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All these little but powerful revolutions are being brought up by girls, models and celebrities all over the world, but have a common fuel: self-confidence.
Crystal Renn, one of the most important names in the plus size field, started her career very young.
With a career path that stretches from graduate nurse to her position as CEO of Waverley Private Hospital in Melbourne, it’s not surprising to hear Gleeson say she has always had an innate belief in her capabilities. While motherhood can create tension between work and home for many women, and there are still strong social and institutional barriers in place in many industries and professions, women are now better educated than ever and have broken down many barriers to workforce participation, including in traditionally male-dominated professions and industries.
Yet the numbers still demonstrate that the door to the executive suite has been prised open only so slightly.
Census data from 2012 shows that women hold just 9.7 per cent of key management positions in companies listed on the ASX 200. In a 2011 UK Institute of Leadership and Management study, half the female respondents reported self-doubt about their job performance and careers, compared with less than a third of male respondents. Internal Hewlett-Packard research has shown that women apply for a promotion only when they believe they meet 100 per cent of the qualifications listed for the job; whereas men are happy to apply when they think they could meet 60 per cent.
Di Iorio describes self-efficacy as the conviction that you have the capability to achieve your goals.
Capable, confident and committed, Jill Gleeson is herself a model for women’s achievement. Gleeson had the advantages of supportive parents and, in particular, the role model of a mother who worked full-time while pursuing academic goals.
While women such as Gleeson may have instinctive self-belief, Di Iorio says if it doesn’t come naturally, it can be acquired. Di Iorio says experiencing success is vital, but you don’t have to start with huge wins.
Caroline Patton is the founder of Accuteque, a consultancy providing services to blue-chip and government clients.
Telling women, especially young women, that they can aim for the top job, and that they deserve a seat on the board, is a worthy but not always helpful message. When not particularly blessed with self confidence in young adult life, one needs to rely on a few good souls to build it back.
The few who will early on understand your hesitating and approximate work, encourage and support you, refrain from You-know-what-you-should-do you and rather let you be yourself, are the reason why you’ll keep going and do your thing. They will make you thrive to do better, acknowledge your efforts, validate the long hours, justify and respect your choice of an often less travelled road.

The fine bunch below, from close friends to business acquaintances, is a non-exhaustive list.
But this appreciative small potato wanted to express it’s gratitude, late and in no particular order, to a few who come to mind today. To early self-confidence builders who inspire one to keep doing it his way, I dedicate this post. Kenny now is the Creative Director behind Grayers Menswear collections, a skilled photographer, proud Father of Tate and the lesser half of photographer Leeta Harding. When randomly approached by Tom Tanaka and team at the Mister Freedom® store back in 2006, I was asked to design a pair of jeans, carte blanche… Little did they know that I had NO idea where to start. Kiya and his imported Japanese denim mecca Self Edge was the first US retailer to pick up the Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane line for his store in San Francisco, sometime in 2008.
He now has expanded with several boutiques across America, having earned much respect within the Denimhead World through hard work and expertise. Furthermore, I am indebted to all independent boutiques and their hard working owners & staff  currently carrying Mister Freedom®.
Along with his son Leo Yoshida, Katsu launched his own boutique offering his brands in Ginza, Porter Classics.
A group of dapper folks set foot into Mister Freedom® store, sometime in 2007… I ended up discussing old rags with a certain Gentleman after he was done shopping. I choose to not use PR and keep the advertising budget close to zero, and considering no one had heard of the brand, that was a very nice plug. Yes, because at the end of July the model Candice Huffine has been announced as the new face (and body) of the Pirelli Calendar.
Dove was one of the first big names in the industry to start talking about changing the rules.
Candice is just one of the many plus size models which are conquering the covers of different magazines. Just recently, the singer Colbie Caillat released her new video where she sings about self-love and gradually takes off makeup in a protest against the over-photoshopping every celebrity is pushed to go through.
Taking on management and leadership positions from her late 20s, she was appointed to her first chief executive role at only 36.
University of California research by social psychologist Brenda Major revealed men consistently overestimate their abilities and subsequent performance, while women routinely underestimate both, despite their performances being similar in quality.
When it comes to a belief in their own abilities and performance, men have the confidence of champions.

While self-efficacy is a mind-set common to all successful people, it’s a term most often associated with elite athletes.
So how can we get more women like her in the senior ranks of every organisation in Australia? Telling them how to do it, and helping them believe that they can, is a much more powerful tool, says Di Iorio.
These 100 year old patched-up textiles were used as back-drops for RL collections rigs at the time… Boro fabric has been pretty much featured on every single fashion blog and magazine by now. The reason why Candice makes a difference is that she will be the first plus size model to be featured by Pirelli.
More and more major companies seem to be opening their eyes and realizing that beauty does not speak just one language. With its world-wide campaign in 2004, it promoted the idea that every shape and color make women beautiful.
These women broke the rules because they decided no basic industry format could keep them away from their dreams, and for that they have all my respect.
Always choose health over industry rules, learn how to like yourself in front of the mirror and smile widely at what you have.
Crystal beat the monster, gained 30 kg, wrote a book about it and become a successful and beautiful plus size model. While the situation is improving, one group of corporate and government forecasters, Pottinger Analytics, estimates that at the present rate it will take until 2050 for women to reach parity. And while mastery of skills does breed success, it doesn’t mean you have to be perfect.
He then ran the first paper media article on Mister Freedom® to appear in a US Publication. She has also inspired me to try to become a better person… the hardest task of them all. Now size 8, she is planning to become a designer for women of every size, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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