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HE'S always been honest about his mental health issues, and now Stephen Fry has joined a campaign urging men to speak about their feelings following several high-profile suicides.
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MENTAL health gurus The Self Esteem Team have announced they will be plaguing David Cameron with letters every day for a year until he agrees to meet with them. PRINCE was allegedly a cocaine user who could not control his drug habit, according to new police telephone records.
SO far it has been the worst year in decades for celeb deaths with millions mourning some of the best loved names of modern times. Do you think the issues surrounding self esteem have increased or decreased over the years? The main part of the event will be taking part in London but you can also do a small flash mob at work or at school.
Yes, I have, I suffered with an eating disorder in my late teens and early twenties when I was a model.
I am also working with to go to the government with simple things that I think could be changed to educate children through the education policy.

Most PopularEducation and Childcare Minister, Sam Gyimah, said:"Ensuring young people have access to good mental health support is vital.
The workshops for both boys and girls aged 14 – 18 and we tailor it depending on what the teacher tells us the needs are. If you can’t do that you can do it online through twitter so there is no excuse not to involved. What struck me the most is that if you knew me then I was the least likely candidate for this to happened to.
We live in an age where if you have money you can change how you look through plastic surgery.
There are many campaigns out there who are raising awareness which is great but I feel like we are doing something about it. That is why we are promoting greater use of counselling in schools, improving teaching about mental health, and supporting joint working between mental health services and schools."But we know there is more we can do. Photos on Facebook being liked and commented by people making people want to feel instantly gratified. The broad structure is that I start off by sharing my background and my body confidence issues.

It is becoming more important to look good in a photograph but there is more to attractiveness that cannot be captured on camera. I don’t give them any tips on eating disorders but it is important for them to know I have had my own struggles. Yet, there's little denying that the 50,000 teenagers, as well as teachers, parents and Cosmo readers I've had the pleasure of interacting with in the interim have really taught me something about the scale and nature of the mental health crisis in this country. I don’t like not ending on a practical solution as I feel that is important so I tell them ways they can get involved with body gossip. It is not acceptable for this to happen to people and it is more likely that most people will go through it.
What they need to remember is people see the entire person as a whole and when they get to know them more they see more of the personality.

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