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Self-empowerment as defined by Wikipedia, ‘refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength of individuals and communities.”  This is exactly why growing yourself is vital to growing your business. In the Build Your Business tab on this blog site, I spend a lot off time discussing self-empowerment, personal development and personal growth.  This is to help you develop yourself and your mindset to be able to handle anything that may come your way.
The most successful entrepreneurs in the world are constantly enhancing themselves through personal growth and development.  Everyone needs inspiration and motivation in order to sustain greatness. When you achieve ultimate success, as the saying goes it is lonely at the top and you must continue to push yourself to maintain that level of success.   Below I have several videos to help motivate you and inspire you to greatness. This motivational video features several clips from Will Smith movies to motivate you to dream and know you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to, and know you can own your life. If after viewing these videos you are ready to take the next step to owning your time and working with people that are living their dreams click here to start today. If you appreciated this blog post visit my Facebook fan page for additional motivation quotes, videos and images which are updated daily. Instead of just talking about behavior change, we create science-driven solutions that get at the heart of what truly drives change in individuals and large-scale populations.

Our proprietary 4.2-million member behavioral database gives us access to invaluable insights into why people behave the way they do and what truly inspires change.
We conduct deep end-user research, interviewing customers and end-users about their attitudes, beliefs, and goals around their health, and then use this real-world experience to inform and strengthen our solutions.
We employ 14 different cross-disciplinary Behavioral science models and are able to collect extensive data through our rigorous research methodologies to continuously improve and customize our offerings. By understanding what truly motivates people to change and what potentially holds them back, we are able to create highly focused and effective Behavioral science-based solutions, proven to help real people in the real world take meaningful steps towards accomplishing their goals. Traditional healthcare solutions that focus primarily on illness ignore the benefits of intervening earlier in the spectrum of health, during the precondition phase. Over time, if the individual leads an unhealthy lifestyle, he or she may develop pre-conditions and risk factors. The individual eventually reaches a tipping point, at which time those pre-conditions may lead to chronic illness. Once past the tipping point, the individual’s health begins to deteriorate at a faster rate as co-morbidities accumulate, making it both more difficult and expensive to reverse or manage their health issues.

Our focus on groundbreaking behavior science methods, models, and solutions has led to inspiring results. With effective lifestyle interventions like digital health coaching, preconditions like pre-diabetes can be reversed, allowing people to avoid or delay developing chronic disease and the resulting avalanche of deteriorating health and high medical costs. We offer holistic health solutions which treat the whole individual and the whole population, and we empower individuals to discover the intrinsic motivation they need to make healthy changes in the way they live.
In an eight-year study of participants in health and wellness programs at a large health plan, we saw long-term positive results in return on investment (ROI) over the course of the study.
If proper care, attention, training is given, the vast majority of the disabled can overcome their disadvantaged position and contribute to society with their ability that too in different manner. While ROI spiked the first year, it continued to demonstrate positive returns, averaging 1.74 throughout the entire eight years.

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