hanna sums up that Tom is paying for Kate to go to Dartmouth, all the while he didn’t even ask her where she applied.
When Spencer asks what is it, Peter gets all gruff and leaves the room, telling his daughter he answered enough questions for one night.
Spencer comments that they’ve been trying to do that for months, to which Peter tells her that this time it may work.
Listening as Toby mentions that the good news is that Tanner wants to keep this out of the press, and that no one knows about this yet, Peter questions, “not even the other girls’ parents?” Toby then tells Peter and Veronica that they have to keep this between them as the police don’t want a civilian mob out there being told to shoot first and ask questions later.
Alison tells Peter and Veronica that she doesn’t know where they are, but she does know who took them, and when Veronica says that they’re listening, Alison tells them that it was ‘A’. Peter listens as Tanner says that they are some big ifs, before Veronica comments that she thinks the bigger ifs are what if Tanner is wrong and what if someone did take the girls. This is the start of Hanna and Kate's rough and rival-like relationship throughout the series.
But, Ashley wants to know what her competition is writing her daughter and tears the envelope to expose Tom and Isabel's save-the-date." Curtly, she informs Tom that he is getting married in six weeks. Saying that the last time they talked about college Hanna said she’d rather spend the money on a beach vacation and a good manicure, Tom listens as Hanna tells him that the last time they talked about college was when she was twelve years old and obsessed with donuts, and he’d never even heard of Kate. Emily slow dances with him, but all the while ogles Jenna, who is dancing seductively nearby.
Spencer questions why, and Peter explains that the police unsealed Spencer’s indictment today, “we finally know why you were arrested”. Veronica questions that if the other parents think their daughters are fugitives, isn’t that’s what Tanner is telling the police to do, and Peter comments, “you’re damn straight it is”.
Peter comments that any chance of ‘A’ hurting the girls again died with Mona, to which Alison notes that Mona was ‘A’, that’s true, but it all started again when Mona was locked up in Radley. Ezra’s cell phone beeps, and reading the text, he mentions that the police are downstairs and they want to come up.
Mentioning that because Tanner hasn’t considered it, “you and your analysts are looking in all the wrong places”, Peter listens as Veronica questions if Tanner has asked herself how four teenagers could be this good at evading the police. As Tom says that he wants to help, “I just”…, Hanna cuts in saying that he doesn’t want to disappoint the wrong daughter.
Alison catches the move, and, as understanding dawns, whispers to Emily that she knows her secret without Ben catching onto her meaning.
As dispatch calls for all units in the vicinity of a domestic violence in progress to respond, Toby asks Veronica and Peter to give him a second, before he walks off to respond to the call. Going on, Alison explains that it was the same game but with a new puppet master and the stakes were higher than ever. As Caleb says that they’re there for him, Peter points out that Toby is harbouring a fugitive, “you can’t be here when they find him”. Peter then notes that Tanner isn’t going to find the answer investigating the girls because they’re not running from her, and Caleb adds that there’s no way Hanna wouldn’t call him if she could. After Toby has walked away, Peter rounds to face Veronica and notes that Alison may still be locked up, but she has access to people, “we both know what she’s capable of”. Listening as Alison says that this ‘A’ killed her mom and Mona, Peter cuts in, asking if Alison really believed that then why didn’t she go to the police, to which Alison tells him that Hanna tried, but there wasn’t any proof and there never is.
Caleb tells Toby and Ezra not to stop looking, and as he’s walking towards the door, Toby tries to go after him but Peter calls him back.
Peter then listens as Veronica questions why it would start all over again, and that it doesn’t make any sense, before saying that Mona was sick and they know that’s why she wanted to hurt the girls. Peter notes that Caleb is doing the right thing, and Veronica adds that they need Toby on the right side of this, and his boss. Alison says that she’s telling them the truth, she swears it, before Peter questions why Alison’s being honest now. Alison explains that she’s going to spend the rest of her life in jail so she doesn’t have anything else to lose, but Peter and Veronica do.

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