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Lifelong learning is critical to expanding personal horizons.  SAS offers exposure to talks and seminars to aid in your education. Money, besides providing the basic material comforts, must be recognised as an essential transaction tool to achieve various goals. Extending beyond the family, members are encouraged to contribute as much as they can to the larger community.
Learn how to create herbal blends for healing for your own personal healing and your family. This herbalist training takes you step by step – from introducing you to herbs to preparation of herbal recipes and herbal blends for encapsulation, teas, decoctions, extracts, tonics, and syrups.
Many elements of the environment we live in compromise our immune system's defensive ability.
By challenging diseases in bodily systems or organs with specifically related whole herbal blends, you assist the body's natural ability to fight off disease while simultaneously building the immune system itself.
Herbal blends are nature's glorious gift to be used to maintain health, for prevention, and for healing.
This herbalist training course also provides herbal recipes and blends for specific diseases that may be troubling you, principles of growing and using herbs, and suggests paths you could take in the wonderful world of herbalism. This herbal blend will enliven and strengthen the liver by cleansing it of poisons and toxins. Essential oils, given all their herbal healing properties, serve as a wonderful addition to the herbalist's and holistic healer's toolkit.
Chronic fatigue and exhaustion can seriously impact your work life and your relationships at home.
This herbal tea recipe has been around for over 100 years but Lana has included a couple more proven flu-fighting agents she honors in this well regarded recipe. This blend is exciting in its possibilities since the research has been done over the years to verify the effectiveness of the herbs used.

The herbal ingredients in this recipe work as an anti-inflammatory, expectorant, demulcent, soothes sore throats, prevents infections of the respiratory system, antiseptic, antispasmodic (to reduces cough spasms) and that;s just the start! Too many of us are faced with the threat of Celiac Disease, Gluten intolerance, and Acid Indigestion to name but a few. Disclaimer: All material provided by Self-Healing Expressions is provided for educational purposes only. Course lessons will be sent directly to your email inbox on the start date and delivery pace you select below.
Once you click the "Order Now" button, you will have a chance to review your order before completing payment at Clickbank, our credit card processing center.
Special courses on general subjects such as public speaking, writing and computer skills are also conducted. SAS hosts talks on health matters, medical check-ups and offers demonstrations in exercise routines such as yoga and aerobics, to help members maintain a healthy lifestyle.
SAS guides its members on how to achieve money via healthy routes, and how to make the best use of it in our world. SAS provides a platform for promotion of human kinship, development of individual potential and talks on spirituality. The chemicals we use in our homes, the overuse of antibiotics and other drugs, pesticides, additives in our food, and pollutants all threaten our immune response. That is the beauty of the healing intricacies of herbs; if you give the body what it needs, it will heal itself. Have each lesson of this herbalism course delivered to your email inbox on the start date and at the frequency of your choosing by clicking the Enroll Now button. The great thing about this blend is that it will also cleanse the spleen and gallbladder at the same time.
This four page checklist is designed with the notion that we do not need to suffer from digestive complaints.

Consult your own physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition. Members are invited to share their time with their community members, as we can learn great things from one another. Furthermore, stress adversely affects the immune system by suppressing the normal activity of white blood cells and placing undue demands on the endocrine system, as well as depleting the body of needed nutrients. The root of the problem is often impaired adrenal function with accompanying hypothyroidism. In 1985, a life after death experience propelled Lana into a spiritual search that has brought to her where she is today.
She holds a deep connection to the earth and communicates with all living things openly and telepathically.
Fortunately, there are amazing natural ingredients that can rejuvenate the adrenal glands and help you live the kind of energetic life you have dreamed of. Thirty years of research and experimentation of herbal combinations has resulted in salves, tinctures, and capsules to address minor and major illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, COPD, asthma, etc.
She loves writing, speaking, teaching and has been a speaker at national expos in Minnesota, California and Canada.
She is a contributing author to various online publications and she makes periodic television and radio appearances in the Midwest area. Her current "day job" is as Assistant Manager at a health food store in the supplements department.

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